Questions & Answer

Q1. What documentation is needed to travel?


For domestic flights;

  • Only a government ID is needed that will be checked at the check-in at the airport.
For International flights;

  • Passport and
  • Visa (it is advised to check if you are required to have via for your destination)

Q2. How much luggage I am permitted to take?

Ans. It depends on the airline you are travelling with but most of the airlines permit travelers to take 2 pieces of luggage no more than 70 lbs and a carry-on of no exceeded than 35 lbs.

Q3. Am I allowed to take extra luggage?

Ans. Luggage more than the mentioned limit may be allowed by the airline at extra payment and you will be charged an extra fare for each luggage you take-in.

Q4. How early I have to arrive at the airport before flight?

Ans. It will make your flight congenial if you reach the airport 2 hours prior if you are travelling within the country. For the International flights it is recommended to reach airport 3 hours before. Reassuring your flight time 24 hours before to departure will be a helpful practice for a convenient trip..

Q5. Is it possible to cancel my reservation?

Ans. Usually the air tickets issued are non- refundable and non- transferable and name changes are also not allowed. However, exchange of ticket to different date is possible. Besides of penalty fee, it is not in all cases that the tickets are changeable.

Q6. What I have to do if I don’t receive the confirmation email for my flight?

Ans. If you have not receive the confirmation email then contacting your travel agent or the airline you are travelling with is what you have to do but before that make sure to check your junk box, your mail may be there.

Q7. How can I get access to an e-ticket?

Ans. E-ticket can be taken from the airport where you have to show copies of confirmation email and valid passport

Q8. Can someone else travel on my e- ticket if the name is changed?

Ans. As e-ticket is non-transferable so it is rare that an airline will permit a full name change. Even if the name change is permitted, it is costly and not appreciating. If the name is changed then someone else can travel at your behalf.

Q9.Is that possible to change my flight schedule?

Ans. Yes you can. The changes include re-schedule of time, booking and date of the flight.

Q10.If I do change my flight schedule, what more do have I to pay?

Ans.The passengers who reschedule their flights have to pay the following;

  • The fare discrepancy between the old and the new rates
  • Airline flight re-schedule fee
  • Re-schedule fare by the travel company you are travelling

Q11.Is it possible to make changes in my flight, I had booked online? If so, then how many times?

Ans.Yes, it is possible. You can re-schedule your online booked flight but not more than once.

Q12.Is it possible to make changes in my flight, I had booked online? If so, then how many times?

Ans.Yes, it is possible. You can re-schedule your online booked flight but not more than once.

Q13.Is there any difference between scheduled flight and chartered flight?

Ans.Yes there is. A scheduled flight is the one initiated by the airline on its own behalf whereas the flight chartered by a holiday company to a certain destination or destinations is referred as a charter flight.

Q14.If I am booking a non-stop flight then does it mean that I am travelling via direct flight?

Ans.Most of the travelers often mistook both the terms as same. A non-stop flight is the one that flies from one airport and land onto other, stopping nowhere in between. However, a direct flight is the one in which there may or may not be a stay but that en route sojourn will not be shown on the ticket.

Q15.I have heard of term 'open jaw', what is it?

Ans.An open jaw flight is the flight in which passenger departs from one airport and lands on another airport. This facility makes it easier for the passengers to use another airport if needed.

Q16.Can my ticket be used by any of my family members?

Ans.Not usually. The ticket is used mostly by the passenger who had name on it. Even if there is name change, the change will be done after paying for it.

Q17.Will it be okay if my middle name is not shown on the ticket?

Ans.It is. First and surnames are important in travelling. If both of your first and last names are written correctly then it does not really matter.