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Legal Terms & Condition For Booking and Reservations

Terms and conditions

If you are looking for the most authentic travel agency serving its best in United Kingdom then you cannot find any agency better than "Elite Travels". Elite Travels has been working to the finest to deliver the best to its customers not only to the UK’s natives but also to the ones who came here to visit the charm of this country. We are welcoming you here with all our hearts to read the stuff loud here so that no ambiguity can remain from our side regarding the terms and conditions related to your travelling.

When you choose to travel with a travel agency that means that you are agreeing on its policies and way of working either. So if you have made "Elite Travels" your traveling companion then it means that you are harmonizing with our travelling regulations as well. So if you are opting an airline via our information then it means that you are toning with the regulations and schemes of the airline. It must be mentioned here that it has nothing to do with the agency. We only illustrate the policies and procedures that are stated by the airline or travelling carriers. The only thing that we deal directly is the flight tickets that may sold at more or less fare in accordance to the time and season of booking.

We make it certain to bequeath the most assured and authentic gen regarding your travelling, flight tickets, accommodations, transportation, car hire, expenditures, best time to visit and stuff but if some schemes are changed, removed or altered by the travel carrier you are taking your tour with then the agency will not held responsible. Though we checked it again and again to deliver the finest but it is recommended to done a cross- check. Try to go- through thoroughly from the terms and conditions applicable on all reservation to enjoy a hassle- free spree.

Going through the terms and conditions before booking will give you an idea about the best travel agency you can travel with and we can assure that once you will scroll "Elite Travels", you will for sure make it your first priority. We advise it to search thoroughly several times because we believe that checking is always better than regretting!