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Air Canada

Who does not have the desire to walk on an alleyway concealed with sunset colored maple leaves? The feeling that you got is inexplicable as the weather of Canada has been waiting for its visitors to emanate. In order to be there, why not make Air Canada your travel companion for a worriless and comfy journey?

Air Canada

is the flag carrier and the largest airline of Canada that has been serving a top notched air service to its travelers. The airline was founded back in 1937 and from that time until now, its persistent dedication and first class facilities are what makes it to be the number one option of its customers.

Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa and many of such awfully beautiful cities are ahead of waiting for you to come and praise their spellbinding beauty. For the purpose, travel with Air Canada and for more convenience and an extremely smooth trip; why not choose Elite Flights to serve you in the very manner in which you must be served. We "Elite Flights" have vision, purpose, strategy and norms to cope up with your travelling requirements and we work hard to deliver you a remarkable dream journey that you always wonder to have.

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Flight booking

The flight rifle is such an easy task because what you have to do is only mobilizes your few fingers. Firstly, you have to select whether your trip will be a round one, one way, you will be travelling to multi cities or want to be on vacations. After that, choose form where you are departing to where you are heading and the dates of both your departure and return will be shown you on your gadget's screen. Number of passengers then will be opted by the traveler. Air Canada online ticket booking has made this process even easier than before so that you can comfortably book your flight without experiencing any hassle. Cheap air tickets to Canada are what obliged you to select Air nada as your journey partner.

Web check-in

When you will be done with your Canada flight booking, then a voyage code will be endeavored to you at the site which will later be used to check the status and schedule of your flight. By entering your name, departure city and booking reference, you can conveniently check-in online and confirm your flight time, date and the stuff regarding it. You can also check it through your flight number or route scheme. Of course, any sort of information regarding your travelling, your luggage or airline will be gleefully bestow by Elite Flights that is on work 24/7 to deliver the best.

Airport's influx

When you arrive at the airport, the well trained staff of the airline welcome you by all of their hearts and you will be guided in every section you want to be informed

Gen apropos Luggage

Your luggage includes one or two of your travelling bags depending upon the weight and size of it, your carry bag and one hand bag. All of the bags must not exceed to the mentioned limits by the airline and have to be under the dimensions stated by the airline you are travelling with.

Traveling baggage

Your travelling baggage can be one or two bags depending upon their dimensions that must be within the limits stated by the airline. If you have an additional luggage, then an extra fee will be charged to you or in other case, you will not allowed to take that extra luggage. So make it sure to make your luggage within the baggage restrictions. You can use baggage allowance calculator to assure your baggage magnitudes.

Carry on luggage

Along with your travelling luggage, you are also permitted to take a carry- on bag with you whose maximum weight can be 23 kg or 50 lb. and maximum dimension is 158 cm or 62 inches. Above these mentioned figures, the luggage would be considered as over- weighted and as it will exceeded the free baggage allowance, there for a fine will be charged to the traveler. Your destination, date of ticket, purchase status and frequent flyer status will determine your free baggage allowance.

Forbidden articles

Prohibited articles includes sharp edged items, materials capable of causing ignition, explosives, chemicals, radioactive tackles, weapons, venomous animals or plants, liquid oxygen, aerosols, electric shock weapons and many such items that will not assure a secure trip.

Spectacular amenities by the airline

Either we talk about the on board welcome full of warmth or gusto meals, the trip by Air Canada is just perfect to fly. It does not matter to the airline either you are travelling in business or economy class, the prestige or services for all of travelers are alike. In-flight entertainment is not far too as the airline's flight entertainment system has something for all whether it is movie, songs, TV shows, podcasts or games. Services like preferred seat will make your comfy journey even more comfortable as it will endeavor extra leg room when you travel in economy class. Availability of Wi-Fi is the requirement of modern era and to connect the world even at the skies, Air Canada will bestow you free Wi-Fi during your flight. What lady on the earth would not love to shop even at her flight so the wide collection of finest quality duty free products by the airline makes it even more fascinating to travel with.

Dont miss the enchanting rebate moments

The discount offers by the airline makes its travelers to travel with it again and again. Some of these special bids include flights from Toronto to Boston at $ 190, to New York at $154 , to Los Angeles at $366, Miami at $193, Atlanta at $309 ,Austin at $343, Charlotte at the rate of $326 and to Fort Lauderdale at $194 that are quite mesmerizing to opt for a pocket approachable journey.