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Air China

Who else would serve a massive nation like China more congenially than its flag carrier airline; Air China? Founded in 1988, the airline has been on the top of the rank in China as well as in the world because of its so much dedication towards its passengers. This star Alliance member airline has a real huge fleet size of 400 directed towards more than 200 destinations all around the world. Whether you desire to travel towards Middle East or Western Europe, America's South or North part, Air China is the perfect option to be your travel companion because the convenience it will bestow you during your spree will be matchless in comfort.

Travelling with China airways flight would be a perfect idea while travelling from China but travelling without info about your jaunt is too a bit off in this shimmered picture. So try to grab as much as you can before your trip to your dream land and where would you find more suitable gen regarding your trip then at Elite Flights?

Elite Flight is a well-reputed travel agency of United Kingdom serving to the travelers at its best. Or aim is nothing but to facilitate the travelers in any mean possible so that your spree will be the one that when retrieve will only become the mean of joy and glee. You can find almost all information regarding your flight, excursion and the travel airline you are out- going with at our site. So grasp the chance to be well- knowledge before going on– board.

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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Alicante
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  • Flights From UK to Bali
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Benidorm
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Edinburgh
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Las Vegas
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  • Flights From UK to London
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  • Flights From UK to Malta

Here we try to put every single detail regarding your spree with Air China cheap flights so after having this, you only have to pile your things up, zip-up your luggage and what's next? Of course you are ready to go!

Flight booking

The procedure to book your flight is as smooth as the landings of the airline. You just have to put either your spree is a round trip or a one way, from where you are going to where you wished to land, departing and returning dates, number of passengers with else specification of adult, child or infant, travel class (economy, business or first class) and on your search of flight you are booked with China airways.

Online flight checking

Sometimes passengers get stuck a bit regarding their confirmation of flight and in that state of confusion don't know what to do. No need to worry about that because China Airways online booking and check-in is set to serve you. Put your ID type (ticket number or passport), ticket number, your name, your surname and captcha, continuation of the process will endow you to confirm your flight status.

Air china and flight status

Flight status can be checked by using the online option given to the passengers. Enter your flight number and departure date and search for your flight status.

Air china and flight schedule

check your schedule at the flight schedule option by entering your trip style, airport of departure, airport of arrival, departure and return date and know more about your scheduled flight.

On board services by Air China

Not only your flight will be comfortable one in mean of immigration services but also you can enjoy your flight to full. It is because there is an arrangement of full entertainment on- board so that you will not get bored; some of such services are;
  • Stay in touch with land on sky: a number of in- flight magazines and newspapers are there for the passengers so that they get up to- dated with their surroundings below.
  • Music: 12 music channels and 8 classic movies by famous Chinese directors and actors will accompany you during your flight. So sit on your comfy seat with extra hauled legroom and enjoy the top notched movies while taking your favorite drink.
  • AVOD system: The AVOD system of the Air China is one of the most known among all of the airlines in the world that features dozens of bilingual classic movies, hundreds of music CDs and their items that will endeavor you utmost entertainment and be your partner in your boredom.
  • Games: Who will not love to play a game when wants to enjoy his time? So China International airline makes you able with a wide range of games to entertain yourself during your flight. It bestows you the liberty to choose your favorite game and play it.
  • Meals: Nothing can more allure a person from anywhere in the world than a warm gusto meal. The meals of Air China reservation taste as good in sky as they taste on land. What would be more captivating than to sit in a restaurant not on land but on the sky? For a more pleasant and comfortable jaunt, a Forbidden pavilion first class ad a capital pavilion business class food place has been introduce in flights for the passengers. You can at there with the royalty you ever wanted. For economy class, keeping in mind the health standard rules the airline prepares buds boasting meals prepared by renowned chefs that adds an extra spice to your spree. Besides of these regular meals special meals for special passengers are also served on demand. No need to mention the whole cellar of real good wines that will cheer you up in a single gulp.

Baggage allowance

Air China always strives to endeavor best to its customers and what would be better than the liberty on your baggage? A travelers is allowed to take several piece of luggage that can be taken inside to your flight, if is in accordance to the dimensions mentioned by the authorities.
  • Off-board luggage: A specific baggage allowance is given to each flight class according to which a travelers can wrap- up his luggage. A good free baggage allowance is bestowed to the customers by China International airline so that travelers can take whatever they desire along with them at their dream jaunt. Baggage allowance is given both at domestic and international flights. For domestic flights, the dimensions of the bag must not exceed from 100cm x 60cm x 40cm and the weight must be 40 kg for first class while 30 kg for business and 20 kg for economy class. As far as the International flights are concerned, the free luggage allowance must have dimensions of 62 inches or 158cm including wheels and handles of the bag. Wight for business class or for first class passengers is 32 kg while for economy class travelers it varies from route to route and among flight classes. Passengers directing towards Europe, Middle East, Asia- Pacific, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Hawaii excluding countries of Japan, Kazakhstan, New Zealand and Australia can check in with one item for free weighing up to 23 kg whereas those travelling on routes directed to America, Japan, UAE, New Zealand, Australia and Kazakhstan have the liberty to check in with two bags of luggage for free weighing 23 kg.
  • Taking-in luggage: Travelers can take two carry- on baggage on board and can place useful articles in them to use during your flight. For first class or business class, travelers is liberated to take two travelling bags having dimensions not more than 55cm x 40cm x 20cm each and the weight must be not more than 8 kilos. For economy class the weight limit is 5 kilos with same dimensions. The dimensions are designed in accordance to the seat sixe so that your luggage gets fitted in the close overhead compartment or under the seat in front of the aircraft's onboard. If your baggage is not endowed to stow on overhead or under front compartment then it would be jeopardized as per safety policy.
  • Excess baggage: Bringing of excess of luggage can trouble the travelers in the way that either it can be charged with extra cost to take in or can be jeopardized by the airport's authorities.

Baggage management

Travelers are advised to take their personal articles along with them in their flights because it will be a safe practice for your objectives in case your baggage got misplaced. The items not advisable to take in your checked baggage are eminent documents, securities, bank draft, jewelry, valuable metal, curio, travel certificates, original identity card, passport, medicine that should be taken timely etc.

Restricted or prohibited articles

Air China's first priority is its traveler's security and a congenial jaunt and in order to achieve their goal, certain items are restricted or completely prohibited to take in both inside of the flight and also in checked baggage. Athletic and ports equipment can be carried inside only with the required certificates issued by the concerned authorities. They are needed to pack and carry isolated. The airline's permission is prerequisite for the purpose and the maximum carriage can be of 5 kg. Wheelchairs that are endow to fold can be carried as checked baggage for free but will not be counted as free baggage allowance. Moreover, sharp and blunt items like sword, lance, reaphook, fruit knife, bistouries iron prick, short stick, sinker, axe etc. must be placed in checked baggage which are not allowed to take on board and can be the part of your luggage if their blade is less than 6cm in length. Liquids more than 1000ml or 1 kg are not permitted to take as luggage.

Air China and policies regarding animals

Animals can be carried along with you at your flight but requires some regulation for the safety of passengers. To take your pet in animal quarantine certificate and valid certificates for small animal leaving and entering should be endeavored. Animals are not permitted to take in ad their weight and the weight of their cage is estimated to be overweight baggage.

In case of baggage lost

in case your luggage got misplaced or get damaged by the airport authorities then compensation will be done by the airline. Those travelers who want compensation for damaged luggage have to make a claim for compensation in writing to the airline within 7 days from the day the incident will happen. Compensation for the delayed baggage must be written to the airline within 21 days from the day the receipt of the checked luggage. The limitation of the act is 2 years from the time the flight had arrived the destination. If not claimed at the suitable time then a passenger will no longer have the authority to file a suit against the airline. It also should be kept in mind that the compensation for the domestic flight is less than that of an International flight.

Travelling with minors

The free baggage allowance for kids is 10 kg however a folding stroller or carry coat can be taken on board free of cost. Infants pertaining to any flight class can check in with one item of baggage for free weighing up to 23 kg. In addition of which a stroller or cradle can also be taken. Extra and special services for the minors are designed so that both the kids and parents can travel in ease with convenience.


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