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Air France

Air France

The true carrier of the French values is one of the most effective and embellishing airline of Europe and has been persistently serving its traveler since many years. The airline is the part of the Sky Team alliance since 2000 that spectacles its eminency in the airline industry. Bestowing hundreds of on-time international as well as domestic flights are what that makes it to be chosen by its travelers.

The airline's very first priority is to ensure its seater's comfort by endeavoring many of the amenities. Either its noise canceling headsets or sleeping accessories or gusto meals during flights or comfortable environment, the airline provides it all. Who would not like to travel with an airline that gives you a stress free and an amusing trip that will remain in your memory all of your life? And where would you fine someone more dedicated than Air France flights.

If you are planning to travel to your desired place, why not travel with Elite flights? We are offering the best of the best to you for a worriless flight service. Our aim is only one and that is to satisfy our customer's prerequisites. We work not only to offer flights to you but to serve you an amalgamation of your desires and requirements. Whether you are planning to be on a lovely romantic trip with your spouse at your dream destination or want to take your kids to their dream land, give us honor and opportunity to serve you the way you should be served.

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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Alicante
  • Flights From UK to Amsterdam
  • Flights From UK to Bali
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Benidorm
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Lisbon
  • Flights From UK to London
  • Flights From UK to Los Angeles
  • Flights From UK to Malaga
  • Flights From UK to Malta

Elite flights

Bid an abundant number of flights both internationally and natively. The passionate and zealous workers of Elite flights are on work for 24/7 to make our customers relaxed and happy. We are here to give any sort of travel tip or traveling information that will surely going to help you out on your journey towards your favorite site all across the world. Hoping to find out an exclusively cheap air ticket, come and contact Elite flights. By traveling with Elite flights, you can opt Austrian airline cheap flights via Air France; the airline designated to be the honor of the French.

International Flights via Air France

Air France is the airline offering air travelling to more than 100 countries as well as 25 cities inside France. The airline gives you a freedom to travel anywhere in the world and by choosing Elite flight to be your flight booking partner makes the things even easier to persuade.

Ticket reservation

It is the custom of Air France to make the things shorter yet effective in understanding. The way to book your ticket is as easy as to click a button because you can book your ticket online in a couple of minutes without even stirring yourself. Firstly go to the main site of the Austrian airline and select the route that whether you will be going to a single destination or have to wander to multiple sites. After that, your airport through which you will be departed, your departure, arrival and return all of the dates will be known by you. Then you have to select the number of passengers and the class in which you want to travel. The submission of the data confirms your ticket purchasing.

Flight schedule

Flight schedule will make you to know about the airport of your departure, your arrival and departure time. It will aid you out to manage yourself in a better manner.

Personal baggage

Air France wants to keep its travelers always satisfied by its services so time to time, various discount offers are compromise by the airline. The airline bestows a 40 % discount to the employees who travel frequently to Paris for Business matters.

Widely held routes

The widely and vastly spread network of Air France travelling make it travelers to arrive at more than 200 destinations in about 100 countries. The frequent and regular flights are what make the airline marvel from others. 7 flights are directed from Paris to Barcelona every day. The airline flies to London from the city of fragrance Paris 14 times a day and to Rome from Paris 82 flights a day. The frequency of flights also depends upon the distance between the cities, nearer they are, numerous the flights will be. Frequent flights to one country or one city makes it very tranquil for the travelers to reach their dream land or even if you are about to miss your business meeting, what's here now to worry about?

Luggage stipend

How much you can take along with you depends on your flight class and cabin. You can take one or two bags of your luggage as well as 1 of the accessory. Yet confused about the luggage limit? The airline makes it easier even before to know exactly the quantity you can take along with you by using the baggage allowance calculator bestowed at their site. As far as the hand luggage is concerned, you are allowed to take 12 kg or 16 kg hand bag. The difference of 4 kg is due to the flight cabin that you may use. It is convenient for you to weigh your luggage beforehand but if you had not did so the issue is not really big to worry about. Baggage checking baskets are placed at the airport where you can easily check the weight of your hand luggage. Besides hand luggage, you are permitted to take one smaller bag/ briefcase that must fulfilled the criteria of 40cm x 30cm x 15cm dimensions. The travelers have to pay an extra cost if the luggage size or weight is exceeded than the permitted one.

Your dream journey

The top notch amenities endeavored by Air France makes your trip a real dreamt one. Either we talk about the tantalizing gusto meals or the first class entertainment services; the airline entertains its customers in and at any means required. You can enjoy the delight food from the Menu or can order something else for you if you want. A specified library section for kids make them to love to travel with the Austrian airline even more and what would be more loved by a lady than the duty free, inflight shopping. Make yourself comfortable by opting web check- in and Austrian online bookings rather than standing in long queues.

Airline deals

Travel with Elite flights for a journey of your desire via Air France and the deals are astonishing because of Austrian airline low cost flights. The promotions on Air France feature flights from New York to Paris starting from $ 435, from Boston to Stockholm in $ 473, from Miami to Barcelona in $ 511 and from Los Angeles to Amsterdam in $777.