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Air India


The land of romanticized whitish beauty; Taj Mahal that spellbinds the very eye that sees it is the land affluent in culture and history. It has a lot to experience so why not travel with Air India for the perfect journey depicting the true colors of the Hindu country?

Air India

has been serving its country since many decades and is the flag carrier airline of India. Being the part of Star Alliance, the airline serves its customers even more congenially. Bestowing over 60 plus international destination's flights in four continents endow the airline to be known by the outer world. In means of domestic air flights, the airline ranked on third largest airline of the country.

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It is modus operandi of Elite Flights to endeavor complete information to its customers from booking their flights to landing on a foreign land to make their travelling inferior troublesome. So why not commence your excursion to India to experience the Melbourne moments that you never had experienced before.

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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Bahrain
  • Flights From UK to Bangladesh
  • Flights From UK to Ahmedabad
  • Flights From UK to Chandigarh
  • Flights From UK to Bangalore
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Nagpur
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  • Flights From UK to Qatar
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Saudi Arabia
  • Flights From UK to Singapore
  • Flights From UK to Srilanka
  • Flights From UK to Thailand
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  • Flights From UK to Dubai

Flights deposit

The very first step to commence your jaunt is to book your flight. For the purpose, select either your trip is a one way or a round trip to numerous destinations. After that, choose the point from where you want to travel to where your arrival will be. Departing and returning dates then will be confirmed. An extra but an obliging option is added by the airline to opt fixed or flexible dates. It will aid you to schedule our jaunt in an easier manner. Number of travelers has been confirmed then and further categorization of adult, children or infant mark to serve the travelers by the Airline much dedicatedly than before. The traveler then has to choose his class in which he wants to travel and after providing this all information, your flight will be confirmed. Air India online booking facilitates its customers to be the part of such remarkable setup of Air India without taking a step.

Web check-in

On confirming the flight by the traveler, he will be provided with a promotion code putting of which will make him to know about his light schedule and status. You can plaid your flight schedule online by E- ticket or frequent flyer card number.

Flight schedule

Flight schedule can be checked at any time to make sure your flight is not canceled or post pond and has been persuaded as planned. Travelers have to enter the route and date to locate their schedules. When the site of departure and arrival is submitted, your jaunt type and depart date will be shown to you.

Jaunt rations

For a safe and sound spree, travelers are obliged to give the correct gen about them and the aspects pertaining to them. Travel requirements features documentation necessary for your legal travelling, correct and full name in bookings, mentioning your number of travelling, pets taking, disability assistance, ailment information (if any), married women have to use their husband's name as their surname and similar requirement like that for worriless congenial splurge.

Gen regarding Luggage

Luggage you can take in your suit case varies from airline to airline and has been mentioned whenever you booked your flight. You can have all of the information regarding luggage management if you make Elite Flights as a guide for yours. Luggage carrying depends upon the class in which you are travelling and it will be endeavored you on booking your flight. Air India reservation are top notched among other airlines of India because their priority is your requirement so as of Elite Flights. Have packed your baggage but not sure it weighs more or less than the mentioned limit then halt down your trouble as a baggage allowance calculator is bestowed by the airline which makes the traveler to calculate their baggage stentorian.

Baggage stipend for international flights

Luggage taking depends on the class in which you are travelling in. For first and business class the dimensions of your baggage must be less than or equivalent to 158 cm and weigh 32 kg. For economy class the policy is to remain your luggage within the limits of 273 cm and the weight of your baggage must be 23 kg. Excess of baggage charge you extra fee t be paid for its taking.

Baggage resonant in domestic flights

Air India delivering its air flights to more than 34 domestic destinations makes its customers to serve in the most righteous manner that they deserve. Baggage allowance is therefore a gaining point of the airline. Luggage allowance for first class is 40 kg, for business class is 35 kg, economy class is 25 kg, for infants in all classes is 10 kg and for air flight to or from Shimla is 10 kg.

Hand baggage

Not only one big or two small suit cases but a hand bag is also permitted to the travelers to take with them. The dimensions of your carry- on baggage must not exceed from 55cm x 35cm x 20 cm and maximum weight can be 8 kg. Children's hand bag also entitled as adults whereas policies regarding infants are unalike. For an infant a carry coat or a small stroller is allowed to be taken inside the flight. Odd sized baggage away from the mentioned size will be removed from your side and will be loaded in the hold as per policies.

Personal luggage

Other than a suit case and a carry- on baggage, on personal bag or an item is permitted to be taken in even inside of the flight. These personal items features a lady's hand bag, overcoat or a wrap, rug or blanket, camera, binoculars, reading material in very small amount, infant's feeding, walking stick, umbrella , lap top and medicines.

Pre-conditions for up gradation of air flights

Following regulations are designed that has to be followed in order to reach your destination in a secure manner.
  • You can upgrade your flight form economy to business and from business to first lass after making reservation with Air India.
  • Child or infant discount is not permitted on upgrade amounts.
  • Upgrading is non- transferable, non- reusable and cannot be refund.
  • 12% will be additionally taken on up- gradation of flight.
  • Lounge facility can be used only by revenue passengers under the paid upgrade promotions. Restricted items: All of those items that can serve as harmful entity for a human being are prohibited to be taken inside the flight or at the airport. Some of these include sharp edged instruments, weapons, explosives, material endow to commence fire, chemicals, lead batteries, radioactivity materials, wild plants and animals and more stuffs alike.