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Asiana airlines

Asiana airline is the second most popular airline of South Korea after its flag carrier airline Korean airways. Founded in 1988 as "Seoul Airlines", the airline has been serving its travelers with top notched amenities that endow a passenger to enjoy his flight on full. About 82 flights directing towards more than 90 of the destinations (including cargo flights) make the flights of Asiana airline regular and congenial.

South Korea is one of the most advance countries in Asia and its capital city Seoul has a lot to witness by the tourists. You can travel towards the advance land of Korea and experience the utmost Melbourne moments that you never had experienced before.

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Asiana airline

Bookings endow you to travel with ease and comfort so for further details keep on reading this article because we have bestowed here almost each and every single detail regarding your travelling with Asiana airline, the proud of South Korean that will accompany you in a real pretty manner all along your flight till your landing

flights with asiana airlines from london

Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Australia
  • Flights From UK to Austria
  • Flights From UK to Belgium
  • Flights From UK to Cambodia
  • Flights From UK to Canada
  • Flights From UK to Calgary
tickets with asiana airlines

Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to China
  • Flights From UK to Norway
  • Flights From UK to South Korea
  • Flights From UK to Yantai
  • Flights From UK to France
  • Flights From UK to Germany
flights with asiana airlines

Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Hungary
  • Flights From UK to India
  • Flights From UK to Indonesia
  • Flights From UK to Italy
  • Flights From UK to Japan
  • Flights From UK to Hiroshima
cheap flights with asiana airlines

Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Malayisa
  • Flights From UK to Maynmar
  • Flights From UK to New Zealand
  • Flights From UK to Russia
  • Flights From UK to United States
  • Flights From UK to United Kingdom

Ticket reservation with Asiana airline

Book yourself with Asiana airline online reservation and make yourself ready to experience the voyage in the skies that when retrieve will be the source of real glee.
  • Ticket reservation for domestic flights: You can book your ticket online by simply choosing where you want to travel from where you want to travel, date of departure and the number of passengers. Also choose either your jaunt is one way or a round trip.
  • Ticket reservation for International flights: One way, round trip or multi- stop opt your route type first and then the procedure to book your flight is same as above. You have also to choose your travel class with number of passengers (categorized further as adult, child or an infant). Make it mention whether your spree is on discounted fare or on regular one (discounted fares are for special or disable passengers). Fixed or non- fixed dates selection will complete the procedure of your flight reservation with Asiana airline.

Check-in with Asiana airline

Technology has really paced up the things and now everything is just a matter of few clicks. You can do anything and book yourself anywhere just by clicking few options. Same is the case with your ticket purchasing. You can avoid the hassle of being standing, buying your ticket while waiting in a hauled queue by using the advance seat selection option. The airline's mobile app and website allowed its viewers to book their seats in advance or check-in for a mobile boarding pass. It should be kept in mind that the advance seat selection must be 2 days prior to departure and advance check-in have to be 48 hours to 1 hour before going on- board.

Flight schedule and status

Flight status for both domestic and International flights is same. Choosing your route type, dates for departure and arrival, airports f departure and arrival will endow you to confirm your flight status which will enable you to avoid any troublesome situation over the airport or during your flight.

Luggage policies

The luggage policies endeavored by the Asiana Airline are always admired by the passengers because it gives customers an opportunity to take a lot with them. To have a an utter gen regarding luggage allowance take look below;
  • Free baggage allowances: The international luggage allowance varies route to route and the routes encompass U.S routes and Non-U.S routes. For these routes and in first cabin class, the Platinum, Diamond and Diamond Plus class traveler is endorsed to take along maximum 4 bags that weigh 128 kg (32 kg per bag). While Gold class is allowable to fetch 4 bags that include 3 bags weighing 32 kg or less along with a bag of 9 kg or less. And maximum 3 bags assessing 32 kg per bag is the luggage allowance for the Silver class. In business class, the baggage allowance for members is somehow lithe but not more than the first class members. Those with the membership status of Platinum, Diamond Plus and Diamond can fetch 3 bags (each bag containing 32 kg). Gold class member's criteria include 2 bags of 32 kg or less than that, along with a bag of 9 kg or less. Then come the Silver class, in which 2 bags weighing 32 kg per bag are permissible for the travelers to bring. Diamond Plus, Diamond and Platinum class members in Economy class can bring the luggage unto 3 bags and each bag should be of 23 kg. 1 bag of 32 kg or less and 1 bag of 23 kg or less is the meager baggage allowance for Gold members. The luggage allowance should not exceed 46 kg (2 bags weighing 23 kg) and this is the peculiar norms for Silver class members. As far as the domestic flights are concerned the luggage taken along with you is somehow lesser than the International flights because of the shorter routes. Diamond Plus and Platinum class of service can take along the luggage of 50 kg, Diamond class can bring about the baggage weighing up to 40 kg, 30 kg is the allotted allowance for Gold class members and Silver class members are bound to have a stuff weighing 20 kg maximum.
  • Carry-On baggage: Not the entire luggage is that you can leave apart from you like your documents, papers concerning to your trip and some other worth items, but some of the articles are requisite by the passengers on-board. For such purpose a carry-on baggage is permitted to take inside your flight. First class members can carry a bag of weight unto 10 kg. Maximum depth, breadth and height of the luggage cannot exceed 115cm. Travelers can bring two such bags meaning 230 kg weight is the luggage allowance. The depth, width and height of a bag should not be more than 115cm that is the specified criteria for Business class members. The bag weighs unto 10 kg and travelers can bring 2 such bags along with them. In Economy class, the specified breadth, depth and height of a bag is 115cm and the traveler can take along only 1 bag that weighs 10 kg.
  • Excess baggage bringing: It is recommended not to bring extra or excessive baggage that you know beforehand will exceed the prohibited limitation. In case of extra luggage, either it will be jeopardized or will be given to you at extra cost to take-in.

Prohibited articles

Your safety is the issue of prominent signification and the airline managers are responsible for your safety. So in this case to dodge any mishap, the travelers are prohibited to take along some items that are harmful or are threatening. Dangerous items comprise explosives, flammable items, poisonous items, spears, words, knives, firearms, martial arts and self-defense items, work tools, sporting goods, medical devices and mobility aids, rescue equipments portable electronic devices and aerosols.

Spree with a pet

Those travelers who desire to bring their pets along with them have to follow some of the instructions. Dogs, cats and birds are the fauna species that are permitted to carry during your flight. A single person can only bring one pet and bringing more than a pet is prohibited act. Only a one pet is should be in your cage and one cage for one passenger is certified. But first of all, you have to seek permission and approval for pet transportation from the Airline service. To get approval, you have to have a certificate of Quarantine Check of the country, preparation of the carrier, pet check-in, arrival at the airport, and issuance of the Quarantine Check Certificate.

On-board amenities by Asiana airline:

Asiana airline serves its best to its customers. It contemplates all your necessities and some leisure related matters.
  • Dining: A good meal is demanded by everyone and during journey, passengers definitely feel tiredness and in this tiredness, they want a divine food. It endeavors you tasty and mouth-watering cuisines that you certainly enjoy while eating. What would be more perfect than having a warm gusto meal with a glass of your favorite drink miles above the lands?
  • Inflight entertainment: During a long journey, the travelers want something that makes them to enjoy their jaunt. The in- flight entertainment offers bestow by Asiana airline are one of the best offers that a passenger can get. Music, latest movies, songs, games, video games and a lot more is waiting for you to fly and enjoy. So grab a chance to travel with Asiana airline cheap flights and be the part of a wonderful journey.
  • Cozy seating: While traveling the most eminent of all is your sitting arrangement. The airline has given an extra thought while designing the seating stuff so that travelers can travel with ease and comfort. For both hauled and short flights the comfortable seating gives you a chance to relax during your flight. Extra legroom did not make you tired even in hour's long flight. Enjoy the first class 180 degree bendable bed-type back. Each seat is parted almost 81 inch from one another allowing the passengers to relax. Business class can have congenial seating as well that endeavors private spaces and the set controlling system assures the passengers maximum comfort and ease. Economy class is equally important as well and the passengers can have movies and entertainment contents on their personal screens displayed right in front of their eyes to enjoy the pretty moments during their super perfect flight.
So for a real congenial jaunt travel with Asiana airlines booking via Elite flights and have a remarkable experience. The journey by opting elite flight as your travel partner will be exceptional in means of comfort, knowledge and convenience.