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British Airways

Pondering to visit a land full of mesmerizing sites and breathe taking sceneries then why not grasp the chance to explore the epic scenery Britain has to bestow to its travelers. British Airways is the flag carrier airline of UK endeavoring flights to more than 170 destinations all around the world from four of the airports of London.

British Airways

British airways is the leading airline of Britain and the British airways flights embodies top notch amenities that one desires to have at his travelling jaunt. Either you are thinking to take a break at the turquoise oceans of UK or want to discover the primeval cultures of Asia, British airway is there for you to have remarkable ride.

Traveling with British airways is a wise decision for your excursion and making "Elite Flights" as your travel companion is even more worthy. The decision is worthy because Elite Flights is one of the most reliable and trustworthy travel agency of UK working dexterously to endeavor the best of us. We focus on your requirements because your requisite is our objective of functioning.

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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Washington D.C
  • Flights From UK to Vienna
  • Flights From UK to Verona
  • Flights From UK to Venice
  • Flights From UK to Tunis
  • Flights From UK to Turin
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Tirana
  • Flights From UK to Tobago
  • Flights From UK to Stuttgart
  • Flights From UK to Tampa
  • Flights From UK to Seoul
  • Flights From UK to Riyadh
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to San Jose
  • Flights From UK to Salzburg
  • Flights From UK to San Franciso
  • Flights From UK to Porto
  • Flights From UK to Prague
  • Flights From UK to Olso
british airways flights

Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Palermo
  • Flights From UK to Newyork
  • Flights From UK to Newcastle Upon Tyne
  • Flights From UK to Muscat
  • Flights From UK to Murcia
  • Flights From UK to Miami

Why opt British Airways?

If you desire to fly in real style then opting British airways is the right and wise decision. The airline has an abundance to bestow you whether it is web check- in facility, gusto meals during flights, top notched on board services, snacks and drink that are right in accordance to you taste, personal entertainment , neat and tidy atmosphere for travelling and a lot more.

Largest airline of UK

Being the largest and flag carrier airline of Britain, British airways held itself responsible for the best service to be endeavored to the travelers no matter what. Their concern and hospitality towards their customers can be seen by their great offers and promotion deals. You can travel along with the most stylish yet glamorous airline of UK with being inferior troublesome. So why not enjoy and commence a jaunt packed in sheet of ease and comfort.

Prevalent itineraries

Arranging flights to more than 170 destinations all across the world including both international and domestic ones with services high in class as much as it flies is what makes British airways apart from others. The most popular international destinations where British airways flights landed are UK and North Ireland, France, China, India, Canada, Spin, United States, South Africa, Italy and Thailand. Popular cities feature London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Orlando, Dubai, Bangkok, Shanghai, Manchester and San Francisco. Among them UK, USA and Spain are the most popular among these prevalent routes.

Jaunt creation

The method to book your flight and become the part of this remarkable airline is easy yet simply. Firstly one has to select the combo he desires to have with it. It can be only flight, flight and hotel, flight and car, hotels, cars, experiences. After that choose that you want a solo trip or want to have a look around. Select the city or airport from where you want to travel and where you want to arrive. Return or one way must also be filled at the right place. Departure dates and return time will be confirmed by putting this information of yours. Opt the travel class, ticket type and then passengers who want to travel. For passengers, further specification is required that whether the traveler is an adult, an adolescent, a children or an infant based on which the services will be done. British airways is one of the most dedicated airline of UK that plans beforehand for its travelers to endeavor them a very safe and sound excursion that they always want to experience up in the air. On the submission of all these, you will be endow to find the flight that suits right your taste and requisite. And of course, British airline online ticket booking is the best part the airline offers to its travelers that make your travelling even easier.

On board amenities

All of the services that this airline of English's bestow are remarkable but the on board are what makes the travelers fall for the airline. Helping and cooperating staff with full trained skills, neat and tidy atmosphere to wait in, smooth regulation at the checking time and polite way of telling what is unknown to you is the M.O of this airline. By travelling with British airway making Elite Flights as your travel partner will make your jaunt as smooth as the luxurious sitting endeavor in the plane.

Web check-in

You can online check the schedule and status of your flight. State your booking reference at the donated area with the last name of the passenger, then you can find what you have to regarding your flight in a very easy manner.


As far as the luggage is concerned, it consists of one big or two small attach's that a person could carry on his spree. The weight and dimensions of this baggage can be checked at the baggage allowance checker that will give you an estimate your carryings. Besides of this baggage, you are permitted to take on a small hand bag that can be carried inside your flight. Along with these two baggages, a traveler is also allowed to take one personal bad that can be taken along with you inside your flight. Other than the above mentioned luggages, if you are travelling with an infant then his feedings like milk formula and pacify etc. and a stroller or carry coat are legalized to be taken in.

Luggage management

Travelling is a piece of cake but managing your travelling is the real task because your one random gesture can spoil your whole trip. Luggage packing is the initial step to commence your jaunt so managing it in the right manner will make you to relax throughout your trip.
  • Try to tag your baggage properly with name and address tags so that in case it got misplaced, will be delivered to you.
  • You are permitted to take infant's item inside the flight but carrying it in your personal bag will make you to travel even easier because of your direct accessibility to the items in no time.
  • Try also to take your documents and precious items in your personal bag so that in case of need, you can immediately take your documents out. It will also make your things safer.

Prohibited items to take in

British airway's tickets endow a person to travel in a real safe environment, a basic necessity to travel in calamity. There are certain items that are forbidden to take inside the flight or the airport because they can be harmful for the travelers. Such certain items includes weapons, chemicals, radioactive materials, sharp edged instruments, cutlery, explosive materials, materials that can be further made as explosive substances, materials endow to cause suffocation, wild plants and animals, plants that can cause allergy, liquid oxygen, aerosol batteries, firearm, electric shock weapons and other such items.