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Cathay Pacific

The symbol of quality and finery is the flag carrier airline of Hong Kong; the territory with finest architectures. Proposing 147 plus air flights to 201 plus destinations is what makes this airline apart from others. Hong Kong is the beautiful realm for sure worthy to take a sight so why not fly with the perfection in the air that will endow you to stopover to its homeland while being congenial.

Founded in 1946, Cathay Pacific endeavors its air flights to more than 60 countries which endow it to be ranked as a worldwide connected airway. Delivering the most capacity on the route with 309, 439 available seats, the airline is considered to be the busiest in the world. It's on- time excessive domestic as well as international air flights are too congenial and inferior burdensome for the travelers who wants to travel often. Treat yourself with utmost luxury on your trips because you are being worthy of it.

The airline endows its travelers to take a look of its homeland and admire its mesmerizing yet full of advancement architecture. This territory has a lot to bestow but its most eminent is its skyline which is breathtaking from a multitude of angles which never gets feeble. It offers such kind of stuff that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

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Preparing Flight with Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific online reservation of flights is now a matter of few clicks and the ease, has made the travelers to book their flights even walking in the alley listening to their favorite song. You can check- in online at the main website of the airline with your flight timetable being mentioned. Manage your booking in accordance to your comfort. Then either you desire to take the flight only, hotel or both, you can opt that and submit your selection for the confirmation of your flight.

Airport SOP

Travelers are advice to arrive at the airport 2 to 3 hours before check-in in order to have a smooth checking and departure procedures. For a suave and polite checking, try to read the airline's policies regarding baggage and stuff beforehand. Sort out your luggage in the way it is recommended to avoid any extra working on the airport.

Travelling bids

Here are some of the travelling tips that may facilitate you during your flight.
  • For safe departure of your luggage (the out board baggage), it will be a helpful practice to tag it with your name, address and stuff so that in case it get lost or misplaced can be return to you.
  • Try to take precious items and important documentation along with you in your cabin bag at your flight so it will not get misplaced.
  • Put your infant's luggage in your baby bag that you are permitted to carry along with you for a congenial flight..

Luggage stance

The baggage you are allowed to carry along with you varies from airline to airline. Cathay Pacific has been the most joy endeavoring airline in such because its luggage tacks makes its customers to manage their luggage more blithely. Luggage taking also is dependent on your flight class. The standard baggage allowance for different classes is as follows;
  • For economy class, the luggage permitted to be taken is 7 kg or 15 lbs. the baggage must consists of a single piece bag.
  • Premium economy flight class is also allowed to take in 7kg or 15 lbs. weighing bag along with them
  • Baggage must not weigh more than 10 kg or 22 lbs. for Business class. The relief is bit high so you can take a lot with you
  • Saying first class to be most happy regarding baggage taking would not be wrong as they can take 15 kg or 33 lbs. of luggage with them

Carry luggage

Besides of one luggage piece, a traveler is endorsed to bring 1 more bag along with him in his flight. The dimension are obliged to be in range of 22in x 14in x 9in including all of the wheels, side pockets and handles. All of the flights classes are permitted to take one small bag abroad the aircraft. The small bag can be replaced by any of the useful yet non-harmful item featuring handbags, laptops, backpacks, briefcase, camera case or other such things.

Handy articles

Not all of the baggage is what a traveler wants to not take inside his flight because you may want to use them during your flight time. For the solvation of the issue, travelers are authorized to take one more small bag or sort of inside their flight. The small tutelages must not exceed from the dimensions of 15cm x 30cm x 40cm. the items can vary in accordance to a traveler's preference.

Travelling with minors

What if your baby is newly born and you have to travel with him? Worrying about the issue, then halt is down as there is real convenience for such couple having a newly born baby. Cathay Pacific's policies regarding infants and kids make the parents too much in ease because of the relaxation and freedom they got. Parents (or Guardians) can travel with the children ages ranging from 7 days to 24 months old.

Flying with toddlers through Cathay Pacific

If a 7 days baby is hale and hearty then there is no issue to travel with the airline. An adult (above 18 years) is required to travel with the infant in the same cabin and has to take care of the minor entire of the time.

Ticket buying for minors

You will have to purchase tickets in accordance to the minor you are travelling with. Tickets for infants are different whereas tickets for children more than 2 years old are else.

Itinerant with infants

Infants will not be endeavored with a seat of their own. Baggage allowance for them is 10 kg for most of the routes and an additional one piece bag for the route directed to America and New Zealand. Infant's tickets are priced less than that of the adults. Make it sure that the toddler must be under 24 months and not above that age. Infants less than of 48 hours will not be taken at the flight. In case the infant turns older than two years before your return then the parents have to pay an additional amount of fare, tax, fee and charges. Rules and schemes for infants are of course applied on the booking. Parents can bring two of their minor kids along with them on board.

Itinerant with children

Children aged more than 2 years are bestowed with a separate seat and will follow the standard baggage allowance for adults. Bringing your own car safety seat is congenial with the child's ticket because it will save your fare. Using aircraft's safety devices or carry coats is optional but not all of the flights pertaining to non- famous routes endeavor such facility.

Amenities pertaining to facilitate parents

Baby sitting your child on board is a tough tasks but not with Cathay Pacific because the airline has made up so much ease for its travelers that they cannot help the fact but to praise the effort. You can change your child's diaper in the two toilets in each aircraft with fold down tables. Baby food can be taking inside the flight which can be fed at any time in the flight. The well trained staff for sure will cooperate for the purpose. If you are a breast feeder mother then it will not be a problem as it is allowed to do so in all phases of flight. Dry ice can be brought by the travelers for cooling infant's food. 2.5 kg of the dry ice is allowed to take in. other than that, bassinets, safety seats and other safety devices can be endeavored to the customers on need and requirement.

Carry luggage for infants

If you are travelling with an infant or a kid then you are allowed to take an approved car safety seat, a small bag of necessities like diapers, milk formula or cereals and a stroller within the mentioned cabin bag limits and weight after folding. Facilities like these are what make Cathay Pacific an airline notable among others.

Baggage allowance by Cathay Pacific

While booking the flight, a standard baggage allowance is given to the traveler which indicates the quantity of luggage a person can take along with him. Baggage allowance is for the travelers with reserved seat flying on the most notorious destination routes. It must be noted that though there is the liberty to change your flight class before your very flight but your luggage allowance will be still based on your original Cathay Pacific ticket booking.

Extra charge

If a traveler's luggage exceeds from the mentioned baggage allowance by the airline then he may not permitted to take it along with him or in else situation have to pay an extra cost.

Precautious articles

Before going to the airport, it will be a gainful practice to check your luggage in order to make your travelling inferior troublesome. Check your luggage and make it sure to not take anything prohibited inside your flight. Prohibited objectives include items like sharp instruments, scissors, aerosols, batteries, radioactive materials, substances able to cause ignition or explosion, wild plants and animals and other such objects. Abiding by the regulation makes your excursion even a better one. It is permitted to travel with instruments like sports equipments or musical implements although be aware that the rules for the permission or restriction varies from route to route.

Cathay Pacific's services for disables

Special travelers are more special for the airline and they treat them like one. Wide range of special assistance is always there for the special people and the airline's round and cabin crews are trained fully to aid the passengers having any kind of disabilities. The only thing that a traveler is required to do is to inform the reservation office beforehand so that special arrangements can be made for you, for a congenial and a safe jaunt of yours. Services like assistance for motion of seats, preparation for eating, wheelchair usage to get around and a personal care attendant makes it a matter of ease for the disable passengers.

Cathay Pacific's services for pregnant women

Pregnant women are allowed to travel in the airline but with few of the precautionary measurements. Firstly, the lady must consult and be advised by the doctor she is treating by. It will be a helpful practice for the lady as well as for the airline to carry the documentation regarding her pregnancy state and the expected date of her delivery whilst travelling. Women who have reached 28th week of their pregnancy must thoroughly read all of the schemes and rules applied at them offered by the airline. The purpose of it is one and that is to assure a safe and sound journey for the ladies.

Travelling with animals

Pets can be taken by the travelers and are cared by the airline like their own. The safety of your animal is the airline's first priority. Many of the pets can be taken on board but it may vary in accordance to the other countrie's policies regarding animals to which you are travelling. Almost all type of animals is accepted by the airline for flight however the breed "brachycephalic" animals are not putative for in-board.

Enchanting rebate promotions

Cathay Pacific is the airline whose aim is nothing but to facilitate its customers with the best and the idea truly depicted by their schemes and offers. The most popular routes with discount offers by the airline are from Karachi to Hong Kong, to Australia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, china, Indonesia, japan, Malaysia, UK, Germany, Thailand and Israel. Cathay Pacific flights from London to Hong Kong with promotions are best to fly with because they are cheap and stay pretty constant throughout the year.

Fly with Cathay Pacific making Elite Travels your travel companion and enjoy the Melbourne moments on the skyscraper territory that will remain unforgettable during your life span.