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Emirates Airlines

The largest airline of Middle East is the represented airline of United Arab Emirates. The fleet size of the airline is as high and massive as the skyscrapers of the country. The hub of the airway situates in Dubai; one of the most mesmerizing and wonderful city in the world.

Founded in 1985 Emirates has been known to be one of the most dedicated and affluent airline of not only UAE but also of the entire world with a huge fleet size of about 253 at 143 numerous destinations of 81 countries across six of the continents in the whole world. More than 500 flights are operated by this airline every day that is a real giant matter to handle with such an excellence.

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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Kabul
  • Flights From UK to Algiers
  • Flights From UK to Luanda
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  • Flights From UK to Brussels
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Czech Republic
  • Flights From UK to Lyon
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Lahore
  • Flights From UK to Islamabad
  • Flights From UK to Sialkot
  • Flights From UK to Poland
  • Flights From UK to Warshaw
  • Flights From UK to Dammam
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Mahe
  • Flights From UK to Barcelona
  • Flights From UK to uganda
  • Flights From UK to Ukraine
  • Flights From UK to Houston
  • Flights From UK to Lusaka

Flight booking

A traveler can search for his flight by putting his departure and arrival place and the number of passengers. Flight class also has to be informed for the procedure with selecting the option of either return, one way or multi city so that your seat will be scheduled in that way. By putting the information you will be endow to search for your possible flight. So book yourself with Emirates online tickets and make yourself to be the part of the huge setup of Emirates.

Booking management

You can retrieve your booking by entering your name and booking reference that will make you to know about your flight and stuff.

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The flights from Austria to numerous destinations are directed by Heathrow international airport; the most notorious airport of London initiating hundreds of flights per day. The discounted offers endeavor by the airline is perfect to travel with. Almost all of the flights are initiated from London like flights to Vienna, to Tirana, to Sarajevo, Pristina, Cairo, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Bangkok, Mauritius, Mahe Island and Klagenfurt.

Airport conditions

Passengers are advised to come to the airport 2 to 3 hours before their flight. The immigration system and at- airport amenities offered by Emirates are just marvel yet perfect to experience. So travel with Emirates via Elite flights and experience something extraordinary that you never had experienced before. The team members of the airline of about 2000 people are spread over to six continents and are an utmost source to endeavor the knowledge requisite to excurse via your favorite airline. The staff members of Emirates will welcome you all by their hearts at the airport and this warm welcome will make you to fell even better than before. First class or business class passengers can enjoy attentive facilities in the airport lounges. A smooth yet satisfactory check- in experience guided by the friendly and cooperative staff will ensure you your safety during your flight.

Amenities by Emirates

When take into account the facilities bestow by this Arab airline, the few eminent things that they always keep along with them are service excellence, services with innovation, safe and sound spree, exclusively trained cabin members and training programs like e-learning. These services are also behind the reason that Emirates is one of the most appreciated airlines by the passengers making it apart from others due to its marvel style and scheme of regulation. Not only are these but special occasions also commemorated on flights to make your special days even more special. Fly with Emirates cheap flights to take advantage of all such luxurious amenities.
  • Seating and adjustment: Either private suites or flat- bed seats the airline has all to offer for a pretty congenial jaunt to its passengers. If you are travelling in economy class then you can experience a whole new dimension of flying by choosing your own seat. Front or back, away from the window side or adjacent to it, the choice is totally up to you to make. Extra legroom will give you an extra space to make yourself comfortable. If you are not a socialized person or an introvert then nothing to be worried about as you can slide the privacy doors and can enjoy your own little world. Perfect seating allows you to hold some eminent business meeting that will not make you feel like you are flying yet it will give you a pure comfortable sitting like office. Free wifi availability and accessibility assures that you always stay connected with your surroundings that you left under you.
  • Gusto meals: If an article is important in a person's life pertaining to any part of the world then it is food. Food is what matters for a person most. So the airline takes a special care about its meals that are prepared and endeavor fresh by the professional chefs on board. In addition to regular meals that are served you on time, delighted canapes, cold and hot beverages and on- demand dining is what makes Emirates to be loved by the seaters. Exclusive hot meals of finest cuisines made by fresh meats, fruits and vegetables served with artful garnishing and royal Daulton cutlery make your meals extraordinary. Not only the adults but children can also enjoy their favorite meals that are made in accordance to their taste and preference.
  • Entertainment fonts: Worry to be getting bored on your flight? Halt it down because it is not the way of working of Emirates that its passengers get awkward while travelling. Special arrangements of entertaining you are there by the airline so travel with Emirates low cost flights and enjoy your flight at its best. Up to 3500 channels of movies, TV shows, games and music give you entertainment that make you to stand on the edge of the thrill.
  • Shopping with Emirates: What lady would not love to shop though being in a flight? The shopping with the airline is just best where you can find a wide variety of luxurious brands offering thousands of products. You can use Emirates official store, Emirates high street and Emirates duty free collection to shop while your dream spree.

Experience the best

While travelling with Emirates you will be endow to experience the best in- flight experience because the airline and its staff are committed to deliver only the top notched to their customers. The staff members are trained in a manner that makes them to give a feeling to their passenger like home. An extensive period of seven and a half weeks of training ensures to extract the remarkable from its members.

In-flight experience with Emirates

Who would not want to enjoy a real 4D view being all above at skies enjoy a hot cup of coffee? Of course the idea is just mesmerizing as it sounds. The cabins of the plane are designed with special care and effort so that while sitting on to the comfortable seats you can do nothing but only praise the remarkable airline.

Baggage allowance by Emirates

  • Checked baggage allowance: "Emirates" is one of the few airlines in the world that allows its customers a good quantity of articles to take with them. A free baggage allowance is given to each of the passenger with adult or child. The free checked in luggage allowance for economy class is 35 kg, business class passenger can up bring 40 kg of the total luggage and first class passenger is permitted to take 50 kg along with him. You can bring up to 10 pieces of baggage along with you but it must be assured that the baggage limit must not exceed above the mentioned limits. The baggage limit is same however it may vary from route to route. Those routes that are much farther than Dubai can have an extra baggage allowance with terms and conditions applied. It is also kept in mind that if you are travelling with a bag having wheels and handles, then all of the extra accessories will be weighed in your mentioned limitation.
  • Carry-on baggage: Not only you are permitted to take a checked bag but also a handy luggage or article that you can take inside your flight. The handy article is necessary in order to secure your eminent documents or precious objectives like jewelry or cash. First and business class passengers are allowed to take 2 pieces of carry- on baggage the dimensions of which must not exceed up to 7 kg or 15 lb. along with this 7 kg, a passenger may take- in liquor, cigarettes, and perfume and stuff like that for free. Economy class is permitted to take only 1 piece of the handy luggage whose weight must be 7 kg and dimensions 55 x 38 x 20cm. it is recommended to lift your own baggage into the overhead compartment inside your flight made for the purpose. However, assistance may give if you are an elderly person, a minor or a parent travelling with a kid. Special services will be endeavor to the disable or special passengers in such occasions.
  • Precaution with luggage: Liquids and fluids can be taken into the cabin baggage but must be contained in a container or a bottle that is non- breakable. The container must be of 00 ml capacity. Carry the liquid bottles in a transparent re-sealable plastic bag. Medicines can be taken in the carry bag if are taken timely. Same is the case with special dietary supplements and baby food.

Prohibited items

Certain items are not allowed to take wither inside your flight or on airport because of the security reasons. The safe and secure excursion of a passenger is the airline's first priority so in order to do so cooperation of the customers is also requisite. Items like blunt objects, cutlery, guns, shot guns, aerosols, liquid oxygen, radioactive materials, materials endow to cause ignition, explosive materials, wild animals and plants and articles like that are not permitted to take along with you at the airport.