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The proud of Germans, Deutsche Lufthansa AG commonly referred as Lufthansa is the largest airline of Germany serving millions of passengers every year with top notched services and world class amenities. The airline along with its subsidiaries is the largest airline of Europe; both in its fleet size and carrying of passengers making it top of the rank airline that bestow hundreds of flight every mo

The airline has been serving to its travelers since six long decades and still ranked on the top because of its schemes and regularities. Allocating 278 flights to 220 destinations both at domestic as well as International level make it one of the busiest airlines in the world. The airway is the member of Star Alliance that proves its remarkable services towards its customers. So why not travel with Lufthansa airways to discover the land of Germans and enjoy the Melbourne moment that you will never forget.

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lufthansa airlines

Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Berlin
  • Flights From UK to Tbilisi
  • Flights From UK to Innsbruck
  • Flights From UK to Nassau
  • Flights From UK to La Paz
  • Flights From UK to Cape Verde
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Ethiopia
  • Flights From UK to Bordeaux
  • Flights From UK to Georgia
  • Flights From UK to Dresden
  • Flights From UK to Grecce
  • Flights From UK to Hong Kong
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Bari
  • Flights From UK to Bologna
  • Flights From UK to Israel
  • Flights From UK to Pisa
  • Flights From UK to Elba
  • Flights From UK to Bergamo
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Jamaica
  • Flights From UK to Kenya
  • Flights From UK to Lebanon
  • Flights From UK to Libya
  • Flights From UK to Mexico
  • Flights From UK to Morocco

Flight booking

The methodology to book your flight is as smooth as landing of the airline's monstrous aircrafts. You just have to put in some information and there will be your work done. Enter from where you are departing to where you desire to land, enter wither it will be a multi-site flight or a one way one, select dates, flight class and number of passengers and there will be the air flight that will suits your schedule the best. Passengers have to be more specified whether he is an infant, a kid or an adult so that the arrangement will be in accordance to them. At your flight booking, you will be bestowed with an access code on entering of which you will be endow to check your flight status and schedule online and can sort out your objectives even in a better way.

Booking and services

After you have booked your flight and have been identifies, following amenities will be endeavored to you;

  • Summary of your flight
  • Direct access to check-in
  • Direct access to flight status and flight checking
  • Rebooking your flight (a new option that is added recently for the convenience of the travelers)
  • Web flight check-in

    Advancement in technology has taken the man so far so why not use it for the purpose of positive? What would be more congenial for a passenger to sit on a comfy couch of him, enjoying his favorite television show and booking his flight to encounter his dream land? The imagery is even perfect how will be the reality? For a amiable and a faster boarding than regular, select whether you are travelling at frequent flyer card, reference ticket or Lufthansa Vollcharter, after that select the type of voucher you are travelling with from the options, enter your card number and last name on your card number, the doing will confirm your flight to your desired place.

    Being up to dated is good

    Isn't it genial to have all of the info regarding Lufthansa's flights and its routes directing to numerous sites world widely on your palm at your mobile phone? Of course it is so choose the routes of departure and arrival, flight data like flight dates and flight types (direct ones, all flights or one-stop flights) and departure time and make it possible to have a complete time table regarding Lufthansa's flights.


    Lufthansa airway has given a good authority to its travelers to being up to- dated and know all about they want. The current travel information option endows you to check the current status of your air flight, your booking schedule, check- in directly, can change your booking if requisite and endeavor many other useful services needed for your booking of flights.

    Lufthansa and on board services

    Lufthansa tickets bequeath you to enjoy the bet that the airline offers you. Either we talk about the on board customers managements, well trained staff ready to aid you 24/ 7 or gusto meals served warmly with cozy heart, the airline has everything to endeavor you with a lots of affection. Some of such services are;
    • Flight classes: Whatever flight class you choose, you are equivalently eminent for the airline to serve you with prestige and honor and to be the witness of this hospitality, give it a try to travel once with Lufthansa. In economy class, you will be provided with every single thing you desire and your jaunt will be real smooth one. Short routed or long, the comfortable seating with its slim construction bestow grander leg room for relaxation so that you can easily stretch your legs with being trouble. What if the excursion is too long? No problem at all because a seat cushion of over 40 cm along with movable headrests on every seat ensure a hauled flight to the passenger. Travelling in Premium economy class will benefit you a bit more by delivering more personal space, more free baggage, more services and more relaxation. You are also provided with the liberty to up- grade your flight form economy to premium economy class if desires. Facilities like lounge accessibility, priority boarding at the airport, incremented free baggage allowance making you to take whatever you want and exclusive in- flight meals in business class make it very congenial to travel with.
    • Meals and beverages: Wide range of warm meals and refreshing beverages are there to revitalize the passengers on their flights. Gusto meals presented with fancy garnishing that will make your taste buds boasted up are served. Foods from numerous cuisines give the chance to the travelers to opt among them in accordance to their mood and desire. First and business classes are endeavored with excellent gourmet cuisine served with an extraordinary selection of wines. Premium economy class travelers are provided with a welcome drink to cheer them up. Free food , beverages of quality reaching finery, children meals and special meals are offered on board that tastes in air exactly they tastes on land. Menus and food selection also depends upon travel class and route length. Sort and partial hauled route are designed with delicious snacks and beverages that will remain you fresh all of the time. For long timed flights, gusto meals are proffered in between of which snacks, sandwiches and different drinks are also served to the passengers. If you are worried and curious to know about what will be confer to you during your air flight then the problem is not a problem anymore as Lufthansa accord you an opportunity to know about with what you will be served beforehand. With entrance of your flight. number and travel class you can know about the menu on your trip.
    • On board entertainment arrangements: The airline wants to serve its customers fully and for the purpose they want to make your every single moment at the flight joyful. To do so, entertainment facilities are offered in flights that guarantees a perfect gleeful jaunt. Either it is in- seat screen on long routed flights or Lufthansa entertainment app on your gadgets, you will be entertained for sure. Latest movies, songs and more is waiting for you to grab in.

    Luggage gens

    The most eminent part of planning a flight is to take care of your luggage in a proper manner so that both of its carrying and landing would be easy. Different airlines have different schemes for the luggage carrying so as of Lufthansa airline. Find out more with Elite Flights so that you can pack your bag for your joyful spree in a joyful way.

    • Free baggage allowance: Each of the airline to which you re travelling with endeavors a certain baggage capacity to take in referred as free baggage allowance. The refers is so because bringing luggage to that specified a quantity will not charge you anything but is for free of cost. The weight, size and quantity to take in free of cost depend upon the travel class and flight route of the passenger. Your free baggage allowance is mentioned on your ticket that will aid you in to pack-in. different travel classes have different criteria of baggage such as;
    • For economy class you are allowed to take one checked bag weighing 23 kg in total
    • For premium economy class, you can take 2 bags of 23 kg each
    • For business class you can take 2 bags of 32 kg each
    • And for first class you have the liberty to take in3 bags of 32 kg each.
    • Free baggage allowance for minors: For babies up to 24 months the free baggage allowance of one item is up to 23 kg with dimension of 158 cm in total as well as for the children aged more than 2 years. For minors from 2 to 7 years suitable car seats, carry coats, baby baskets, foldable pushchairs etc. can be brought on board.
    • Carry-on luggage: Not all of the luggage can be taken as checked. Some of the items are requisite during flight. So for the purpose carry- on baggage are permitted to take inside of the flight. Two small or one big carry bag can be taken along with you but the weight must not exceed up to 8 kg in total. The baggage more than from the mentioned dimension will be either jeopardized or not taken in. besides of one checked bag and one or two carry bags certain essential articles for children or disable (special) passengers can be reserved in. the dimensions for all travel classes is 57cm x 54cm x 15cm. handy luggage more than that will not be permitted to be the part of the flight. For different travel classes, the rules are per as follows;
    • For economy class, the carry- on baggage must not exceed up to 8 kg
    • For premium economy class the carry- on baggage must be of 8 kg
    • For business class it should be 2 pieces of 8 kg each
    • For first class it can be 2 pieces of 8 kg each.
    • What else: Baggage ride is not over yet, you are also provided with one more bag to carry for personal items like documents or jewelry etc. the dimension of your bag must not be up to 40cm x 30cm x 10cm. If you do not have to take an extra bag then articles like a carry coat, baby foldable chair, wheelchair, orthopedic aid or some musical instruments can be taken instead of it.
    • Excess baggage: It should be kept in mind that the baggage of a passenger must not exceed from mentioned limits. If it is outstripped then the travelers will be charged with an extra amount. A maximum of 99 kg (including the checked baggage, carry-on baggage and handy article) is allowed to take in and incase of its over estimation your luggage will be jeopardized. So make sure to bring what you only require.

    Promotions and rebates

    Lufthansa is the airline that desires to be your travel companion either you travels to Germany or from Germany to outside in the world. That is the reason cheap and affordable yet highly captivating flights are what the airline strives for always. Most rebated air flights from Berlin to numerous destinations are from Berlin to Barcelona at $ 1,179, to Prague at $ 859, to Milan at $ 1,659, to Istanbul at $ 1,129, to Athens at $ 789, to Frankfurt at $ 809, to Florence at $ 989 and to Krakow at $899. All these cities of Europe are enchanting enough to give a sight but to opt the best, explore more and travel through Lufthansa via Elite Flights enjoying cheap flights to Lufthansa.