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Middle East Airlines

The Pride of Lebanon

Middle East Airline is the flag carrier airline of Lebanon bestowing flights to different destinations all around the world. The airline was founded more than 7 decades ago in 1945 but commenced its proper operation in 1946. Middle East Airline has been in turmoil due to Civil War in the territory that stayed from 1975 to 1990. However, when the airline signed unification with Air Liban in 1963, it helped to extend its network. Middle East airline is the most frequent choice for the Middle Eastern people who plan to travel in real convenience and comfort.

Why choose Middle East Airline? Middle East Airline is very popular in the Middle Eastern countries or among the passengers who travel to Middle East because it provides easy, cost- effective and congenial flying. The well-trained, up –to- date and young staff is all belted- up to give you an ear about whatever you want to request.

Fleet size

The airline has a fleet size of 20 aircrafts operating to more than 30 destinations all across the world. The airline has been keeping its flights in a proper manner and wishes to extend the setup more.

middle east airlines

Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Armenia
  • Flights From UK to Nicosia
  • Flights From UK to Brussels
  • Flights From UK to Copenhagen
  • Flights From UK to Dusseldorf
  • Flights From UK to Basra
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Najaf
  • Flights From UK to Sharm El Sheikh
  • Flights From UK to Amman
  • Flights From UK to Tripoli
  • Flights From UK to Lagos
  • Flights From UK to East Jerusalem
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Doha
  • Flights From UK to Medinah
  • Flights From UK to Dammam
  • Flights From UK to Tunisia
  • Flights From UK to Ankara
  • Flights From UK to Dubai

Popular routes by Middle East Airline

Most popular routes from Middle East Airline include destinations like Montreal (Canada), Istanbul (Turkey), Geneva (Switzerland), Basra (Iraq), Berlin (Germany), Brussels (Belgium) and various Indian cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

Baggage policy

  • Checked Baggage allowance: Checked baggage allowance is not free of cost. A tool is provided on the main website of the airline by which the luggage weight allowance can be calculated.
  • Carry-on Baggage: Carry-on baggage is the luggage that is permitted to be taken inside your flight. A traveler is allowed to take 1 piece of hand bag suitable for placing in closed overhead rack or under the seat. The baggage must not exceed up to 10 kg, with the total dimensions of 121 cm.
  • Excess baggage: A traveler with excess baggage has to pay an extra amount, depending on the destination from Beirut. The amount varies from 3 to 5 USD/ kg.
  • Restricted Item: Most prominent restricted items include certain liquids and foods, medical devices and medications, electrical items, battery driven wheelchair, sporting equipment, sharp objects, flammable items, chemical items and other dangerous goods as per the airline's regulations.

Some perks with Middle East Airline

  • Special meals: Special meals can be arranged on request but not later than 24 hours before departure.
  • Services for minors: Minors are permitted to travel alone where trained staff is ready to serve the little passengers. For little guests, special facilities are offered ranging from meals to day care.
  • Special passengers: Special (both physical and mental) passengers are treated with extra care. However, a guardian or care- taker is appreciated with such passengers.
  • Special Lounges: Special Lounges are accessible at most airports served by Middle East Airline and are bestowed to the airline's Cedar Class passengers as well as the members of President club and Cedar Miles members.
  • Cedar Miles loyalty Programme: The frequent flyers are rewarded with a Cedar Miles Loyalty Programme that offers four membership levels of Blue, Silver, Gold, and Platinum in accordance with a set of qualifying benchmarks. The Cedar Miles program is also allied with their SkyTeam Alliance.

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