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Oman Air

The flag carrier airline of Oman; Oman Airs has been bestowing finest flights to its passengers since 2 and half decades. The airline which was founded in 1993 has increased its fleet size as well as flight services from the time of its inauguration. The airline has played a vital role in making a frequent tourist spot in the Middle East. If you desire to tour Middle East at cheapest possible fares then Oman Airs is the best choice you have got.

Why choose Oman Airs? Oman Airs is chosen for its extravagance services, efficient aircrafts and utmost hospitality during flights that feel like home. Famous for it's on-time flights, cheap flight fares and comfortable adjustment, Oman Airs is a perfect choice for the travelers who strive for congenial voyage.

Fleet size:

The Airline has a good fleet size of 50, operating in up to 53 destinations in numerous countries all around the world. Currently, Oman Air is offering its flights to 27 countries with the most services to India (flights to India’s 11 destinations).

flights with oman air from uk

Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Bahrain
  • Flights From UK to China
  • Flights From UK to Egypt
  • Flights From UK to Jaipur
  • Flights From UK to Goa
  • Flights From UK to Lucknow
oman air

Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Jordan
  • Flights From UK to Nepal
  • Flights From UK to Kathmandu
  • Flights From UK to Oman
  • Flights From UK to Salalah
  • Flights From UK to Khasab
flights with oman air

Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Islamabad
  • Flights From UK to Lahore
  • Flights From UK to Riyadh
  • Flights From UK to Zurich
  • Flights From UK to Zanzibar
  • Flights From UK to Turkey
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Istanbul
  • Flights From UK to Manchester
  • Flights From UK to UAE
  • Flights From UK to Khasab
  • Flights From UK to Milan
  • Flights From UK to Tehran

Aircrafts Interior and seating

The airline is known for its outstanding aircrafts that are comfortable enough to give you a feel of sitting on a sofa. The First Class Private Suite provides each of the First Class passengers with fully enclosed private sections and has seats that can be switched to very comfy lie- flat seats. Business Class is no less treated; the Business class seats offer adjustable head and leg rests along with enough rooms for leg and elbow. Economy class is provided with all of the stuff they required.

Baggage policy

  • Checked baggage allowance: Passengers of Economy Class can check- in with 2 maximum bags with a combined weight of 30 kg for free whereas passengers of Business and First Class can travel with free baggage up to 50 kg (2 bags). The dimensions of the bags must not exceed up to 158 cm or 62 inches. The baggage that exceeds the mentioned limit will be jeopardized or travelers have to pay extra charges otherwise.

Some perks with Oman Airs

  • In- flight entertainment: In-flight entertainment accompanies the passengers throughout their flights so that they can enjoy their time even up in the skies. Individual seatback screens, audio and video on demand, live satellite TV and many more makes the passengers to enjoy their time. Moreover, the airline has pioneered both mobile telephony and internet connectivity on- board its hauled flights to keep you busy as the service is available for all three classes. (Business class, First class and Economy Class). Hundreds of international movies, dramas, seasons, songs, video games and a lot more will make your sitting more interesting than ever.
  • Junior Sindbad: Not only services are for the adults, but kids are treated too with the same prestige and love. Junior Sindbad Flyer Programme is for the kid passengers where children from ages 4 to 12 can participate in the fun on-board activity and win a free flight. The free ticket will make a kid enable to travel for free in Economy Class for once.
  • In-flight duty free shopping: Shop even up in the sky without paying any duty. Wide range of products is the part of duty free shopping by Oman Airs so that you can shop by all your heart. The service is provided so that you can order anything anytime you want during your flight.
  • Connect with the world: The airline surely has an idea of how important it is to stay connected with the world even if you are up in the sky. So, On Air GSM and internet data packages at attractive rates are offered. First Class passengers have a plus advantage as they are provided with complimentary Wi-Fi voucher to stay connected.
  • Meals: No need to mention the gusto meals that are offered during flights. The meals are made from farm fresh vegetables and fruits so you can eat fresh and stay fresh.
  • Special services: In addition to all such amazing services, special services are also bestowed to the passengers. Services to special (physically or mentally disable) passengers, kids, pregnant ladies and unaccompanied minors are given upon their departure, at the airport and even at arrival.
  • Good to know: Here are some of the travelling tips or useful information that can aid you to organize your trip in a more proper manner;
    • Carriage is provided only to the passenger named in the ticket and no one else.
    • The ticket you purchase is not transferable so can be fortified if is presented by any other person.
    • Checking 2 and half hours before to the airport is recommended to avoid any rush.
    • The ticket can be used within one year from the date of its issue.
    • Any sort of liquid must be contained in a 100 ml container otherwise will be jeopardized.
    • A passenger must be present at the boarding time on gate otherwise will be not awaited.
    • The airline has complete authority to utilize your seat if you do not show within given time, so make sure to reach on time.

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