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Pakistan International Airline

Shortly known as PIA, Pakistan International Airline is the flag carrier airline of Pakistan that endeavors the most flights to the native of the country. Founded in 1946 as Orient Airways, this airline had been a part of partition of 1947 when India and Pakistan became two separate states. ‘Fly at the right attitude’ is not just a slogan for the airline but a motive to function. PIA is the most frequent choice to travel out or in Pakistan by the travelers; all thanks to its lenient policies and customer care services.

Why opt Pakistan International? The airline aims to deliver the highest standards of services and best response to customers so it keeps the legacy of its predecessors. Since 72 years, PIA has been bestowing top- notched services to the travelers from and to all across the world. The airline is the biggest mean of connecting the world to Pakistan so choosing PIA to travel to Pakistan from UK would be the wisest decision. With well- trained staff, extra customer care, special assistance, in- flight facilities and on- board amenities, PIA is all belt- up to treat you with the best.

Fleet size

The airline endeavor flights to more than 45 destinations all across the world with a fleet size of 33. Young and maintained aircrafts are used for flying, including Boeing 707. PIA is known to be the second airline in Asia that acquires a jet aircraft Boeing 707. The airline operates 1000 flights per day.

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Popular routes

PIA has been giving its services to more than 62 destinations; to 24 domestic and 38 international destinations in 18 different countries in numerous regions of Europe, Asia, North America and Middle East with some other destinations as well. Popular routes include flights to Middle East cities, Saudi Arab, UAE, China and America. The airline has initiated a new route from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur in the month of December 2018.

Baggage policy

  • Free baggage allowance: Some luggage can be carried free of cost. The amount of your free baggage allowance and the limitation of the baggage are mentioned at the passenger’s ticket or e- ticket receipt. Travelers are not allowed to take more than the mentioned baggage as it will not be accepted for free of charge.
  • Alongside your baggage, a traveler is permitted to take-in a hand baggage that can be taken inside your flight. Its limit is also told to you once you book your flight. The carry bag should be designed in a way that it can easily be place below your seat or above your seat, in the rack.
  • Excess baggage: To take extra baggage with you, a passenger has to pay extra charge. Keeping your luggage within limits is advised in order to be saved to pay extra.

Some perks with PIA

  • There are three classes for domestic flights; Business, Economy Plus and Economy whereas two in International flights including Business and Economy Class. Services like extra leg room, flat bed seats, personal entertainment seats, recliners and much more makes the travelling extra easy for the travelers.
  • Pakistan is the country known for its affluent tastes and loads of spices. The airline keep legacy of its county by endeavoring endlessly gusto meals. Fresh vegetables and meats are used for the preparation of foods by the hands of world class chefs.
  • To not let you get bored, the airline offers in- flight magazine Humsafar (Travel Companion) that is given to very passenger during flight. You can read some good stuff while your travelling thru the skies.
  • If you are not a reading person then there is arrangements to get you busy while your flight; PIA offers an Intranet service during flight where passengers can select their own entertainment content using their own mobile phones.
  • If you are a frequent passenger then you can be the part of the airline by taking their flight flyer program ‘PIA Awards Plus’. The program aids the passengers to access free tickets, excess baggage coupons, cabin upgrades, and a variety of rewards, special deals and markdowns.

Achievements of PIA

PIA has the honor of being one of the first Asian airlines to fly the Lockheed Super Constellation and was the first non-communist airline to fly to the Republic of China.