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Qatar Airways

Qatar airways is the flag carrier airline of Qatar directing hundreds of domestic as well as international flights to hundreds of destinations. The airline was established in 1993 and from that time up till now has been serving best to its travelers. The airline has been ranked the best by the air flight compensation company Air Help on company’s 6th annual Air Help score. More than 150 destinations are in access of the airline with more than 160 aircraft making it feasible to commence thousands of air flights to hundreds of destinations per year.

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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

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Flight search and booking

If you have decided on a good note to travel with Qatar Airways, then its time to book yourself with them. The way for booking is as smooth as their landings. Firstly choose the city (or airport) from which you desire to travel and then to where you want to arrive at. Departure and return dates will be submitted then and at last the number of passengers has to be entered. On clicking search flight, you are done with your flight booking. Also choose your trip as round or one way.

Web check-in

In the 21st century you are not bounded to travel far and done what you are supposed to do rather you can sit on your comfy couch and with few clicks, you are done. While booking your flight with Qatar Airways, you will be provided with a promo code putting on which makes you endow to check your flight schedule whenever and wherever you want. The facility has made it even congenial for the travelers to sort out their travelling plan beforehand to make them more amusing.


Qatar airways is always considerate about its travelers and it is the reason it gives the most liberty about baggage and stuff. The moment you start packing your suitcase at home, you think about what to pack or what to not because of limited carriage. But with Qatar Airways ticket reservation, you will get a generous baggage allowance so you can carry all what you want. It should be kept in mind that the baggage allowance depends upon your flight class so check clearly before packing.

  • First class: 2 piece of baggage with weight not more than 32 kg or 70 lbs. is allowed to take with you having dimensions of 158 cm maximum.
  • Business class: The same baggage allowance limitation goes with business class.
  • Economy class: 2 piece of baggage with weight not exceeded than 23 kg or 50 lbs. is allowed to take along with you at airport. The dimensions must not exceed up to 158 cm.

  • The baggage allowance is almost same for most of the destinations (or countries) except a few. For example if you are going to Doha, Casablanca or Marrakech than baggage allowance for first and business class will be 60 kg whereas for economy class it is 45 kg. For Africa baggage you are allowed to take is 65 kg for business and first class and 45 kg for economy class. Flights from other than these destinations and U.S the baggage allowance is 50 kg for first class, 40 kg for business class and 30 kg for economy class.

Excess baggage

On average the baggage must not exceed 32 kg so if your baggage is more than the mentioned limit, it would be broken down to weigh less than it. Excess of baggage can only be taken on paying an extra fare.

Hand baggage

Along with bags that contain your luggage, you are also allowed to take a carry bag along with you inside your flight. It is considered separate so will not be calculated in your regular baggage allowance. For first and Business class 2 carry bags with weight of 15 kg are permitted to take in whereas for economy class 1 piece of 7 kg is allowed. Maximum dimension for hand baggage are 50cm x 37cm x 25 cm.

Additional carriage

In addition to your two bags (luggage baggage and hand carry) you are also permitted to take one personal item as well along with you. It can be a lady’s purse, a laptop bag, limited reading material, baby stuff, duty free items and camera (or other gadgets). In your personal baggage you can take liquids but they are restricted to few. 100 ml with dimension of 20cm x20 cm container is permitted to take-in.

Qatar Airways and on-board services

Flying with Qatar Airways bequeaths you to enjoy the best that the airline bids you. Either we talk about the on board customers management, well-trained staff ready to assist you 24/ 7 or gusto meals served warmly with cozy heart, Qatar Airways has everything to endeavor you with lots of affection, care and grace.
  • Elegant interior: Qatar Airways makes your spree world- class with super design, management and royalty. The staffs’ generosity amalgamated with matchless amenities is the key that makes the airline top notched among its competitors. Besides of the amenities and training of the staff, the aircraft’s interior and elegant décor underlined with a sense of decent space within the airline’s first class cabin has taken the attention of the travelers to make Qatar Airways their travel companion. Make yourself comfortable with personal services in your private territory. First, Business or economy class; all travelers are dealt with same generosity and dedication so your trip will be a most congenial one.
  • On- board entertainment: Qatar airways tickets endow you to not only travel but enjoy your time in your flight. Movies, dramas, songs, concerts, games and much more have prepared for you so that you cannot get bored while flying. Latest movies and super hit shows will make your jaunt perfect providing gleeful atmosphere. If you are travelling with your kids then they will love to play games during their flight time. Animated and kids movies are also another way to keep your children happy and busy. Ladies can learn to cook something delicious while flying through cooing shows or get idea how to look smarter and prettier than before via fitness tutorials.
  • In-flight duty free: What lady would not love to shop and shop more even if she is thousands of feet above the land? Shopping is what ladies love the most and Qatar Airways making the lady travelers to shop all by their hearts. Treat yourself with lots of beautiful articles and buy presents for loved ones at last minute during your flight. An extensive range of in- flight shopping will surely catch your attraction. Qatar Airways presents you an exclusive array of the best- selling duty free items while being in the air. In- flight duty free magazine, shopping Extravaganza, latest perfumes, branded cosmetics, skincare products, watches, sparkling jewelry, fashion accessories, toys and a lot more will entertain you to take and enjoy. The best part about shopping from here is the acceptance of all major currencies and credit cards; pay in either way you like.
  • Tempted cuisine: Believe it or not but the thing that will remain forever in your mind is the food that you tastes from somewhere. Referring food one of the keys to success of Qatar airline would not be unjustified because the food takes over all the hearts of its travelers. A whole new line further decorated with sparkling garnishing now revolved around you. Relish the delicious cuisine during your flight cooked by the world- famous chefs and savor served with expertise. On demand menus are also available that will make you to taste some mouth- watering dished whenever you like. The meals are always freshly cooked and readily served so that they can taste the gustiest. The airlines’ food staff specifically focuses on quality and crisp of ingredients and that is the reason the food is always highly admired by the eaters. A spacious dining is also dedicated for the travelers so that they can feel like home sitting with their loved ones on a single table and enjoying the best meals in the sky.
  • Connect to the rest of the world: It would be bit out of scene if you would not be able to connect yourself with the rest of the world while flying. The problem is not a problem at all now because Qatar airways had arranged everything for you even in the air. Connect yourself with the world by internet connection in your flight. On- board Wi-Fi service makes it congenial to stay in touch with the ones on land by sending and receiving messages and stuff. Do some work search before your meeting on your mobile phone or talk with your family and peers with an endless access. Once the craft will reach 10,000 feet you are endowed to use your portable gadgets and do whatever you like. Try to keep your portable devices on silent mode; being considerate of your fellow passengers. The system is safe and sound so use it all by your heart to connect yourself with the people you know.

Travelling with kids

Kids will not be left alone if they will travel with Qatar airways because each of them is eminent and is treated with care. Once you reach on-board, your kids will be given an activity pack full of amuse and fun so that there travelling will not be boring and colorless. Interactive play areas with an interactive activity pack encompassing activity book with puzzles, fun facts, coloring pages, stickers and crayons; all are ready to make your child glee. A meal box offered during the flight fascinates the children a lot. Tasty, fresh and nutritious meals will be served to the little travelers like the rest of the passengers but are designed more in detail so their health would not be compromised even a little. To make the food more alluring most loved games and characters from Hasbro are made the part of it. The airline also takes good account of children’s relaxation by bestowing them enough room to eat, sit, sleep, play and stretch. From educational shows to video games and movies; in- flight entertainment is there to accompany the minors. Learn while playing in Qatar airways online reservation and experience a flying like never before. As far as the kids’ luggage is concerned, children are allowed to take- in as much as 11 kg or 24 lbs and the age limit must not exceed up to 24 months.

Prohibited Items

Qatar Airways truly cares for its passengers and that is the reason passengers have to go-through tight security and checking. Many of the items are restricted to take inside the flight or even at the airport; to avoid any sort of harm. Some of these include sharp edged instruments, weapons, explosives, material endowed to commence fire, aerosols, articles with reactive acids, chemicals, lead batteries, radioactive materials, wild plants and animals and more stuffs alike.

Promotions and rebates

Qatar Airways is the airline that desires to be your travel partner when you travel anywhere in the world. That is the reason cheap and affordable yet highly captivating flights are what the airline strives for so that the benefit can be delivered to the travelers. As for 2018 a promotional code has been released by the airline so that you can travel cheaper than before. A 10% discount has given on all flights to all destinations that will make it easy to save some handsome sum of money when departing most of European markets like UK, Germany, France, Spain and more. The promotion code 2018 is valid for return flights booked directly through the Qatar Airways’ website. Make yourself to travel around the world through cheap flight by Qatar Airways via the most reliable travel agency of UK; Elite Travels.