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Turkish Airlines

"Widen your World" can only be the true slogan when travelling with a real giant airline like Turkish airline. The mesmerizing amalgamation of Asian as well as European customs makes this airline a real marvel one. Turkish airline bestow hundreds of flights to hundreds of cities that brands it one of the most hustled airline of the world.

Turkish airline is the flag carrier of Turkey having a wide set up of domestic as well as of International flights. The huge format of flights endeavors convenience to travelers in many ways and they can grab a flight almost all of the time in a day. The monstrous fleet size of 327 directing to over 302 destinations is what marked this airline apart among others. Funded about 8 decades ago, the airline did not lose its original identity and has been serving remarkably to its travelers since that time up till now.

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To know more about your favored airline, let us look upon its services and way of functioning so that you can pack your bag in a more congenial manner.

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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Afghanistan
  • Flights From UK to Kabul
  • Flights From UK to Albania
  • Flights From UK to Brazil
  • Flights From UK to Banin
  • Flights From UK to Canada
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Bulgaria
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  • Flights From UK to Curacao
  • Flights From UK to Czech Republic
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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

  • Flights From UK to Hur Ghada
  • Flights From UK to Djibouti
  • Flights From UK to Demo Cratic Republic Of Congo
  • Flights From UK to Hungary
  • Flights From UK to Iran
  • Flights From UK to Ghana

Flight booking

Booking your flight with Turkish airline is as easy as its policies and flights are. Choose your place of departure and arrival with opting whether you have to travel to a round trip, one way tip or on an award ticket. After that choose dates for the flights and your travel class which your budget makes you to get in. Now what else? Looking for more? The process has been already done and yes you are booked with your flight at your dream site on your ream spree.

Booking management

Want to confirm your flight schedule walking in your home and don't know what to do? No problem at all as Elite flight is there for you. Simply go to the main website of the airline where you will be endeavored with an option of manage booking. Over there put your last name and ticket number or code with you were reserved that will endow you to check your booking schedule and stuff.

Flight grade

By entering you flight number and dates of return and departure you will be able to see your flight status anytime that will make you to assemble your stuff in a more proper manner.

Turkish airline and flights

On-board, the passengers are treated with utmost affection and the service endeavor to them is flawless. Either economy or business class, the passengers are served in a way a guest must be served. Whether we talk about on- board serving, meals, entertainment sources or well behaved and friendly staff, the airline has got all of it. Economy or business, whichever travel class you have taken, a very smooth and restful jaunt is guaranteed by Turkish flights so opt Turkish airline low cost flights and be the part of a remarkable spree that will never be forgotten by you ever in your life! Economy class seats can comfort you all of your way either it is a hauled flight or a short one. Surety of coziness because the seats are endow to recline up to 18.5 cm having adjustable head rests and foot supports which makes you to adjust them wherever you desire. Now you do not have to adjust with your environment rather your surrounding will have to adjust in accordance to your comfort. Business class also receives the luxury that a passenger always dreamt off during his flight to the skies! The great hospitality of the Turkish will be elicited in their way of treating you. Either we talk about Europe's best airline catering services or latest in-flight entertainment system, you will be provided with utmost royalty in business class that you always wanted to relish.

In-flight amenities

It is the way of Turkish airline to endeavor the best among the bests to its customers because your happiness is their first priority. It is also the reason that travelers whenever have to experience a jaunt, make Turkish airline cheap flights their travel companion. A wide range of extraordinarily remarkable services endow you to feel real like home. Some of the in-flight services that are worthy here to mention are;
  • Gusto meals: What would else be put on the list of enchanting services than gusto and ravishing meals that will boast up your taste buds and want your appetite to strive for more? Award winning dishes of the airline are served to the travelers in order for them to discover the flavors with utmost finery. Turkish hospitality and the most exquisite flavors is probably the best combination on your flight. World class chefs will be there for you all along your flight that will prepare a real mesmerizing food for you. Fresh vegetable, meat and fruits are always used by the chefs for cooking and that is the reason the food taste so good even in the air. Not only regular meals but also those passengers on special diets (due to any of their personal reason) have the liberty to opt the special menus with special dietary requirements. The serving is always best no matter whatever class you are travelling in but only varies with flight route and type. Domestic flights are served with welcome drinks and the outstanding dining on- board service makes your flight ever better. International flights due to their hauled distances are served with meals that are not only delicious but are healthy to keep a person up for a longer period of time. Passengers are also served with drinks and snacks time to time in between meals so you will not feel hungry anytime.
  • Entertainment articles: Experience a full roller coaster of events with latest Hollywood as well as blockbuster Turkish movies that will surely entertain you all along your flight. Enjoy a drink or snack with your movie and make your time gleeful. As far as the music is concerned, live performances, loveable playlists, latest song albums and much more is awaiting for you so grab it and have a Melbourne time. All of this can be made possible by opting Turkish airline online ticket reservation.
  • Stay connected:You will not be isolated from your social life while travel but the policy of Turkish airways is to connect people as much as possible. So internet connection can be used to send or receive important emails and stuff that will safe both your time and energy and you will land to be prepared.

A perfect spree with minors

Children are love but are sometimes tough to handle especially when are outside of home or the place that is being known for them. During flights most of the children get irritated and in order to tackle such situation Turkish airline is there for you. Airline's awesome policies regarding kids make them happy as well as they enjoy their jaunt. Services like dedicated check- in counters for minors that will note down the requirements of the younger passengers make them to love this airline for travelling.

  • Schemes for infants: The policies for minors and infants are a bit different that are specifically designed keeping their age in mind. Infant can travel with discounted offers having ages between 8 days to 24 months. Infants lesser than 8 days can only fly when an authentic note by the doctor is shown to the authorities that must state that the child and the mother are perfectly alright for the fly and there is no harm to fly for both. It is mandatory that an infant must travel with guardian having age more than 18 years. A separate seat is not required for the minor but he can travel on the thigh of his guardian with a safety seat. If not, they can travel on their own carry coat whose dimensions must not exceed above 40cm x 40cm. seat will be issued when asked by the guardian for the minor. Two types of fruits and vegetable baby foods are present in the flight that must be requested to be served at least 24 hour before going on-board. If you have not booked beforehand then don't worry too much as additional baby food is carried by the airline's kitchen that can be served on request.
  • Schemes for minor: Children above 2 years till 12th year are disguised as minors that can be travel with parents, guardian or a companion assigned by the airline. Children can enjoy 25% discount and can be served with special meals if had informed 24 hours before the flight. If a child has to travel alone due to some specific reason then he can travel without his guardian but is obliged to be under supervision of the cabin staff throughout his flight that will take a very good care of the child. If the child is travelling with a guardian or even with parents then he has to take his separate seat.

Baggage gens

  • Free baggage allowance: The free baggage allowance for all type of flights is 32 kg and suit cases weighing more than 32 kg will be jeopardized. The difference in kilos depends upon travel class that is 30 kg for business class and 20 kg for economy class. It must be kept in mind while booking your flight that the free baggage allowance may vary from route to route.
  • Baggage allowance for infants: Free baggage allowance for minors for domestic flights is 10 kg for both business and economy class whereas international flight infant passengers can have the liberty to take 1 foldable stroller with them in addition to the luggage.
  • Surplus baggage: Excess of baggage can be taken by a passenger but it will cost him a bit. You can use the airline's excess baggage tariffs and take more luggages along with you. For business class, the excess baggage allowance is 30 kg for adults and minors, for economy class it is 20 kg for adults and children and for promotions it is 15 kg. In all travel types the excess baggage allowance is 10 kg for infants and each kg of the surplus luggage will cost 8 TRY (Turkish Currency) to you.
  • Carry luggage Not only the main baggage but a handy article or suit case is also permitted to take in with you in your flight. The handy luggage must weigh 8 kg two pieces of which are allowed to take in to business class whereas economy class passengers, child passengers and infants are permitted to take one piece of 8 kg. Dimensions of the bag must not exceed 55 x 40 x 23cm.

Prohibited articles on-board

Articles like firearms, weapons, blunt instruments, sport equipments, camping stoves, sewing kit, electroshock devices, deodorant, umbrellas with pointed edges, scissors and cutlery, aerosols, liquid oxygen, gun shaped lighters or toy and other similar items are strictly prohibited to take inside the flight due to security reasons.