Spain Tourist Attractions 2019 that will insist You to pack Your Bags

Spain is the most charismatic country that hits the top position on every tourist list. Wherever you go in Spain, you’ll be amazed by its beauty and charm. From its boisterous Madrid to the lively Barcelona, to its historic Ronda and vibrant Seville, span has so much to proffer to its visitors. Planning you trip to Spain this year but not sure where to go, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Check out our list of amazing attractions in Spain that will make you go there now!

Spain as Tourists

  1. Ibiza: Who doesn’t love Ibiza? The pine-clad, sun-kissed island is famous for its beach clubs. It is one of the most visited places by merrymakers. Tourists can enjoy sunset scooter tour, sun and sand parties and non-stop clubbing. Ibiza is most captivating tourist attraction in Spain endeavors astounding backdrop of clubs, great restaurants and scintillating coastline with sparkling blue water. Secluded beaches on the notorious island are perfect to enjoy some private moments.
  2. Park Guell: One of Barcelona’s top attractions, Park Guell is a wonder park for tourist which is equally fun place for kids and adults. The structure and design of stunning park is made of natural resources. Park Guell is an amazing artistic heaven for tourist where hundreds of thousands tourists flock every year. The highlighted features of park includes multicolored mosaic salamander, two grand buildings on the entrance and mosaic work on the main entrance.
  3. Pub Crawl: Visit to Spain is incomplete without having fun in its glitzy bars and pubs, where you can experience the most delightful time. Barcelona clubs are paradise for those who love to load themselves with best booze. If you want to enjoy at fullest stay late as people pour in already drunk to enjoy further drinks. Both food and music is out of the world.
  4. Costa Brava: A perfect Spanish attraction for nature lovers. Dazzling beaches, bewitching landscapes and tranquil villages, together enhance the charm of Costa Brava. This is something that you can’t miss when in Spain. The site is filled with tourists all year round as weather is 12 months pleasing and number of fun activities and games allure more and more tourists every year. Beside its funky beaches, Costa Brava is also famous for its shopping, food, art museum, theater museum and local villages.
  5. The Canary Islands: The most buzz worthy place in Spain, Canary Islands proffers you great beach experiences, historic monuments along with a trip to the volcanic mountain, makes your stay worthwhile. Island of Dogs, Canarian Wrestling, Loggerhead turtles, natural pools, Aquatic Thai Paradise and Mount Teide are key attractions of this amazing place. Don’t forget to explore the archeological park and museums.
  6. Costa Del Sol Beach: Costa del sol beaches endeavors sun and sand treats to tourists with its mile-long stretch of pristine white sand while the dazzling sun rays covers the whole seashore. Located few steps away from the charismatic Marbella town of old Whitewashed homes, these stunning beaches are perfect for sun-bathing. Tourists can also enjoy yacht ride and golf at Golf Valley near the coastline.
  7. Santiago De Compostela Cathedral: Because of its breathtaking architecture, Santiago De Compostela Cathedral is one of the major tourist attractions in Spain. A beautiful building from Roman era offers an overwhelming experience. St James Cathedral is widely known for its impressive façade and triple doorway and the Apostle’s wooden figure crafted inside the cathedral is the focal point of the cathedral’s interior.
  8. The Great Mosque of Cordoba: One of the oldest man-made structures in Spain that is still standing tall. Thousands of tourist love to explore this great art rich structure, the interior of the mosque will make you mesmerized at first glance. The great hall for prayer, the mihrab and the horseshoe are the must explore in mosque. The great mosque of Cordoba was built in 8thcentury and now it is one of the top tourist places in Spain.
  9. Guggenheim Museum: With its unique building design Guggenheim Museum is must visit place in Spain. The architecture and the collection of museum will make you amazed. The key attractions of the museum include puppy design Matter of Time by Richard Serra and Tulips by Jeff Koons.
  10. The White Towns of Andalucía:  The notorious Spain attraction also known as Pueblos Blancos. The White Town is a series featuring beautiful villages in the southern province of Spain. Because all the homes here are whitewashed with brown or red tiles on the roof and flowery balconies, the town is known as White Town. The major attractions of the area comprises great architecture designs, sunset point, pot holing, hiking, rock climbing horseback riding and amazing local food.
  11. El Teide: It is a mountain range with Volcano, El Teide acts as a centre point of attraction in Spain. Tourists can enjoy breathtaking sunset, stargazing and Teide National park. El Teide is must visit place and a perfect canvas for photo lovers.
  12. Diagonal Mar Centre Commercial: This place is shopping heaven for lavish shopaholics. Diagonal Mar Centre Commercial is known as the biggest shopping mall in Spain with 190 stores and vast assortment of brands. Further, visitors can enjoy mouth-watering cuisines served at the restaurants of mall.
  13. La Sagrada Familia: Located in Barcelona, La Sagrada Familia is magnificent unfinished Catholic Church. The construction first started back in 1883 and is due for completion in 2026. The Gothic architecture church is one of the top attractions in country and one of its parts is UNESCO World Heritage Site. Whenever you visit the Spain, don’t forget to visit this beautiful attraction.
  14. The Alhambra: Take a royal tour to Alhambra, a mesmerizing palace and fortress complex situated in Granada. The famous structure of Alhambra demonstrates the Islamic architecture in a most beautiful way while the gorgeous mosaics and stunning marble fountains add on to the aesthetics of this amazing place.
  15. La Rioja Vineyards: Taste some of the finest wines of the region at La Rioja Vineyards. Though the area is specifically famous for wine tasting but it also has beautiful landscape and perfect place to enjoy scenic vistas. On your next trip to Spain don’t forget to enjoy the Spanish wine tours at these gorgeous Spanish regions. Explore Cheap Flights to Spain 

London Best Tourism Sights with shopping Malls

Art, craft, shopping, culture, history, architecture, food, dining and a lot more; yes, I am talking about London. The city is like a treat with so many flavors to offer to its tourists. If you are visiting London for the first time and want to buy a lots of gifts for your loved ones that you can take back home then here I will tell you about the best and finest shopping places in London. If you are enlisting these tourist sights, then a look below will aid you to list it far much better.

Shopping Malls

  • Knightsbridge: a retail district in London; Knightsbridge is one of the most appealing shopping part of the city. One of the best shops in this shopping town is named as Harrods which is a famous British store. You will find almost every product that you want to buy. The store has variety of branded and local products and if you want to buy a present or two to take back home, Harrods is the best choice. Harrods is number one choice for shopping by millions of tourists that flock to London every year but from a native’s viewpoint, Harvey Nichols is the best shopping site in London; a store that provides all of the designer labels.
  • Oxford Street: Saying Oxford Street and Knightsbridge a rival in shopping industry would not be wrong because these two shopping sites are always in competition to have more customers. Oxford Street is a street filled with shops and is one of the busiest streets in the city. Oxford Street is considered as the heart of shopping in the city and has more than 300 shops in it. You can buy items like jewelry, cloth, shoes, cosmetics, furniture, food and beverages. You will find many local as well as international brands here.
  • Bond Street: every city has some extravagance lavish areas and if you are looking for one in London then Bond Street is the answer of your quest. The street has some most sophisticated and elegant designer shops that will compel you to buy something for your loved ones. Lavish brands like Tiffany & Co. and Carriers can be found on Bond Street. You will also find antique pieces and  art and craft articles in this area so if you are interested in one, try to buy from old auction houses as it will be cheap but will be brand new.
  • Covent Garden: if you are searching for loads and loads of variety then you need to buy from Covent Garden. The place offers you so much variety that you don’t have to think before buying. Women’s wear, kids’ wear and sweet treats are best here. Covent Garden has three main markets including East Colonnade Market, Jubilee Market and Apple Market.
  • Carnaby Street: the birthplace of the ‘mod’ movement, Carnaby Street is known as a trendsetter. The Street is known for introducing the latest fashions and to modernize the teens of Britain. The young people to break down the rules of their parents, started wearing bold clothes and listening rock music. The root to this entire hustle bustle was the Carnaby Street. It’s not only in the past but till today, the street is known for its cutting- edge clothing styles. Tourists can find a good number of shops, bars, cafes and restaurants in this area that makes your shopping extra tasty.
  • Westfield London: want to experience America in UK? Westfield London is what you should visit. The shopping mall is an American styled one with shops, food and a theatre under its roof. It is a place where you can buy all by your heart without being worried about going here and there. Tourists like to visit the Westfield London mall because it has more than 300 luxury shops residing inside the mall.
  • Jermyn Street: not only women want to look gorgeous but do men and if you are looking a place all dedicated to men then Jermyn Street is your place. Situated in the most historic and fashionable district of London, St. James; the Street is all about men fashion and brands, you can also stich a shirt or suit if you want because there are many tailor shops, shirt makers and suppliers.
  • King’s Road: walk like a king at the King’s Road because this road has all the elegancy that you ever desire. The area is alive since 1960s and from that time up till now, has offering only sophistication. Boutiques, high- street regulars, designer shops and interior design inspiration; all can be found at the King’s Road. As the road is a bit royal and lavish then other shopping areas so make sure to have a thick pocket or a credit card with plenty of balance because if you are going to buy a cute dress then surely you have to pay a lot.

13 Top Airlines Around the World

Before initiating you real tour, the certain thing that affects your voyage either in good or bad way is your air experience. If you have a good air experience then there are 95% chances that your tour will be a positively remembered one. Here we will mention the top 13 airlines around the world that has gained the position of top ones because of their performance, facilities and customer services.

  1. Singapore Airline: revealed as the number 1 airline of 2018, Singapore Airline remains most outstanding in its customer services. Founded in 1972, the airline is known for its huge fleet size of 122 young and advance aircrafts flying to over 62 destinations in 32 countries across the 5 continents of the world. The airline has served till now, up to 20 million passengers who are greatly satisfied with its services.
  2. Qatar Airways: remains at the top for consecutively the past few years, Qatar Airways deserves to be the first. Loved by passengers for its punctuality and off the chart services, Qatar Airways is persistently increasing its fan following. The airline commenced its operation in 1994 and from that time up till now, has maintaining its remarkable services. Qatar Airways is known for its monstrous fleet size of 222 aircrafts flying to over 172 destinations around the world.
  3. Emirates: the largest and the flag carrier airline of UAE, Emirates royalty is matchless. Founded in 1985, the airline is known for its royal treatment, broad seating, gusto meals, premium cabin classes, in-flight entertainment, frequent flight flyer programmes and congenial immigration system. With atrocious fleet size of 254, the airline has been operating flights to over 161 destinations around the world and connecting the Middle East to the rest of the world.
  4. Etihad Airways: known for its royalty and lavishness; Etihad Airways is airline of glory. Etihad Airways is the second largest airline of UAE after Emirates. Though the airline is relatively new in industry of airlines and was founded in 2003, it has made a flawless position in the industry. With fleet size of 113 and flights to over 110 destinations in six continents, Etihad has been bestowing excellent services and amenities to its passengers.
  5. Lufthansa: officially known as Deutsche Lufthansa, the airline is the flag carrier airline of Germany. Lufthansa is famous for its persistency and unwavering services to the travelers. Well-trained and friendly staff and neat aircrafts set this airline apart from others. The airline also has notoriety because of its huge fleet size of 293 which is probably the largest among all the airlines. Flying to over 220 destinations across the world; Lufthansa connects Germany to the world in the finest way.
  6. British Airways: though a relatively expensive airline, British Airways is known to be simply the best. British Airline is the flag carrier airline of United Kingdom and the second largest airline after easyJet. Inaugurated its functioning in 1974, British Airways flies to over 200 airports in 75 countries across the world with 280 aircrafts. The best part to fly with British Airways is that the airline proffers complimentary snacks and beverages to the passengers during their flights.
  7. South African Airways: the flag carrier airline of South Africa, South African Airline is serving around 6.8 million tourists each year. Founded in 1934, South African Airline operates flights to 42 destinations around the world which is very small as compared ot its competitor flights like Emirates or Lufthansa but still the airline has made place among the top airlines because of its friendly cabin staff, free onboard entertainment, delicious food, comfortable seats, packs with essentials and a lot more.
  8. Qantas Airways: the flag carrier airline of Australia, Qantas Airs was founded in 1920 and gains the title of being the oldest airline in the world. The airline is Australia’s largest international and domestic flights airline. The airline has fleet size of 131exculding cargos and operates to 85 destinations in the world. Qantas Airways is best known for providing most comfortable and affordable hauled flights.
  9. Virgin Atlantic: Virgin Atlantic is a British Airline which is famous for its punctuality and on-board facilities. Founded in 1984, the airline carries 5 million passengers each year travelling to over 200 destinations around the world.
  10. KLM: one of the oldest airlines in the world, KLM or officially known as KLM Royal Dutch Airline is the flag carrier airline of Netherlands. Famous for being consistent and relevant in its flights, KLM makes its passengers to feel like home. The interesting thing about flying with KLM is that they give a miniature Delft blue Dutch house filled with gin to every passenger as an appreciation token to the travelers.
  11. Wizz Air: if you want to fly cheap then airlines like Wizz Air are best to do the job. Wizz Air is a Hungarian airline with its headquarters in Budapest. The airline was inaugurated for customers’ service in 2003 but in the few years, made its worth in the travel industry. The airline carries around 2 million passengers each year. The flight rates are low to that extent that some passengers first find it incredulous but then report their remarkable experience.
  12. Flybe: a cost effective airline, Flybe carries around 8 million people to over 85 destinations across the world each year; thanks to its huge fleet size. The airline has been bestowing its services since 1979 and in the past 4 decades, never disappoints its customers even once. A mentionable quality of the airline is that it offers flights from quiet and smaller airports like Southampton airport so that travelers can travel hassle-free.
  13. Aer Lingus: this Irish airline is the flag carrier airline of Ireland that represents and connects its country to the rest of the world. The airline has been in function since 1936 that depicts its prolonged experience. With fleet size of 53 and operation to over 93 destinations, Aer Lingus never disappoints its customers.

The Best Seaside Campsites in Europe

This time we bring you cool camping sites collection spread all over the Europe. From exotic Greece islands to the Atlantic coast, from sun of France, Spain, Italy and Croatia to the high alpine mountains of Austria, Switzerland and Slovenia, the continent has lot more to proffer that suits every travelers demand. Whether you’re taking the tent, seeking out a glamping retreat or hitting the road in a campervan, enjoy the best seaside campsite in Europe with us. We pick the topnotch camping sites at striking places around the continent that will make your trip most memorable. Check out Europe’s best 10 camping sites along the sea that will make you to pack your bags.

  • Cala Llevado, Costa Brava, Spain:  The stunning seaside where you’ll get not one or two but four beaches for the price of one. The Cala Llevado is a rambling site on the gravelly cliffs of Costa Brava coastline. All in one pack place proffering cosy little pirate cove and the naturist beach and a comprehensive bay. The site is peaceful and remote; you can camp right beside one of the world-famous four beaches. This amazing site is so enormous that some of pitches are like camping wild as they are so far, while the others are on the top of one of the beaches that you feel you’re on sky viewing gorgeous views of the dazzling transparent waters, shaded by the age-old pine trees on the shore.
  • Hillend Campsite, Swansea, Wales: One of Europe’s top surfing destination and Hillend, situated on the Gower Peninsula of Wales. The area is Britain’s first designated place of stunning natural beauty. Astonishingly, many of the tourists are still unware of this amazing place. Just handful of tourists visit the Swansea even though it has sheer beauty, castle ruins, an ancient villages and 40 km of captivating coastline and primeval beaches where you can camp, snuggled between sand dunes at Llangennith.
  • Le Val de Cantobre in Aveyron, France: This seaside campsite is best to enjoy rustic scenery, located within the grounds of a medieval farmhouse.  The campsite pitches are amazingly arranged on original terraces, looking down into a scenic valley. The site is within close proximity to many small local villages. Tourists are recommended not to get fool by Le Val’s rustic atmosphere as they’ve just complete the construction on a new pool complex and new campsite facilities. It is one of the must visit place that has something for all age groups. The site surroundings encompass some of France’s most exotic natural landscapes.
  • Mala Milna in Hvar, Croatia: Hvar is Croatia most precious place with rolling green hills, crystal clear seas, fresh air and ancient stonework. The stunning beaches here are exclusive and clean surrounded by cosmopolitan bars, cafes and designer boutiques. Embraced by two bewitching pebble beaches, the Mala Milna coast is sprinkled with zigzagging paths and primeval villages. It is one of the most recommended seaside campsites in Europe.
  • Chateau de Lacomte Country Club, Lot and Dordogne Valley, France: The adult’s only site, Chateau de Lacomte Country Club is found deep within one of the France most picturesque regions. Visitors have option to choose from one of their 88 fully serviced pitches, a rustic log cabin or they can bring their caravan or mobile home. The Country club is located on just 12 kilo meters south of the medieval pilgrimage village of Rocamadour, which is the second most visited tourist site in France. Anyone, who is interested in wildlife, bird watching, astrology or botany Chateau, is a great place for you. The peaceful area experiences virtually no noise, light or air pollution. For a European campsite Chateau is a beautiful place.
  • Gasthof Camping, Latsch, North Italy: Set along the borders of Austria and Switzerland, this north Italy campsite is something that you can’t miss. Gasthof Camping site is based on almost 640 meters above the sea level and right on the bank of river Eysch. The bewitching views of Southern Alps are hard to beat.
  • Wild Camping in Douro Valley, Portugal: There is nothing wrong if we say Portugal is one of the most underrated wine countries in the world. The Douro Valley is an ideal, beautiful and spacious region where you can enjoy your time at best by hiring a camper van. Both Free and Wild camping is tolerated at this area so, without wasting any further time pack your camping equipment and head to this amazing valley now! Don’t forget to visit the Pinhao and Sao Joao da Pesqueira, the gorgeous region situated right at the epicenter of Port wine country.
  • Unkervatnet, Ornes, Norway: Located in the municipality of Hattfjelldal in Nordland country, Unkervatnet is gorgeous remote lake, proffers mind-blowing views. The stunning lake offers two famous campsites, both settled on the shore side. You can enjoy camping at Ornes on the eastern end of the lake while Tjolmen camping is available on the north side of the lake, near the center. There are plenty of things to do including swimming, rafting and bathing.
  • Tartaruga, Zakynthos, Greece: Located in the bay of Laganas is the best place to hang out with your friends and family. Tartaruga is one of the best islands in the Lonian islands, offers a great camping and adventure experience in the world. The clifftop at Tartaruga, run by some locals, proffers a striking view of the ocean, white sandy beaches filled with turtles and exquisite olive groves. Explore this travel paradise during the months of April, May, June, September and October. Enjoy a campfire in the evening and watch the sky twinkling at night while camping here.
  • Domaine Riva Bella, Corsica: A beautiful French island in the Mediterranean Sea, the stunning Corsica is home to number of mesmerizing beaches as well as unrivalled camping spots. The must experience campsites are located in a stretch of unspoiled, calm beach. The site endeavors a private beach, appropriate for open-minded relaxing or wildlife watching. If you’re there don’t forget to visit the excellent Thalassotherapy centre.

Best Places in Portugal for Wild Camping

Portugal is vibrant and gorgeous county, rapidly becoming one of Europe’s most respected tourist destinations. Portugal is an amazing country with some of the best wild camping sites. Wild camping is generally allowed in the country but tourists need to follow the restrictions about where to park the cars and camp overnight. It is highly recommended to ask local authorities or tourism center if you’re unsure about the certain place. Check out our guide on best places in Portugal foe wild camping.

Alqueva, Alentejo:

Secures the top position in our list, this amazing place is well-kept secret of Portugal. Alqueva is fully packed with charm, nature, serenity and silence. Wild camping here is one of the best things you can do in Portugal, located near the beautiful places like the Castle of Monsaraz and Mourao. Prepare yourself to soothe your soul and mind, reshuffle your imaginations and take a look at Google map to choose a dirt path that takes you close to the water, put up your tent and enjoy the wild camping at its best!

Toco River, Fafiao:

A Toco River flow along the Fafiao, located in the heart of amazing Geres National Park of Portugal, is stunning village with very hospitable people. The site is bit crowded in the month of August, but quiet in the remaining months. Visitors of this wild camping site just need to go up or down for 5 minutes to find a little water pool, where no one can annoy you. If you want to spend the night here, explore the area a bit around the bridge and choose a place to relax. Fojo do Lobo coffee is perfect to drink and you can enjoy dinner at the restaurant with the same name. The restaurant serves the amazing food at very reasonable prices.

Torrao do Lameiro Beach, Aveiro:

This amazing beach site is blessed with everything from its sandy area extension to the ocean greatness has unique charm and beauty. Torrao do Lameiro beach serves as a stage of work for fishermen where tourists acme to observe the tradition and vibrant boats, come and go on fishing days. surrounding landscape has bewitching beauty including gorgeous dunes and refreshing pine tree areas, perfect for camping.

Drave, Arouca:

The magical and most magnificent village in Portugal, where scouts welcome you wholeheartedly, even though they recover it when the village was abandoned and called it “their” place. Regoufe is a place where you leave your cars as there is no car access to Drave and it is about 4 km from our dream camping destination. The walk is easy, quiet without any big climbs. Just follow the river if you want to hide more, after reaching the Drave and you’ll find many wonderful water wells for dives as well as for tents.

Samoqueira Beach, Porto Covo:

One of the most beautiful villages proffers rich tradition and history. Porto Covo is must stop along the Vicentina Coast route where lots of tourists put their tents and camper vans. Unfortunately, because of the high tide many of the Porto Covo beaches along the north coast disappear. If you’re looking for soothing place to relax away from city hustle bustle, this place is perfect to rest. If the water here is very cold for you to swim, take the alternative at Sao Torpes, where water is heated.

Acude do Monte da Barca, Coruche:

For many of you, this place is unfamiliar but believe me, this place is something that you don’t have to miss. Head to the village of Foros do Rebocho and ask locals the best place for camping. They might take you to this spell bounding private grounds with the best view of small lake. Put up your tent and enjoy the peaceful time.

Paradinha Village, Arouca:

Though Arouca and Serra da Freita are mesmerizing but unfortunately many of the tourists didn’t know about these places. In the recent years the areas are getting attention that they deserve. The spell bounding creation of Passadicos do Paiva is a giant boom in the region. At the end of the walkthrough, close to the Avarenga, there is beautiful village called Paradinha. The area has many houses for rent and there is a small river beach, endeavors plenty of space where you can easily mount your tent.

Portinho da Arrabida Beach, Sesimbra:

It’s rare to find so much green finishing gently on such a charismatic beach with crystal clear water that Serra da Arrabida has. Just outside the Portinho da Arrabida village, there is a parking lot for cars for the beach tourists, who locally called as ‘Creiro’s Beach’.  To mount the tent, go to the opposite direction of village and look for a clearing place among the trees. Don’t forget to stop at the viewpoints on the road to Setubal, over the mountains. There are many wild pigs at night so do not leave any food outside your camp. No need to be afraid they do not harm anyone.

Almograve Beach, Alentejo:

Both the beach and Almograve are breathtaking! The amazing site is filled with cliffs that shade you and hide you and also have natural showers. There are small streams on beach that turns into showers. The beach has bathroom facility. At the starting point of beach, a kind of viewpoint and quite famous among tourists is the ideal place to enjoy magical sunset while preparing dinner.

Sao Rafael Beach, Albufeira:

Sao Rafael is located far from all the craziness and madness of Albufeira. There are lots of visitors during the day and at night you can witness many campers just like you. In order to find the perfect place for your wild camping walk to the right side while facing the sea, reach to the end of beach and find a place near the cliffs. For more adventure, head to the West cliffs where you will find many private beaches, isolated and picture-perfect.

What should you see if you have 1 Week in Hungary?

One of the most sophisticated territories in Europe, Hungary has the attractions that will blow your mind. From the splendor of its spellbinding capital Budapest to its goulash architecture and iconic sceneries, Hungary remains best from the start to be a tourist attraction that does not leave its visitor idle. If you are visiting Hungary for 1 week and need a guide what to see and where to go then this article is for you. Make your bucket list of attractions you want to see in Hungary prior so that you can enjoy your voyage without thinking much.

Things to Do within a weak

  1. Budapest: one of the finest capitals in the world, Budapest is a complete tourist attraction within Hungary. Tourists can eat, play, wander and do whatever they want in Budapest because the city has so much to endeavor you. Historical landmarks and glorious architecture escalate the wanderlust of tourists even more. Either spend your day at the thermal bath and hot springs or sunbath at the shore of Danube River that splits the city into two halves.
  2. Buda Castle:  this magnificent castle stood at the land of Budapest city in 1800’s after the Siege was put into end. Consisting of 200 amazing rooms, Buda Castle tells the tale of the amazing architecture of the past. Symmetrical layout focuses on 61 meter hauled dome while its face towards the Danube. Viewer can enjoy the amazing scenery while standing in the dome.
  3. Lake Balaton: if you are planning to visit Hungary with cheap flights in summers then no other attraction can be more refreshing to visit then Lake Balaton. Tourists can enjoy a number of things around the lake including hiking, biking, cycling, climbing, hand gilding and water sports. There activities can be done even with kids but if you are a more adventurous person then skydiving from a helicopter would be a great experience. Balaton Sounds is a well-known festival with its venue at Lake Balaton. The festival is Europe’s biggest open air electronic music festival attracting thousands of tourists to Hungary.
  4. Egerszalok Thermal Baths: visiting a thermal bath is a different experience that the Britain usually don’t have in their homeland. But here in Hungary, thermal baths are what Eiffel Tower is to Paris. You can find a thermal bath even at the corner of every street and the interesting thing is that these thermal bath houses are worthy to be visited once because of their unique design and beauty. Especially the bath houses in Egerszalok village that were came into existence naturally. While we are on it, mentioning Sallris Resort and Spa is important too because it has become a crowded tourist attraction in the past few years, thanks to its beauty, design and usage.
  5. The Caves of Lillafüred: if you are more into historical things then this place is for you. Though there is series of caves in the town but István Cave, Szeleta Cave and Petofi Cave are the most prominent ones. After exploring the caves, you can also take ride through the rugged mountains.
  6. Cathedral of St. Peter: one of the finest architectural splendors of Hungary, this Cathedral is a must in your 7 day itinerary to Hungary. Founded in 1009, the cathedral was constructed on a Roman burial chapel. After going through many re-buildings and re-constructions, the church was completely rebuilt in 1891. As it was built by many people therefore the influence of numerous cultures can be seen in it.
  7. Aggtelek National Park and Caves: marked as the Unesco World Heritage Site, Aggtelek National Park has more than 1000 caves in row. Situated on the border of Hungary and Slovakia, the caves of Aggtelek are best to be visited if you are into adventures. For the tourists who want an informative tour can also take a look at these caves because the park bestows zoological, botanical and ecological tours.
  8. Busójárás, Mohacs: it is more of a do then to see in Hungary because Busójárás is an event where the local folks can be seen doing some deviant stuff. Referring Busójárás the ‘Halloween’ of Hungary would not be wrong because the participants of the event dressed up and masked up with demonic faces, parading thru the town. Traditional music and local delicacies are played during the march, making it a fun thing. The event lasts for 6 days where many of the tourists come just to see the event but some partake in it as well.
  9. Danube River: the beautiful river of Danube splits the city of Budapest into two halves. Giving a picturesque perfect view to the tourists, this river should be added into your must-sees while being in Budapest. Danube is considered as the lifeblood of the country and offers plenty to experience its tourists as well. One of the most prominent things to do at the Danube River is to ride a ferry or a cruise. You can choose either a night cruise or an all-day cruise and can enjoy the marvels of Hungary while floating at the beautiful Danube River.
  10. Mosque of Pasha Qasim: Hungary is a Christian country with Muslim population of about less than 0.05 % so this attraction could be rarely taken into account. However, once serving as a mosque, it is now use as a Roman Catholic Church. Constructed at the time when Hungary was under influence of Ottoman Empire, Mosque of Pasha Qasim is the deluxe example of Turkish architecture in the whole country. Though the mosque is now using as a church but still the inscription from the Quran can be seen in certain parts of the building, explaining the beautified calligraphy by the Turkish writers.
  11. Visegrad Castle: a rare sight of a castle at the hilltop, Visegrad Castle sits at the top of a hill, making it even worthy to reach it. Tourists can enjoy the climbing at the hilltop and witnessing the castle; killing 2 birds with one stone. Constructed in the 13th century, the castle was built to reinforce the fortifications along the Danube River so that any sort of invasions could be prevented. A must-see and a must-recommended sight while being in Hungary.

The Must Know things before traveling to Alicante

Alicante is spectacular city and one of Europe’s and Spain’s major holiday hubs, mostly preeminent for its vibrant festivals, dazzling sandy beaches and rocking nightlife. The coastal paradise on South Spain can proffer rich history as its roots gone back to the Roman Empire, breathtaking scenery, historic Baroque style architecture, stunning beaches and plenty of attractions and things to do. It is the second largest city of Valencia where travelers love to flock throughout the year. This year, if you’re planning your trip to this amazing city you need to know certain things to make your jaunt most memorable. Below we mention some of the tips that you need to keep in mind while traveling to Alicante.

Explore Alicante:

  1. When to Travel? Alicante is one of those places that you can travel any time in the year. The weather was good throughout the year but if you want to avoid the over crowd then don’t plan your trip during the summer months especially in June, July and August because these months enjoy peak tourist visits. Winters are great option to explore Alicante, as temperature is mild and streets are deserted so you can feel yourself getting lost in mesmerizing city.
  2. Guide from Alicante Airport to City Center: You can reach to the city center from airport via two options; either takes a taxi to your hotel or Alicante airport bus. The airport bus can charge you 3.33 pounds per person while the taxi cost you around 22 pounds. If you’re traveling in a budget or have family taking the airport bus is better option. The service is good and you don’t have to face any difficulty reaching your hotel. You can hop in Alicante airport bus from outside the arrivals hall and is called C6, it will take you to the city center. The bus stops at several points along the Explanada de Espana which is the main boulevard in the city.
  3. How to get Around the City? Tourists can rent a car at the airport that they can pick up on arrival or at the city center. There is no chance that you don’t barge into any rental car company in the arrivals hall; they allure you to book a car with their company to enjoy the best Alicante tour. Booking a car in the Alicante’s city center is another option. Next to the train station almost every car rental company has an office. To travel to Benidorm you can easily opt a train or bus that runs after every hour and take 1 and a half hours. Though it is an option but if you want to make the most of your Alicante holidays then go with renting a car option. Altea is must visit place in Alicante but you can’t explore this spectacular place unless you have a car.
  4. Museums are Free: Alicante is so rich in culture and history and they welcome you to explore their history soak museums without paying even a single penny. You can just walk in one of many museums in Alicante. Museo Arquelogico de Alicante, Museo de Hogueras, Museo The Ocean Race, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Alicante,  Museo de Bellas Artes Gravina and Museo de Belenes are some of the worth visiting museums in Alicante.
  5. Clothing Guide: Majority of the population in Alicante is catholic. If you want to visit any local church and temple you need to wear appropriate clothes. You may be reject to enter a church if you’re wearing too revealing or erotic clothes. Women need to wear long skirts or covering clothes while it is better for men to wear pants.
  6. Beaches are Municipal in Alicante: Beaches of Alicante are municipal so be ready to pay additional fees for the rental of sports equipment, sun loungers and umbrellas. If you are very fond of beaches and want to visit every day, it is better to buy your own umbrellas as renting them daily is quite expensive.
  7. Smoking is prohibited: In the entire city smoking in public places is prohibited and violators can be punished with large fines so keep this in mind. Most of the restaurants have special smoking areas and you can smoke in balconies at hotels as well.
  8. Tips are Necessary: Always pay tips in restaurants and cafes in Alicante. According to the rule, the tip amount is between 10 to 15 % of the total bill. Though the service bill is included in the bill but you should need to leave a small fee to a waiter.
  9. Autumn can be obstacle: During the Autumn, it rains a lot in Alicante so it may be not so good time for travelers who plan to devote much time to trips. Without knowing if you plan your holidays during autumn season it may seriously disrupt the excursion of your plan.
  10. Traveling: The entire Alicante city is quite convenient to travel by bus and subway as it is distinguished by a well-developed transport network system that spreads throughout the city.
  11. Bonfires of San Juan Festival: The stunning festival is celebrated annually on 24 of June. On Bonfires of San Juan festival day the city enjoys the several interesting performances and concerts. Many of the tourists plan their Alicante trip during this festival.
  12. Alicante is home to many parks and people love to spend time outside of their homes. Most of the parks proffer picnic areas for sports and kids play area. You can enjoy relaxing time at parks during your trip to Alicante. Some of the best parks in Alicante include Terra Natura, Terra Mitica, Aqua Natura, Aqualandia and Pola Park.
  13. Home to Many Languages: When you see people speaking several other languages in Alicante don’t be so surprised. There are many languages besides the official language spoken in the city including Basque, Catalan, Aragonese, Galician, Austrian and Leonese.
  14. Please your Taste Buds: Spanish Cuisine is considered one of the best cuisines in the world so make sure to try as many local dishes as you can during your trip to Alicante. Avoid Chinese, Italian or Thai food in Alicante or you will be seriously disappointed.

Barcelona city guide for the UK Tourists 2019

Barcelona is a city full of passion for life, culture, food and amazing architecture. Surf at best urban beaches or stroll in gorgeous neighborhood, eat the best tapas and lost wandering the labyrinthine, magical streets of Barrio Gotico, Barcelona keeps you engage throughout your trip. Explore the Catalan capital with our city guide for the UK tourist 2019.

How long you should stay in Barcelona?

Barcelona knows how to engage its visitors so, when you get a chance to explore this mesmerizing city plan your trip for more than a week. If week is not possible than spend at least 4 or 5 days here. In case you want to soak yourself in Barcelona’s famous nightlife than add few more days to your visit so you have adequate time to recover.

The best time to visit Barcelona

Summer is most popular time to visit Barcelona. Though, plenty of tourists flock here in summers but you should keep in mind that summers means tons of tourists and sweltering weather.  But again if you’re beach lover than it is most suitable time to enjoy. Barcelona has mild winters and temperature. The best part of winters is there are few tourists so there is almost no crowd, the best time for those who want calm trip.

The Too Good Things about Barcelona

The bewitching beauty: An undoubtedly beautiful city holds some of the most gorgeous architecture in Europe. Take and walk and you’ll find yourself lost in the charming medieval streets of Barcelona. The city proffers plenty beautiful places to please your eyes.

Barcelona is living city: Barcelona is kind of place where something is always going on, keeps its residents and tourist busy to enjoy the life at its best. Barcelonans love living here! There are always people outside in the parks, streets and cafes spending time and enjoying.

The rocking nightlife: Probably the most important reason why tourist flock to Barcelona. Most of the people here are totally night owls, as you’ll witness people dining until midnight. The nightlife here doesn’t start until about 10pm and then fun continues until the early mornings. The clubs remains open until 6 am.

The dazzling beaches: Rated as the best beach city in the world, you’ll get amazed with bewitching beauty of Barcelona beaches.

Great Weather and Excellent Outdoor Life: Barcelona is blessed with beautiful weathers; a mild winters and warm summers allow people to spend lots of time outside in the parks, squares, outdoor cafes and beaches.

Culture and Museums: This spectacular city has something for everyone including history rich museums and amazing culture.

Must See-Sights and Attractions in Barcelona

Amazing Neighborhoods of Barcelona: It’s the oldest and most visited neighborhood of Barcelona. Barri Gotic contains many of the city’s top attractions comprising Cathedral of Barcelona and handful of Roman ruins. Fancy places still can’t compare the joy tourists can get while strolling in winding medieval streets and alleys. Las Ramblas is another bustling neighborhood, lined with chain stores, shops, tacky tourist stalls, café and restaurants.

Las Ramblas is overly priced area as well as biggest pickpocket hotspot in Europe so be extra careful when you’re there. La Boqueria Market is big bustling market near the Las Ramblas, rated the best market in the world. If you’re looking for something trendy and artistic, head to the El Born area. The trendy neighborhood is home of stunning Church of Santa Maria del Mar and Santa Caterna Market. El Born is also famous for its tapas bars, avant-grade galleries, nightlife, cool cafes, restaurants and vintage shops.  El Raval neighborhood of Barcelona is one of the most ethnically diverse areas, mostly popular among young, hip folks. L’Eixample is largest neighborhood in Barcelona where city’s most architectural highlights are located including La Sagrada Familia. People love to spend time at this lively neighborhood with different personalities.

Barcelona Museums: Picasso Museum is most popular museum in city, holding most expensive collection of Picasso works. Besides, Picasso Museum there are several other museums to explore in Barcelona. Fundacio Joan Miro Museum displays the top collection of Joan Miro and many other contemporary artists. CaixaForum is located in a former brick factory, featuring some of the excellent art work. other highlight museums include Catalan Art Museum, Barcelona History Museum and Maritime Museum.

Beaches in Barcelona: The beautiful beach city is quite interesting because the beaches here are overrun by industry and pollution until the early 90s. Before the 1992 Olympics, the city is thoroughly cleaned and renovated and now Barcelona is considered to have one of the best urban beaches in the world. Platja beach is the most notorious beach at Vila Olimpica.

Food in Barcelona: You can find amazing food for all budget types including airlines in Barcelona. In Europe, Barcelona has highest numbers of restaurant and bars per capita. Spain is specially noted for tapas. A mini portions of single dishes ranges from simple to extravagant, but generally affordable. The other must try food in Barcelona is Seafood paella. When it comes to drink Cava hit the top position. The sparkling wine is official drink of Barcelona. Sangria is specialty of southern Spain but not well made in Barcelona. They only serve it because of tourist demand.

Nightlife and Clubs in Barcelona: Night life in Barcelona is on next level. Not just the bars and restaurants are filled on weekends but also the weeknights. Prices for drinks are fairly affordable but spend for the better environment at popular clubs. Barcelona’s nightlife is not just restricted to clubs but there are tons of restaurants and bars cater to just about anything you’re into.

Barcelona Hostels: If you’re travelling on a budget, rather than staying at fancy hotel try out the hostels. You can easily find number of cheap hostels in Barcelona that has good reviews. But thanks to the influx of tourists, prices in summer slightly increase, still they’re affordable than expensive hotels. If you want to save make sure to book early. Some of the best reviewed hostels include Pars Teatro hostel, Sant Jordi Hostel Rock Palace, Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia and Feetup Garden House.

Travelling around Barcelona: Most people use subway or metro for long distances in Barcelona. The whole city has good public transportation network but as city is fairly compact many people end up walking. The air-conditioned metro is good option in steamy summers.

London holiday destinations guide for budget Families

London holidays doesn’t need to break your bank, you can enjoy a fancy family trip without the hefty price tag if have proper guidance. London is a vibrant capital offer magical museums, interactive art exhibitions, fancy outdoor swim, great architecture to explore, delicious food, plenty of fun activities and amazing parks for kids. London is an expensive city but it is great place to take your family. With few tips you can explore the whole world of family fun activities without breaking the piggy bank. Here is the list of amazing thing you can see and do in London without paying anything.


Enjoy the Free Perks at National Theatre: Though you have to pay for tickets but National Theatre has lot more to do for free. You can enjoy free exhibits and watch the scenic designers and prop makers in the production workshop within the theatre. National Theatre is kind of must visit place for any theatre buff. This place is also suitable when you’re travelling with kids as you can take them on a family tour, up to three kids can get to go free but adults has to pay.

Explore yummiest free Food at Borough Market: This market is ideal for foodies! The Borough market has been in operation for more than 1000 years, located near the London Bridge. The market is kind of indoor/outdoor food extravaganza that will engage your insta account. Visitors can treat your taste buds with free sample galore and can enjoy bread, cheese, fruit, chocolate and beer without spending a penny. It is recommended to plan your visit to Borough market for lunch and drop some dough- you will get some amazing eats.

Enjoy Free Art and Views in London: After the Borough market now is the time to enjoy some free art and amazing views in London. Head to the Tate Modern, a free destination located just a short walk away from Borough market. Besides the great museum the fascinating thing lies on 10th floor, a lovely café from where you can capture some of the eye-catching views of London. There is no restriction to buy anything. The café also has an outdoor observation deck so make sure to pop into this place. It is a good alternative of London Eye when you’re travelling in budget. Take your family there and enjoy the amazing views.

Idiosyncratic Free Museum: Sir John Soane’s Museum is one of the must visit museum when you’re in London and the best part is, you don’t have to open your wallet. The museum is home of architect John Soane, stuffed with architectural paintings, drawings and sculptures. The museum is slightly confining as overly stuffed with highly personal collection. In order to explore the museum visitors have to switch off their cell phones and go through checking. Further, no photography is allowed that is bit disappointing for travelers.

LegoLand: The highlight destination for families with kids. Legoland theme park is located in Windsor; proffer plenty of fun things to do. Head to the Lego City first to the driving school of Lego Fiat electric cars. If you have boys they’re gonna love it. The park has Lego Fire Academy where you can drive a fire engine and put out a fire in the house. Don’t forget to take your kids on Atlantic submarine journey, an underwater trip on a boat made of Lego where you will see fish and sharks made with Lego. Park’s other highlights comprises the Pirates of Skeleton Bay (a pirate themed live action show featuring fascinating acrobatics and swashbuckling swordplay), Lego mainland (an area created with Legos that allow you to walk through world notorious landmarks) and Hill Train. A cute double decker bus is available at the street outside the Windsor station to take you Legoland. Though, it’s not the cheap place to visit but for your kids it is definitely worth visiting.

Musical: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: A trip to London is incomplete without watching the musical. It tells the amusing history of confectioner Mr. Wonka and the boys who won the golden tickets to visit Mr. Wonka’s enigmatic chocolate factory. The story is based on the Roald Dahl book and probably the best theatrical and musical show in London. This is something worth spending, prices starts from 17.50 pounds. You will never regret for your money when see the superb sets, amazing production, cool special effects, A list cast and beautiful costumes. The performances on weekdays are cheaper than the Saturday so when you travel with family in budget set the day accordingly.

Coram’s Field: This is a free park and playground for kids. Coram’s Field has a city farm and a café, open from March until October. There are play equipments for all age groups from toddlers to older kids. No adult is allowed to enter to the park without kid.  Your kids will love the aerial slide, a paddling pool in summers, two large sand pits and an animal farm with chickens, goats, birds and rabbits. The highlight of the park is you can sponsor an animal if you want and in return will receive a certificate. The sponsor name will be posted by the side of the animal’s enclosure.

Science Museum: Free enter for all adults and kids. London Science Museum have 7 floor of interactive science displays that your kids love to explore. The museum also has an IMAX center with 3D movies. Must purchase the explorer ticket that provide you access to the IMAX cinema, Red Arrows 3D, Legend of Apollo, Typhoon Force simulator and also you will get a kids guidebook.

British Museum: A good place to learn how people tell time before the clocks, crack the code of the Rosetta Egyptian Stone, use animation software from Tablet Samsung to bring Ice Age animals to life and take an X-ray tour inside a mummy. The museum has lot of amazing things to experience and your family will spend some great time here.

Buckingham Palace Royal Mews: Take your kids on a Buckingham Palace tour in UK, where they can enjoy horses, royal carriages and cars. The Diamond and Gold State Coach are truly amazing.  There is also a free audio guide.

Murcia tourist attractions 2019- The Big Things to Do

Murcia is eastern Spain city fully packed with fascinating history, delicious food, grand baroque architecture and loads of amazing things to do. The sun-drenched city is one of its kind place where no one is in rush – the cathedral tool around 300 years to build.  Tourist can get long list of options to choose from world-renowned attractions to famous landmarks, fun things and free activities, discover the beautiful cities, countryside, islands and beach resorts to enjoy Murcia trip with cheap flights at fullest. Here are our recommendations about top things to do and must visit attraction in Murcia, Spain.

Must Sightseeing and things to do in Murcia

  • Murcia’s Old Town: The heart of the city, Murcia’s old town is packed with giant plazas and baroque buildings. Tourist can wander around the streets and explore the true colors of Murcia. The gorgeous place has many pedestrianized streets so during your stroll you can enjoy some most iconic architectural sites and cute boutique shops as well as loads of bars, bakeries and cafes where you can please your sweet tooth.
  • Santa Maria Cathedral: The structure and building of Santa Maria Cathedral built in 1385, is considered a masterpiece of Spanish Baroque period. The gorgeous building was built several hundred years ago but it has unique blend of style and charisma while the interior of building is Gothic. A must visit place in Murcia! Don’t forget to go to the bell tower, from there you can hear the bells strike the hour and enjoy amazing views of Murcia.
  • Casino de Murcia: The most exotic building in Murcia, Casino de Murcia was initially opened as a gentleman’s club back in 1847. The entire interior of the casino is stunningly electic, each room is inspired by different part of the world such as one room is influenced by French style ballroom and the other is English library or the striking Arabic court- lined with over 35,000 sheets of gold leaf. Everything here is so extravagance that exploring it is nothing but a great fun.
  • Floridablanca Garden: Summers are quite vicious in Murcia so if you plan trip during hot season, don’t forget to take the Puente Viejo to other side of Segura River and seek in this little oasis. Floridablanca is the oldest park in Murcia, open back in the mid-19th Prior to the opening of park, the area was a countryside boulevard of the river. Now the beautiful park has flower beds, bowers for the people to escape the intensity of sun and refined paths. Park’s largest trees are old ficuses along with buttress roots.
  • Santa Clara la Real Convent Museum: Built in 1300s, this historic convent is still in use. Located right in the center of city at Gran Via Alfonso X el Sabio. This beautiful place is must visit in Murcia, you can see the lot of decorative Arab elements like horseshoe arches integrated into the design of convent and displayed beautifully at the museum. Plaster decoration and professionally crafted wood are also showcased here.
  • Plaza de las Flores: Close to the cathedral there’s city most gorgeous square Plaza de las Flores. The square got its name because of many florists’ shops still running businesses successfully. Spend some quality time here while enjoying the cup of coffee and watching Art Nouveau townhouses. Among many townhouses, the most eye-pleasing is Edificio de Tejidos Abad known for its striking white bay windows.
  • Terra Natura Murcia: Notorious and well-regarded zoo in Murcia as there is no cramped cages here. A unique zoo has most humane approach mainly focus on conservation and housing endangered species such as brown bear, European lynx and Iberian wolf along with 50 species of birds, mammals and reptiles. All animals kept in enclosures to provide as much possible natural habitats to animals. Terra Natura itself is a green oasis with hundreds of lush green trees and shrubs.
  • Carrascoy and El Valle Regional Park: Head to the natural parkland to enjoy some fresh air and tranquility, located just six kilometers south of the city. The scenic trails with beautiful wild rosemary through the pine forests are perfect to stroll. If you don’t want to hike, take the easy walk to the Santuario de la Fuensanta, ideal for panoramic photographs.
  • Playa de Poniente – Aguilas:  The most popular in Murcia region, Playa de Poniente proffers several great services and mostly famous among families who visit the tourist resort of Aguilas. The golden dazzling sand and going into water allure the visitors to must see this beautiful beach.
  • Museo Nacional de Arqueologia Subacuatica:  If you’re traveling with kids, this small museum is a place where your kids enjoy the most. There are small boats, coins, jugs, cargo stowage; artifacts are interesting things in display. Children can learn the process of boat construction and how cargo was stored. Though it’s a short trip but kids can learn something interesting when step out of the museum.
  • Salzillo Museum: If you’re lucky to get a holiday time in Murcia during Easter Week, enjoy it at fullest. This particular week is very special in city as the pasos carried in the city’s parades were sculpted by the feted by the Murcian artist, Francisco Salzillo.  Worked in the baroque style, he was active during the 18th At Salzillo Museum tourist can enjoy some gorgeous pieces, Francisco designed for Semana Santa and also learn about the baroque movement in Murcia. The time when city was booming from the silk trade. The sculpture in museum reflects the sense of confidence with opulent, gilded Easter Passion scenes.
  • Costa Calida and Costa Blanca:  Enjoy the day trip to the Med, to enjoy the renowned sunny Spanish coastlines. Costa Calida and Costa Blanca are notorious beaches in Murcia region. The southern side of Costa Blanca is sprinkled with quiet beach towns, where you can explore the striking Blue Flag beaches waiting for you at Torre de la Horadada. 31 mile drive, so you can easily be topping up your tan in just an hour of leaving town.