4 weeks England Trip itinerary with the Help of Travel Expert


Home to Princess Diana and Shakespeare, England is elegance beyond borders. England generates most of the sophisticated celebrities, poets, writers, painters, musicians and theater artists than any other country in the world that is why referring England the home to art and culture would not be wrong. There are hundreds of things to do, see, experience and be the part of in England. So, if you are planning to tour England this season, here is travel guide for the tourists who are visiting the country for 4 weeks. By reading this, I hope you can arrange your 4 week visit in a way that you can take the best of it. And if you have got less time then you can omit what seems you unnecessary and shrink your trip that fits with your time.

Day 1, 2 and 3; Visit to Bath

First three days of your trip must be for getting clean. There are wonderful thermal baths and hammam in all over UK that will wash off all of your tiredness. Though the territory of UK is filled with enthralling cities, Bath is the most primeval of all. The city is the largest in Somerset and best represents the history through its Roman-built baths. There are dozens of things to do in the city but the most important of all is taking a bath in Bath that refreshes even your soul. Prominent bath houses includes the Roman Baths (most preserved baths in Europe and visit to them makes the tourists to look into the lives of ancient Romans), the Royal Crescent (30 Georgian townhouses with a lush green lawn), Prior Park (the famous town with foliage that is best known for its Palladian Bridge) and Bath Abbey (represents the old time because of holding land pertaining to 10th century). During their three days in Bath, tourists can enjoy festivals too; one being at the top is Mozartfest, the event that celebrates the classical British music. If you are a person who loves to watch and laugh loud at jokes then Bath Comedy Festival is the right event to attend. The festival goes for three weeks straight so it would be easy for you to catch it whenever you feel dull and bore. In Bath Comedy Festival, you will be pleasured to see legends like Barry Cryer and Paul Merton. Tourists who are more of introvert type can experience the free walking tour in the city. The walk is absolutely free (being free means you don’t have to pay even the tip). The walk is hosted by the mayor of Bath, who feels proud by showing his beautiful city to the tourists. Quite a sight to enjoy; a must recommended to the travelers.

Day 4, 5 and 6; Visit to Plymouth and Cornwall

After taking most refreshing baths and enjoying the mesmeric views, walks and festivals in Bath, tourists can travel to the cities of Plymouth and Cornwall. You must look forward for both of the cities as they are paradise for the fun lovers. It will take around 3 hours to reach Plymouth from Bath. Just a little intro to the cities; Plymouth is a port city in Daven that is known for its nautical heritage and history of barbarian cobbled streets whereas Cornwall is famous because of having wild highlands and picturesque sandy beaches worthy to be praised.

Plymouth: when you visit Plymouth, there are plenty of things to experience for the tourists including a visit to Jenney Museum (a museum exhibiting the American history and pilgrim life in the most accurate manners), Mayflower II (a replica of the ship that used to sail from Europe to America in 17th century), Plymouth Bay Winery (a perfect place to drink hard and party loud, Plymouth Bay Winery offers a fine collection of wines mostly made up of locally grown berries and grapes) and Nelson Memorial Park (an ideal place for picnic with friends and family). If you are a water- person then Plymouth National Marine Aquarium is worthwhile to visit too. A fine atmosphere and deco- style aquarium that will give you the most pure environment you have ever seen. Greens and blues; you will love to have a visit to the Aquarium.

Cornwall: ,major attractions in Cornwall include St Michael’s Mount (a tidal island whose beauty is worthy praising), Eden Project (largest rainforest in the territory, the project is composed of two massive Biomes housing plants collected from numerous climates around the world), Land’s End (a walking trail alongside the coast with  breathtaking scenery), Lost Gardens of Heligan (Cornish Jungle with giant trees and foliage all around you), The Minack Theatre (the theatre between the turquoise water, pristine trees, dolphins and sunset presenting a drama for the viewers) and Carn Brea Castle (a castle situated at the top of the hill, a worthy scenery to see).

Day 6 and 7; Visit to Salisbury

Salisbury is a lovely small town with a lot of attractions, events and things to do. The town has been known all across the world for having one of the Seven Wonders of the World, otherwise known as the Stonehenge. When you are in Salisbury, don’t forget to admire the beautiful surroundings with stunning views. Tourists during their 6th and 7th Day of tour to England can visit Stonehenge (a monument pertaining to Prehistoric times somewhere between 3000 and 2200 BC. The place is filled with giant stones standing vertically with one giant stone above it; a picturesque view to see) and Salisbury Cathedral (this cathedral is known for being some 750 years old that exhibits the finest architecture by English architects of prehistoric times).  Old Sarum is another worthy place to be visited because you will find an Iron Age hill Fort and the remains and ruins that still confess to their glory in the past. Want to see the Salisbury history? Salisbury Museum has articles and crafts pertained to 17th century; a sight to see for the history- lovers.

Day 8, 9 and 10; Visit to Oxford

The most literate area of England, tourists with interest in books and literature can visit Oxford University. The university is UK’s oldest university and an utmost honor for the student who graduates from here. Due to millions of books, reading and literature, I am sure you will feel the sophistication in the air. You can do a thing or two while being in Oxford such as visiting the Christ Church College, visiting the Radcliffe Square and climbing the tower of St Mary the Virgin the Church.

Day 11, 12 and 13; Visit to Liverpool

The home to the world famous Beatles; a tour to England without visiting Liverpool is not completed. There are a lot of stuff to do and experience while being in Liverpool and you will find a broad range of cultures, traditions, religions and customs. You can visit Pier Head in Liverpool that is best representation of Liverpool’s history with its trio of buildings; starting your tour from Pier Head will let you know about the history of the city. The Walker Art Gallery is another attraction is Liverpool that contains collection of art articles from Italian, French and Flemish culture. Albert Dock are five storey buildings, all made by iron and bricks. If you were or are a fan of Beatles then the Beatles Story is a must for you. The building was established by the fans of the band to commemorate the glory of the band. Not only this, but you will find a museum completely dedicated to pop music.

Day 14, 15, 16 and 17; Visit to Kendal, Lakes District and Yorkshire Dales

After witnessing the stun of Liverpool you can head to the following towns in 1.5 hours. Kendal is a picturesque land with tons of mesmeric views. The Lake District is named so because of its dazzling lakes and craggy hilltops. Yorkshire Dales is twisting rivers along the valleys with green hills. You will find a number of attractions in these districts including Cruise Lake Windermere (a cruise experience in the popular lake Windermere), Hill Top Cottage (a 17th century house of a prominent lady is now a sort of monument having house and gardens), Villages in Yorkshire Dales (lush green valleys with splendid views), Gordale Scar (double waterfall cuts through the stones and cascades down to the rocks) and Bolton Abbey (ruins pertaining to 12th century; a look into the history).

Day 18, 19 and 20; Visit to York

After a 4 day stay in Kendal, Lake District and Yorkshire Dales; you can head to York and it won’t take more than 2 hours without stay. York is the unofficial capital of England with walled city and impressive history. Its streets are cobbled and historic that compels you to visit it for once. York Minster is the largest cathedral of Gothic in the northern Europe that lies in the heart of the city, the cathedral is known for having remarkable features including towers, high skyline and most important of all the Rose Window. The Shambles would be an enthralling experience as you will pass down from many shops, museums, restaurants and tour offices in here.

Day 21, 22, 23 and 24; Visit to Cambridge

Another sophisticated territory in England after Oxford; Cambridge’s air is elegant. The university is one of the oldest universities in the world with many attractions to allure the tourists. You can pay a visit to Kings College and Chapel which is a college founded in 1441. The college shows the Perpendicular Gothic architecture at its best. Tourists can also visit the Eagle Pub which is the only pub in Cambridge with WWII airmen graffiti on its walls and ceiling.

Day 25, 26, 27 and 28; Visit to London

If you take a train from Cambridge to London then it would take one to one and half hours to reach London. Without a doubt, one of the finest cities in the World; London is the capital city of England. History, architecture, food, shopping, culture or entertainment; London never disappoints its visitors. Though there is a hauled list of tourist attractions and explorations in London but here I will enlist few of them;

  • Hyde Park: stretched over an area of 350 acres, the park is visited by hundreds of tourists every day. You will find a number of landmarks inside the park including Serpentine Lake, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain and Speakers’ Corner. A must- visit in London!
  • British Museum: if you are in a mood to enjoy something absolutely free then a tour to British Museum is for you. British Museum shows the true English history and culture with its collection of around eight million spectacular pieces of art.
  • Camden Market: Camden Market is one of the largest markets of London selling at its peak at the weekends. From shopping articles to food and beverages; Camden Market brings you items from all across the world.
  • Kew Gardens: a UNESCO World Heritage Site; Kew Gardens are the freshest place a man can visit. You will find around 30,000 types of flowers and 14,000 trees; fill yourself with loads of oxygen!
  • London Eye: while discussing London, we cannot forget to discuss the London Eye which is the proud of Londoners. The Eye is a big giant wheel with finest architecture that brings the whole city into an eye of a bird.  A must to experience cheap flights from England while being in London!

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