Best Islands to visit around the World

islands of the world

This world is full of natural wonders and Mother’s nature spell and the best example to describe it are islands around the world that shows that world can be far better with trees, beaches, bays, caves, reefs, rainforests and cliffs. Here are best Islands around the world that you can make your next tourists spot.

  1. Bali: probably the most famous Island in the world, Bali receives 6.5 million tourists in year 2018 where the number has been increasing year per year. A majestic Island in Indonesia, Bali has dazzling beaches, pristine tall trees, sacred forest, terraced rice fields and ancient monuments. Not only the scenery is spellbinding in Bali but also there are great and vibrant number of activities and places to visit including theme parks, resorts, playing areas, zoos and fun festivals.
  2. Phuket: a honeymoon destination for the couples around the world, Phuket pure white sands, limestone cliffs and turquoise waters set it apart from other Islands. Phuket is Thailand’s most tourism receiving spot, hosting 5.3 million tourists around per year. Often referred as a piece of Paradise, this regal Island has everything from nest resorts and hotels to spa treatments and boat tours and the best part is that all this comes in relatively a very low price. Tourists can live in Phuket all by their hearts and can experience its flavors and perks. Thai cuisine in Phuket is also worth- trying including traditional dishes and beverages with a main ‘red chili’ ingredient.
  3. Palawan: Palawan is Philippines major attraction, enticing millions of tourists to its hometown. The Island has limestone peaks surrounding the dazzling sea and the mystic marine life ever seen. Palawan is exceptional with its palm rim, gleaming white sand, flourishing coral reefs and tropical fish but the attractions that add savor to its charm include its wildlife, emerald lakes and antiquated fishing towns. El Nido, Coron and Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park are other attractions, enhancing appeal of Palawan.
  4. Bora Bora: referred as ‘the pearl of the Pacific’, Bora Bora Island overflows with utmost beauty. The island abounds with luxurious resorts, blue skies, Luke waters and hospitable locals. There is a good number of things that tourists can do while being in Bora bora including exploring Bora Bora’s main port Vaitape, hiking Mount Otemanu and experiencing Bora Bora’s romantic tour. The Island is all time favorite by the tourists but there is a little catch; Bora Bora is expensive so if you are going to visit Bora Bora then make sure you have a thick pocket, ready to spend all time!
  5. Singapore City: the capital of Singapore, Singapore city is the most sophisticated city in the world with dozens of winning titles in greenery, cleaning, law regularity, airports, shopping and more. But the most alluring point about Singapore is its miraculously beautiful sight. The city maintains a remarkable equilibrium between its foliage and skyscrapers along with a savor of multicultural enclaves like Indian and Chinese. Sky high skyscrapers, magnificent museums, monumental peaks, pristine foliage, clear beaches and awesome street food are some of the highlights that play a huge part in making this Island a top class Island in the world.
  6. Maldives: the ace of Asia, Maldives is an Islanded country whose beauty is matchless. Picturesque perfect private villas, striking blue beaches, alabaster white sand seashores mesmeric sunsets are something to behold. The Island is famous with honeymooners who look for seclusion and adventures. Travelers can seek relaxation at one of the Island’s spa or can reconnoiter a best day in the capital city of Male. Snorkeling, swimming, kayaking, scuba diving, surfing and a lot of other water activities are fun to explore. Maldives is a subtle and quite attraction which is often considered an allurement among its many other allurements by the tourists who are more introvert.
  7. Canary Islands: home to fragranced pine forests, frightening volcanoes, latent sandy bays, beach hugging resorts and sun kissing shores, Canary Islands wear tantalizing spell up its sleeves. Situated in the southwest coast of Morocco, Canary Islands have Tenerife, another tourism catching site. With its outwardly landscape, extravagance outdoors, amazing art, magnificent architecture, and best relaxing sites; Canary Islands are best to soak your soul while relaxing with a tropical cocktail glass under bright sun.
  8. Seychelles: an Island that look like a scenery from a fairy tale, Seychelles has pristine archipelago of powdery beaches, lush foliage, most untouched trees, thriving coral reefs and gigantic boulders. Situated in east of Kenya, Seychelles is proud of Africans with its marine sanctuaries and excellent diving and snorkeling opportunities. A must when planning to tour an Isle full of fascination.
  9. Fiji: if you want to experience the perfect harmony among colors then Fiji Island is the best place to tell you about that. Translucent turquoise waters, silver sandy beaches, teeming coral reefs, resorts, sunbathing, swimming, diving, snorkeling and kayaking; Fiji is Australia’s go-to tropical seepage. Fiji is home to more than 300 Islands, providing a wide choice to the tourists to choose, from celebrity- styled villas to friendly- fashioned resorts to stay.
  10. Capri: welcoming around 2.3 million tourists per year, the glamorous Capri lives up to pretty hypes. Sea stacks and spiraling hills with greenery untouched, Capri has all what a travelers desires in his Island spree. The most popular allurement is Blue Grotto, a sea cave worth visiting. The best thing about Blue Grotto is that the natives row tourists and sing for them.
  11. Sardinia: a little heard island but worthwhile to be in the list; Sardinia is Italy’s special service. Sparkling white sand beaches with rugged coastal peaks and gusto cuisine, Sardinia is cultures’ magical blend. The magnificent Costa Smeralda (Emerald Coast) is Sardinia’s specialty. The Island has kept some gems in it including Gola su Gorropu, Alghero and Cagliari.

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