London Best Tourism Sights with shopping Malls

london shopping malss

Art, craft, shopping, culture, history, architecture, food, dining and a lot more; yes, I am talking about London. The city is like a treat with so many flavors to offer to its tourists. If you are visiting London for the first time and want to buy a lots of gifts for your loved ones that you can take back home then here I will tell you about the best and finest shopping places in London. If you are enlisting these tourist sights, then a look below will aid you to list it far much better.

Shopping Malls

  • Knightsbridge: a retail district in London; Knightsbridge is one of the most appealing shopping part of the city. One of the best shops in this shopping town is named as Harrods which is a famous British store. You will find almost every product that you want to buy. The store has variety of branded and local products and if you want to buy a present or two to take back home, Harrods is the best choice. Harrods is number one choice for shopping by millions of tourists that flock to London every year but from a native’s viewpoint, Harvey Nichols is the best shopping site in London; a store that provides all of the designer labels.
  • Oxford Street: Saying Oxford Street and Knightsbridge a rival in shopping industry would not be wrong because these two shopping sites are always in competition to have more customers. Oxford Street is a street filled with shops and is one of the busiest streets in the city. Oxford Street is considered as the heart of shopping in the city and has more than 300 shops in it. You can buy items like jewelry, cloth, shoes, cosmetics, furniture, food and beverages. You will find many local as well as international brands here.
  • Bond Street: every city has some extravagance lavish areas and if you are looking for one in London then Bond Street is the answer of your quest. The street has some most sophisticated and elegant designer shops that will compel you to buy something for your loved ones. Lavish brands like Tiffany & Co. and Carriers can be found on Bond Street. You will also find antique pieces and  art and craft articles in this area so if you are interested in one, try to buy from old auction houses as it will be cheap but will be brand new.
  • Covent Garden: if you are searching for loads and loads of variety then you need to buy from Covent Garden. The place offers you so much variety that you don’t have to think before buying. Women’s wear, kids’ wear and sweet treats are best here. Covent Garden has three main markets including East Colonnade Market, Jubilee Market and Apple Market.
  • Carnaby Street: the birthplace of the ‘mod’ movement, Carnaby Street is known as a trendsetter. The Street is known for introducing the latest fashions and to modernize the teens of Britain. The young people to break down the rules of their parents, started wearing bold clothes and listening rock music. The root to this entire hustle bustle was the Carnaby Street. It’s not only in the past but till today, the street is known for its cutting- edge clothing styles. Tourists can find a good number of shops, bars, cafes and restaurants in this area that makes your shopping extra tasty.
  • Westfield London: want to experience America in UK? Westfield London is what you should visit. The shopping mall is an American styled one with shops, food and a theatre under its roof. It is a place where you can buy all by your heart without being worried about going here and there. Tourists like to visit the Westfield London mall because it has more than 300 luxury shops residing inside the mall.
  • Jermyn Street: not only women want to look gorgeous but do men and if you are looking a place all dedicated to men then Jermyn Street is your place. Situated in the most historic and fashionable district of London, St. James; the Street is all about men fashion and brands, you can also stich a shirt or suit if you want because there are many tailor shops, shirt makers and suppliers.
  • King’s Road: walk like a king at the King’s Road because this road has all the elegancy that you ever desire. The area is alive since 1960s and from that time up till now, has offering only sophistication. Boutiques, high- street regulars, designer shops and interior design inspiration; all can be found at the King’s Road. As the road is a bit royal and lavish then other shopping areas so make sure to have a thick pocket or a credit card with plenty of balance because if you are going to buy a cute dress then surely you have to pay a lot.

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