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Alicante is spectacular city and one of Europe’s and Spain’s major holiday hubs, mostly preeminent for its vibrant festivals, dazzling sandy beaches and rocking nightlife. The coastal paradise on South Spain can proffer rich history as its roots gone back to the Roman Empire, breathtaking scenery, historic Baroque style architecture, stunning beaches and plenty of attractions and things to do. It is the second largest city of Valencia where travelers love to flock throughout the year. This year, if you’re planning your trip to this amazing city you need to know certain things to make your jaunt most memorable. Below we mention some of the tips that you need to keep in mind while traveling to Alicante.

Explore Alicante:

  1. When to Travel? Alicante is one of those places that you can travel any time in the year. The weather was good throughout the year but if you want to avoid the over crowd then don’t plan your trip during the summer months especially in June, July and August because these months enjoy peak tourist visits. Winters are great option to explore Alicante, as temperature is mild and streets are deserted so you can feel yourself getting lost in mesmerizing city.
  2. Guide from Alicante Airport to City Center: You can reach to the city center from airport via two options; either takes a taxi to your hotel or Alicante airport bus. The airport bus can charge you 3.33 pounds per person while the taxi cost you around 22 pounds. If you’re traveling in a budget or have family taking the airport bus is better option. The service is good and you don’t have to face any difficulty reaching your hotel. You can hop in Alicante airport bus from outside the arrivals hall and is called C6, it will take you to the city center. The bus stops at several points along the Explanada de Espana which is the main boulevard in the city.
  3. How to get Around the City? Tourists can rent a car at the airport that they can pick up on arrival or at the city center. There is no chance that you don’t barge into any rental car company in the arrivals hall; they allure you to book a car with their company to enjoy the best Alicante tour. Booking a car in the Alicante’s city center is another option. Next to the train station almost every car rental company has an office. To travel to Benidorm you can easily opt a train or bus that runs after every hour and take 1 and a half hours. Though it is an option but if you want to make the most of your Alicante holidays then go with renting a car option. Altea is must visit place in Alicante but you can’t explore this spectacular place unless you have a car.
  4. Museums are Free: Alicante is so rich in culture and history and they welcome you to explore their history soak museums without paying even a single penny. You can just walk in one of many museums in Alicante. Museo Arquelogico de Alicante, Museo de Hogueras, Museo The Ocean Race, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Alicante,  Museo de Bellas Artes Gravina and Museo de Belenes are some of the worth visiting museums in Alicante.
  5. Clothing Guide: Majority of the population in Alicante is catholic. If you want to visit any local church and temple you need to wear appropriate clothes. You may be reject to enter a church if you’re wearing too revealing or erotic clothes. Women need to wear long skirts or covering clothes while it is better for men to wear pants.
  6. Beaches are Municipal in Alicante: Beaches of Alicante are municipal so be ready to pay additional fees for the rental of sports equipment, sun loungers and umbrellas. If you are very fond of beaches and want to visit every day, it is better to buy your own umbrellas as renting them daily is quite expensive.
  7. Smoking is prohibited: In the entire city smoking in public places is prohibited and violators can be punished with large fines so keep this in mind. Most of the restaurants have special smoking areas and you can smoke in balconies at hotels as well.
  8. Tips are Necessary: Always pay tips in restaurants and cafes in Alicante. According to the rule, the tip amount is between 10 to 15 % of the total bill. Though the service bill is included in the bill but you should need to leave a small fee to a waiter.
  9. Autumn can be obstacle: During the Autumn, it rains a lot in Alicante so it may be not so good time for travelers who plan to devote much time to trips. Without knowing if you plan your holidays during autumn season it may seriously disrupt the excursion of your plan.
  10. Traveling: The entire Alicante city is quite convenient to travel by bus and subway as it is distinguished by a well-developed transport network system that spreads throughout the city.
  11. Bonfires of San Juan Festival: The stunning festival is celebrated annually on 24 of June. On Bonfires of San Juan festival day the city enjoys the several interesting performances and concerts. Many of the tourists plan their Alicante trip during this festival.
  12. Alicante is home to many parks and people love to spend time outside of their homes. Most of the parks proffer picnic areas for sports and kids play area. You can enjoy relaxing time at parks during your trip to Alicante. Some of the best parks in Alicante include Terra Natura, Terra Mitica, Aqua Natura, Aqualandia and Pola Park.
  13. Home to Many Languages: When you see people speaking several other languages in Alicante don’t be so surprised. There are many languages besides the official language spoken in the city including Basque, Catalan, Aragonese, Galician, Austrian and Leonese.
  14. Please your Taste Buds: Spanish Cuisine is considered one of the best cuisines in the world so make sure to try as many local dishes as you can during your trip to Alicante. Avoid Chinese, Italian or Thai food in Alicante or you will be seriously disappointed.

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