Things you need to know before traveling to South Africa

south africa

Amazing wildlife, ravishing resorts, unwavering beaches, and incredible traditions; South Africa is land of beauty and spell. The country endeavors immerse opportunities to its travelers whether you are looking for adventure or want to experience a safari tour. So, before going to South Africa, read this so that you can enjoy your spree without any hassle.

  1. A Developed Country: if you are traveling from the UK and looking down on South Africa thinking it is the third world, an undeveloped country then it is utterly not true. Though there are places that are shabby and tattered, South Africa also has luxury villas and finely paved roads. You can find extravagantly ravish restaurants and Supermart, gigantic shopping complexes and majestic museums as well. So, don’t look down to the country as it is beautiful and luxurious. Ghana Tourist Guide
  2. The best time to visit South Africa: Sun loves Africa and the whole African continent is hot, hotter and hottest; there are no winters in between. If you are planning  to visit Africa then tour the beautiful country in winter (which is actually summer) because in this way, you can enjoy all the outdoor activities including Safari tour, road trips, shopping, street wandering and more. Make sure to organize your plan for less-hotter months as months like June and July will probably spoil your tour savor.
  3. Things are cheap: things in South Africa are cheap as compared to that in the UK. The exchange rate is good so if you will take pounds along with you and change them in South African Rand, you can buy a lot of things.Accra Travel Guide
  4. Safaris are, however, expensive: though you will find relief in buying food, booking hotel, restaurant and stuff but to enjoy a Safari in South Africa, budget big because safari is expensive. The trademark of South Africa is Safari and therefore it is not a surprise that it is posh. There are budget-friendly combine tours to the Safaris as well but the one exclusive is more fun and elite.
  5. There is more than just Safaris: it is undeniable that South Africa is home to awesome wildlife and Safari experience but it is also true that the country has so much else to bestow too. There are a good number of adrenaline- boosting activities that you can experience as well including Sky diving, swimming, paragliding, shy Cage diving, Tandem Paragliding, A Helicopter Flight and more.ACCRA things to do
  6. Not a capital, its capitals: if someone is arguing that the capital of Africa is Pretoria but the other one is kept on emphasizing that its capital is Cape Town then don’t take sides as none of them is wrong. South Africa is probably world’s only country that has three capitals; one being the administrative capital of the country (Pretoria), one being the legislative capital (Cape Town) and one being the judicial capital) Bloemfontein. So before arguing, keep these three cities in mind as they all are the capitals of South Africa.
  7. It is Safe: it is somehow true that ‘the first impression is the last impression’ because South Africa had a bad reputation being a country where crimes, robberies, and thefts are normal, it is still considered the same as prior. Known to be an HIV- positive country further frightens the tourists. South Africa does has these issues (well, every other country also has these) but it is absolutely safe to travel to South Africa. Most of the travelers report that they never have a bad experience while being in the country and they have continued their journey without any hassle. The locals are hospitable and will guide and assist you in any way you need. Cheap Flights to South Africa
  8. South Africa is a slow-runner: remember the sloth in the movie Zootopia? That sloth must have belonged to South Africa because the country is extremely slow in doing almost every work. If you are visiting South Africa from the UK or any other European country, you are habitual to do things in a hurry. However, South Africa runs on its own time. So if you are waiting for your bill by the waiter, go to deposit something in the bank or waiting for the hotel clerk to check you in then hold tight because it will take a while. It’s not that these guys are lazy but things are done that way in South Africa. Also for a meeting to a local guy, don’t expect him to be on time because he ever will.
  9. A bit is better: there are officially more than 11 languages that are spoken in the country. Obviously, you cannot learn words from all of these but learning some local and frequently use words and phrases would be helpful. Calling for a taxi, asking for directions or buying something, you need to communicate the locals, one way or other so learn a few basic words that can help you to converse with the natives. Local petty sentences like Hello, Thank You, Welcome, Sorry, Goodbye, and some other words like that can make it quick to adjust among the locals. Nigeria Travel Guide
  10. A road trip is must: when you are in South Africa, don’t miss the chance of a road trip because it will take you see the spell of its surroundings. Rent a car (that is quite cheap) for a whole day and enjoy wandering here and there. Mesmeric sceneries and enthralling nature views will leave you spellbind.

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