Top Destinations in Dubai That has Worth Watching

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Referring Dubai as the heart of UAE would not be wrong because the city has almost all that the whole UAE can bestow. Known for its sky high buildings, extraordinary classic architecture, state of the art infrastructure, ultramodern construction and shimmery nightlife; the city is the luxurious shopping hub for the tourist. People from all across the world come to Dubai for fun, shopping and witnessing the mesmeric night life that they never experience before. Dubai is the most glamorous field that cannot be found anywhere else. A perfect amalgamation of profound customs and ambitious futuristic vision wrapped into starkly evocative desert splendor is what makes this city a must- visit destination.

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  • Shop land:

What lady would not love to shop and shop more at a reasonable, discounted price? Every lady of course does! The name sits right on Dubai when you fly from UK to Dubai because the city is best known for its shopping. Festivals like Dubai Shopping Festival make the tourists to crave for its visitation more. The festival is known not only for its special discounts and promotions but also a flawless vibe of live music, dance performances, concerts, fashion show and fun activities that make this event a complete family oriented yet enjoyable to its peak. Not one but another similar festival is also hosted by this magnificent city. Not a luxury but shopping is leisure in Dubai and shopping malls are much more than just mere assemblages of stores selling items.

  • Peaceful vitality of customs:

If you have to see harmony among many of the different cultures then visiting Dubai would be a best option because this city shows that there is no science to live in peach though you pertain to different cultures, race or religion. This peaceful atmosphere can be felt in the air of Dubai that endeavors a whole sense of security and a good mood to do what you want. Dubai is a bustling microcosm calmly shared by different customs from all corner of the world. This diversity is not a guess or hard to find but elicits itself in the enthralling landscape, Music, fashion and performances. Though Dubai is an Islamic city following the rules of Islam but still it bestows a complete freedom to the outsiders to carry their cultures in here in the way the desire. Conducive to break down cultural barriers and preconceptions makes Dubai a paradise for the tourists.

  • Sky is not that high:

In Dubai, the sky in real not seems to be too high because the giant- high buildings of this city make us to think like that. If you are in Dubai streets wandering then how it could be possible that you will remain yourself refrain from praising the marvelous architecture as well as infrastructure of this city. Admiring Dubai’ indefatigable verve, ambition and ability of the workers are a must being a visitor in the beautiful city. The society that had created the audaciously vertical buildings and palm shaped islands is now taking a good and huge advantage of it; the effort they put onto make this place a real fun site does not goes down. If you are thinking that the city has innovations only regarding the architecture then it is not true because Dubai is more paced up in science- oriented subjects than most of the other cities. Flying taxis, lightning- fast hyper loop train and a clan of Robocop for safety are all eliciting the mindset that doubtlessly embraces the future.

  • Nights are now not dark:

Literally the nights of Dubai never sleeps because the city loves a lot of its nocturnal. If you always long to see the best night life that is full of passion, fun and amuse then don’t miss the chance to go Dubai this season. The restaurants, sleek rooftop terraces, clubs, sizzling temples and bars are seem like a beehive, having searchers forever on the lookout for a good time. It does not really matter what age, budget o taste you pertain to, the city part spectrum covets perfectly it all. Fancy hotels are not what you will got lively at the night but also the diversions like shisha lounges, live- music venues, community theatre and sparkling new Dubai Opera make Dubai no. 1 hotspot for the fun hunters.

  • Dubai proffers a lot of good to see:

visiting UAE for tourism is recommended everywhere but why is that so? Many of the reasons have mentioned earlier but if you are planning to visit Dubai this season and trying to create of your doings and seeing in there, then how we can put ourselves behind? Here are the top destinations in Dubai that are worth watching in Dubai. Not these sites are eminence in the city but many of them are marked as world wondrous sites because of their uniqueness and exclusivity. Visit and explore Dubai and do each and everything that you never had before.

  • Burj Khalifa:

Dubai visitation without visiting Burj Khalifa is like drinking hot chocolate without whipping cream. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world. Burj Khalifa is a master piece representing the stunning architecture and finest engineering, Burj Khalifa is a skyscraper consisting of 180 floors as high as sky with height of about 2722 feet. The building was open for the public in 2010 six years after excavations began. The building’s tourism is long and high as it is itself so booking yourself beforehand will be a favorable practice. Try to book as soon as possible bur booking 30 days prior to your visit is a must and it can be done easily as the tickets are available to book online. The biggest celebrations Christmas and New Year’s Day a lot tend to happen at Burj Khalifa. So the best time to visit this giant and magnificent building is at these times where you will find loads and loads of amuse and enjoyment.

  • Burj al Arab:

Referring Burj al Arab as a sibling to the Burj Khalifa would not be wrong because Burj al Arab is the 3rd biggest Construction in the world making Dubai the only city in the world with such honor. Burj al Arab was completed in 1999 and from that time up till now the building has been serving as a proud of the Dubai’s natives. This mesmeric landmark site on an artificial island off Jumeirah Rd and has its own helipad and a fleet of chauffeur- driven Rolls Royce limousines. Striking lobby, gold- leaf opulence and attention gasping fountain is what make this 202 suites site a real gigantic place to visit. Not only the exterior but the interior is also worth visiting. Entering the lobby will give you a rough idea what the enthralling interior would b. red, blue and green color scheme and pillars draped in gold- leaf are the characteristics of the lobby. If you are staying then all is set but if you only want to visit and not a stay then you have to go through lobby security.

  • Jumeirah Mosque:

Ranked as Dubai’s most astounding mosque, it is snowy white and convoluted detail is added to it. Though mosques are a worship place of Muslim, these are open for Muslims only but Jumeirah Mosque is amongst handful site that is open to non-Muslims for a tour. It’s freely open so you don’t need to book before your visit. Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding operates one-hour guided tours and at the end you are free to ask question regarding Islam and Emirati culture. Cameras are allowed so you can capture the detail of the mosque and make your time memorable.

  • IMG Worlds of Adventure:

It has the honor to be stated as the world’s largest indoor theme park. Equivalent to the size of 28 football fields, it is lodged in an air-conditioned barn. It is US$1 billion park with four themed zones encompassing Cartoon Network, IMG Boulevard, Marvel and Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure having more than 20 rides and attractions. Divine food with high quality is offered over here and has a good range of healthy food. The quality of food definitely satisfies you and the site certainly makes you to come here again.

Souk Madinat Jumeirah:

If you are visiting Dubai then visiting this emporium is a must because this marketplace combines two different directed cultures with each other. In here you will find traditional Middle Eastern shopping culture of strands and stalls with a flavor of boutique brands, gift shops, luxury fashion and jewelry. 25 restaurants are ready to serve you the most gusto meal that you ever had from various cuisines. Each of these restaurants bestows a marvelous picture of Arabian architecture, waterways or the world famous Burj al Arab Jumeirah. Various entertainment activities are also there that will never leave you to get bored. From show stopping performances at the Madinat Theatre to Abra tours of the enchanting water canals and an endless nightlife that is full of fun and amusement.

  • Dubai beaches:

Referring some places a complete package is not wrong and Dubai is one of such attractions that have all from beach to desert and from shopping to wildlife to history. The beaches of Dubai are best to lay down and have some fresh air. Sunset beach is one of the iconic beaches that will give you the best view of Burj al Arab hotel. This beach is a perpetual hive of activity and has one of the most beautiful stretches of sand. JBR Beach boasts its juice bars, burger points and fashionable boutiques. Talking about the Dubai’s sportiest beach, we have got none other than Kite Beach where you can play full of your heart. Beach volleyball or standing- up at paddle boarding and kayaking, this beach will endow you to do all kind of water sports. La Mer is Dubai’s newest beachside destination endeavoring same sort of fun and entertainment. From delicious restaurants to standout boutiques it is fun to spend the day at here. Due to its location the Black Palace beach is named so that is right next to Dubai’s royal residences. This beach gives the most stunning sunset of the city that will cease your life for a moment. Make sure to grab the chance to see all of these beautiful beaches and add a whole new amazing experience in your life journal.

  • Dubai Safari Park:

If you are in Dubai with family then this is the best place of Asia you can go because not only it is fun- filled but also has a lot of knowledge for your kids. Kids are the parks most special visitors therefore a special team is formed to deal with them with extra care and in friendlier manner. The park’s main purpose is to enhance the surrounding awareness among the kids regarding animals and overcome their fears by offering a good piece of gen. Do visit Dubai Safari Park because it is probably the site where your children will have the most fun.

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