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Famed for unrelenting sunshine, strident nights, opulent structures, contemporary projects, luxurious accommodations, iconic landmarks, islands,  tradition, profound history, and rich diversity; UAE is ranked to be one of the best spaces in the entire world. It hides a lot to reveal to you which certainly amazes you and you may find the time shorter to explore more and more but numerous treasures would still be left to discover in this wide land. The federation of 7 emirates, UAE is an Arabian Isthmus nation. UAE is although a vast land with vast arrays yet it is intrinsically famous for its two largest cities, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, the cities which holds dozen of assets and attracts a large number of tourists.

History & Culture

47 years ancient land, UAE has become a global hub for tourism. It contains several historic sites which apprise you a lot about the history of UAE. Qasr Al Muwaiji is an impressive structure and is the birthplace of Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan that promotes the culture as well as the best place to learn the history. Al Jazeera Al Hamra proffers a nice glimpse of history. It’s a valuable slice of local history and still contains several ruins of the past.

UAE has several such stunning sites which though can’t tell you something in words but their nature and connection speaks a lot about the culture of UAE. Al Bithnah Fort is a splendid fort which clearly manifests that it’s built in past yet it’s maintained in a way that it looks like a newly built structure. It features a mosque inside the fort and overlooks the coast and sea. It’s not very busy so you could visit it leisurely. It’s a hidden gem and is rather informative. Al Fahidi is another attractive place to explore in UAE. It restores museums and historical structures from which you could get cultural, historical, and socio-political education. It makes you able to view Dubai in a different light and you could visit the old Dubai while being at this site. To explore old UAE, must visit the Heritage Village. You could do shopping in this traditional market. It’s the best place to visit to discover the roots of the region. It is a rich and old village in Abu Dhabi. Despite of it, there are several other historic sites to explore encompassing Umm Al Quwain Museum, Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization, Saruq Al Hadid, Dibba Village, Al Maqtaa Fort, and much more.


UAE proffers such art exhibitions which certainly makes you to think over the creativity and talent of the artists and expose may of the facts about a certain place. Dhow Yard is an interesting place to explore here you could know about the procedure to make traditional dhows. Many boat makers, tools and boats are to be seen here. Here you could discover very closely hat how the boats are made. Al Quoz is a vibrant place accoutering art galleries, malls, and cafes. It proffers lovely art to sightsee and apprehend. It places the contemporary art by budding artists and exhibits the local art of Dubai. Maraya Art Centre radically inaugurated as the art gallery has many such artworks that would catch your eyes. It is well-maintained gallery with a restaurant. Sharjah Art Foundation is the centre which make public closer to the art via several interesting art activities and exhibitions. Furthermore, you could visit AlSerkal Avenue, Dubai Opera, Dubai International Financial Centre, Dubai Design District, Al Majaz, and Al Qasba.


UAE is a worldwide famous space since it is succeeded to reflect its history along with the acquirement of modernity. UAE is famous for having the tallest building in the whole world, named as Burj Khalifa. From its top, you could grasp the stunning sight of entire Dubai and could behold the site of several panoramic views. Palm Jumeirah is also one of the best examples of modernity in UAE. The perfect spot to entertain your kids is non-other than Al Ain Zoo. It offers bird show, safari, and dinosaur trail. The most popular park with cascades, museum, aquarium, train, and amusement park; Khalifa Park is really a prodigy to explore.

Natural splendor

UAE is blissed enough to have numerous eye-catching natural sites. The Hajar Mountains is a lovely site to behold the sight of. These mountains offer hiking, bird watching, and spectacular scenery. The desert holds a worth significance in the most visited tourist attractions catalogue. This desert holds the unique and most natural setting with long stretches of sand dunes and other species. The hub of pink flamingos seems glorious even in imagination then how stunning it looks in reality! Al Zorah Nature Reserve is one amongst the most unique sites to discover. Dubai MIRACLE Garden is really a miracle or wonder of nature. Hatta, Bu Tinah Island, Sir Ban Yas Island, and The Green Planet are the other few must visited sites while being in UAE.


Fun is the prerequisite part of a cruise and a cruise couldn’t be done without this element. Some of the best fun places in UAE encompass Ski Dubai, Wild Wadi Waterpark, Global Village, Aquaventure Waterpark, Motiongate Dubai, Sunboarding, Quad Bike and Camel ride at Al Khayma Camp. All such places are worth- visiting because they endeavor the utmost fun to the tourists. Travel to UAE and have the ultimate fun that you always dreamt off.

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