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Cheap Flights to Bangladesh
  • Dhaka
    ..................................... from £428 pp
  • Sylhet
    .....................................from £449 pp
  • Chittakong
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  • Cox'c
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  • Savar
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Top Airlines From UK to Bangladesh
  • British Airways
  • Saudi Airlines
  • Fly Emirates
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Etihad Airways

Bangladesh Top Destinations
  • Dhaka
  • Chittagong
  • Rajshahi
  • Khulna
  • Barisal

Flights To Bangladesh

The king of waters; Bangladesh is the country that has been braided with rivers, lakes and sparkling cascades. The country is known to be the Asia's greenest jewel along with the affluent culture waiting to be explored by the outsiders.

Bangladesh proffers a lot to see

A warm welcome with open arms

Like the rest of the continent, Bangladesh is the country with most hospitable people. The Bengali culture is utmost welcoming that accepts and open doors for the tourists. Once you get in Bangladesh, you will be treated very warmly and if you want to make some local friends then socializing with them with a cup of tea would do the work.

A land of waters

The country is referred as the river country because Bangladesh is braided together by more than 700 rivers, giving a lush landscape with more shades than you can imagine. Boating is a real cool stuff here to do because this will not only make you able to explore a lot of marine life but also the end- sight blue water will make you to know the real definition of beauty.

Discover what's unknown

The mangrove forests and cat-family of Sundarbans National Park are Bangladesh's most hidden riches. The country is always known for its turquoise waters and marine life but it is a host of lesser-known attractions that are still waiting to be discovered including Buddhist remains at Paharpur and mosques and mausoleums of Begarhat pertaining to 15th century. Majority of the country is Muslim but tracts of minorities can still be found in hills that have pretty story to tell as well.

Disclaimer! Slow down for good

Bangladesh is for sure a beautiful country that has to be visited but slowing down is recommended when you are there. The infrastructure is poor and attention- needed tourist industry makes the tourists to manage all on their own. Rushing is not at all recommended; take everything slow as it is the way things go in Bangladesh. Commemorations are always welcome in the country but remember that Bangladesh is a Muslim country so alcohol isn’t a more welcoming thing here because celebrations can be made even without alcohol.

Airlines operating flights to Bangladesh

British Airways, Air India, Turkish Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qatar Airways, Emirates, Biman and Kuwait Airways are the airlines that bestow flights to Bangladesh from UK. Though Bangladesh is not a more typical destination from UK but still there are many airlines offering frequent flights to the country. Being flexible with your dates can bring cheap flights to home. All of the above mentioned airlines are almost similar in their services so choose the one that offers most discount and amenities. You can choose any of these airlines but Emirates provides a higher level of luxury that can make the long- haul flights more comfortable and amusable than others.

Flight duration from UK to Bangladesh

The average time is around 9 hours to fly from UK to Bangladesh although time may vary from city to city. For example, it will take 9 hours and 45 minutes to fly from London to Dhaka, 9 hours and 50 minutes from Manchester to Dhaka, from Birmingham to Dhaka flight duration will be same as of Manchester route and it will take 9 hours and 55 minutes to fly to Dhaka from Glasgow.

Airports serving flights in UK and Bangladesh:

Main airports in UK include London City Airport, London Luton, London Gatwick, London Stansted, London Heathrow, Birmingham International, Manchester International and Glasgow International Airport. Your flights will be landed mainly at Dhaka Hazrat Shahjalal International airport which receives 90% of the flights from UK which is the biggest and most prominent airport of the country.

Best time to visit Bangladesh

The time of most tourists in Bangladesh lies between November and February when you can grab a lot while being in the country. Temperature is moderate with no rain that makes it a perfect time to hangout outside. Booking at New Year or at some other festival will bring expensive flights so make sure to book in advance to secure cheapest flights.

Best time to book flight to Bangladesh

Booking your flight 3 or 4 weeks is recommended as in this way, you will be able to enjoy less flight fares. Being flexible with your flight dates is another way to bring cheap flights home. Booking in the months of November or December can save your pocket up to many pounds.