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Cheap Flights to Canada

  • Toronto
    ..................................... from £318 pp
  • Vancouver
    ..................................... from £336 pp
  • Montreal
    ..................................... from £341 pp
  • Banff
    ..................................... from £373 pp
  • Calgary
    ..................................... from £373 pp
  • Niagara Falls
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Top Airlines From UK to Canada

  • Lufthansa
  • Air Canada
  • Finn Air
  • Air New Zealand
  • British Airways
  • KLM
  • Aer Lingus

Canada Top Destinations

  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Montreal
  • Ottawa
  • Calgary
  • Edmonton

Flights To Canada

What comes first in your mind when you heard about maple leaves? Canada of course but Canada has glory much more than that. The evening walking among the harbor and the serving of a lifetime in a solo trip is all what you will get in this enchanting country. Hulky mountains, gusto meals, moose spotting road trips, rock cool culture and much more is just a bit farther than you; grab the chance to visit Canada via Elite Travels and make this season the season of maple-memories that will remain forever.

Culture is the ground

Culture makes a ground of every nation’s identity and Canadians know it very well. That is the reason that these people have never let go their customs and have display them in every corner of the country. Every city elicits the Canada’s culture in its own way and all of them are beautiful just as its people. Either have some coffee at a sidewalk bistro in Montreal or eat some gooey slurp Ramyeon (noodles) in the capital of Canada. If you are in mood of some fun then Cape Breton Island is super that you got. Experience some kayak between rainforest- cloaked Aboriginal towns on Haida Gwaii and what about the cultural beat-up music that will for sure compel you to dance loud?

Canada proffers a lot to experience

the outdoors of this country is as great as its cultural sites and one cannot remain fulfilled without visiting them. Nature is quite at positive terms with Canada so you will be endow to take a close look upon the nature’s beauty that you never felt before. sky-high hills, royal whitish glaciers, spectacular rainforests, variety of mesmeric landscapes, lush green forests and blistering beaches are ready to serve you a whole new experience of fun and beauty. You will also get variety of animals that you do not have seen regular like polar bears, regular bears, whales and moose. Experience the nature with Canada having plenty of fun activities to do that is hard to find anywhere else. If you are already planning your trip then must mark Niagara Falls as top spot to be visited.

Outdoor activities

You are not only bounded to see some super beautiful views and go home but there are number of activities that can be done for fun. Do snowboarding in Whistler’s hills, kayak the white and frothy South Nahanni River, surf Nova Scotia’s swells or stroll Vancouver’s Stanley Park; the choice is all yours.

Food Smorgasbord

Yes, the country has been known for its plenty of delicious food and variety of cuisine. From Italian to Turkish; there is not a single cuisine that you will not find in Canada. Lobster, sea food, wild salmon, velvety scallops, poutine (fries topped with gravy and cheese curds), seasonal fruits, piquant cheeses and much more is waiting for you to come, eat and admire.

Art speaks

You do not have to be a native to understand what a country’s arts bestows because arts own language speaks loud enough to get into the soul. Canada’s culture has a vibrant side filled with arts that can be enjoy from festivals like International Fringe Theatre Festival in Edmonton to mega museums like Ottawa’s National Gallery. Toronto the hub of Award Shows, fashion shows and other events pertaining to showbiz is a top notched destination for the showbiz lovers. Montreal’s’ Jazz Festival makes you to dance whereas Toronto’s Star studded film festival that draws global crowd will leave you breathless. Make the part of such gigantic events and brace yourself to have at the most.

Best time to fly Canada

Canada's winters are matchless in chills and if you are from Asia, you might get freeze in the winter months. September and October are considered the best months to visit Canada and the main reason is its temperature. Weather is pretty suitable in autumn months and changing colors of the fall foliage will spellbound your eyes. Not only the weather is perfect to hang out but most of the outdoor activities can be enjoyed. The only drawback peak season has that there are millions of tourists around the country that will make your trip pretty expensive.

Best time to book you flight to Canada

As mentioned earlier, Canada is recommended a no- to- go in winters because of endless cold that is hard to withstand. You can find cheapest flights to Canada however in winters or off- season because not much of the tourists visit it in the cold months. If you are a winter lover and also are running low on budget then the situation is perfect for you to visit it in the off-season. Introverts or peace lovers can also give a try to visit in the low season. Try to book your flight as prior your trip as you can as it will save your money. Being flexible with your flight dates is a good mean to save your pocket.

Time required reaching Canada

If you are initiating your flight from any city of United Kingdom to any city of Canada then it will take on average about 7. 5 hours. The time mentioned is of flight though check- in and check- out times is not included. If you can count them in then your flight is a bit hauled from UK to Canada. Try to pack good things that you will go to need for about 8 hours in your carry baggage to avoid any inconvenience during your flight.

Airlines to fly with

There are plenty of airlines that bestow direct routes towards Canada from UK including the flag carrier airline Air Canada, American airlines, Icelandair, Lufthansa, Air France, KLM and Brussels airline. All of these airlines are similar in their service endeavoring so try to opt on the basis of extra amenities offered during flights.

Around the country

You can have the option to take a taxi provided by different taxi companies or also can rent a car by a car rental for a congenial stay. Walking is also a good idea that will make you to see every tiny corner filled with bunches of customs and culture.

Travel with Elite Travels

Make your travelling most congenial and comfortable by travelling with Elite Travels. Elite Travel is one of the most reliable travel agency of UK endeavoring best services to its customers. Make your visit a worthy one to Canada travelling via Elite Travels.