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Cheap Flights to Gambia
  • Banjul
    ..................................... from £310 pp
  • Serrekunda
    .....................................from £317 pp
  • Bakau
    .....................................from £322 pp
  • Brufut
    .....................................from £318 pp
  • Kunkujang
    .....................................from £312 pp
  • Bijilo
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Top Airlines From UK to Gambia
  • Lufthansa
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Brussels Airlines
  • Air France
  • Turkish Airlines

Gambia Top Destinations
  • Banjul
  • Brikama
  • Bakau
  • Sukuta
  • Farafenni

Flights To Gambia

If you are thinking Gambia to be a country not more than just sun and surf then you are my friend wrong because the serene river trips, sweeping stretches of sand, teeming wildlife and troops of wily colobus monkeys will blow up your mind. A birder’s delight of Africa; Gambia like the rest of the continent leaves you breathless because of its endless natural enchant and charm. Although the smallest country of Africa, the captivating array of attractions belies Gambia’s tiny area. Gambia has a mere 80 km of coastline and this magnificent stretch composed of golden beaches with swaying palms and scenic lagoons making it a must for the tourists to come.

Gambia proffers a lot to see

  • Abuko, ranked to be one amongst the region's best bird-watching haunts has vast diversity of flaura and fauna species. The basic particularity of this park's popularity is Nile crocodiles and other such slithering animals. From here, you can have breath-taking views in your sight.
  • If you are a history lover and desires to explore the fascinating evidences of African culture, then Wassu Stone Circles is the perfect site for you to reach. Here, a well-maintained museum with exhibits has several hidden secrets regarding history that can be made known by visiting the museum.
  • Reconnoitering glory, joy and art is the actual art of life so, don't miss even a single chance to do so if you'll have. Must visit the street situated near the village of Kubuneh that has a lot to exhibit. The striking images of nature and nature’s objects are waiting for the visitors to be admired and come along with your kids here.
  • Add some thrill to your cruise. Now move towards the sacred site, Kachikally Crocodile Pool that is considered to be one of the most popular spots for tourists in Gambia. It is a hub of myriad Nile crocodiles and if you are daring enough then these crocodiles can be touched. After this, don’t forget to visit the small museum that is replete with art and tradition.
  • A good couple of hours is required if you are going to plan for visiting Albert Market while being on a voyage to Gambia. This market is a pivot of activities with stacked stalls of stuff from shimmering fabrics to colorful fruits and vegetables, and other households.
  • El Sol is one of the best bars in the Senegambia area that serves Latin banquet. The setting of this eatery is rather appealing with stylish and contemporary interior and with a few outdoor tables. A large variety of mouth-watering cuisine is offered and you will certainly desire to have a meal here again.
Airlines to travel with Royal Air Maroc, United Airlines, Iberia, Air Canada, Lufthansa, Turkish Airlines, Thomas Cook Airlines, Vueling and Air France are the airlines that operate flights to Gambia from UK. The services offered by all the airlines are almost alike but a minor discrepancy definitely occurs in the services relative to their fares and costs. 100 % of the direct flights from London to Gambia (Banjul) are by Thomas cook. Explore a lot as much as you can and pick the one that suits you the most so you don’t have to regret over your money afterwards.

Airports operating flights to Gambia

Initiate your flight from any of the airports of UK including London Heathrow Airport, Stansted Airport, London City Airport, London Gatwick and London Luton to the capital of Gambia Banjul at Banjul International Airport.

Best time to visit Gambia

The climate of Gambia is subtropical with dry or rainy season. Temperatures can get extremely warm but still it is cooler along the coast which is the most-visited tourist attraction. October to April is the time period when there is the least rainfall and myriad tourists prefer to choose this time so they can move around Gambia easily and avail there time in the best. June to October is the lower season for tourism so it’s good to pick this time to visit Gambia as you don’t have to stuck in the crowds and you can find cheap flights at this time.

Best time to book flight to Gambia

Early November to early April is the time when Gambia shows the breath-taking views and the beaches looks more pleasant but if your pocket don’t permit you and you are tight in your budget then June to October is the best time to book a flight. Although it is a rainy season, you can find the cheapest flights in these 5 months. Sandy beaches, stunning islands and placid beaches look more appealing in this season and it’s rather fine to book your flight during this period.

Time duration of flight

The average time required to reach Gambia from UK is 6 to 8 hours depending upon the airline and airport you are travelling from to travelling to. Flight from London to Gambia takes 6 hours 5 minutes. It is worthy to mention that the time cited above is for direct flights and in otherwise case passengers have to spend more time in their flight when travelling via an indirect route.

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