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International Departures to Ghana

  • Accra
    ..................................... from £288 pp
  • Akosombo
    ..................................... from £288 pp
  • Tema
    ..................................... from £288 pp
  • Madina
    ..................................... from £288 pp
  • Kasoa
    ..................................... from £288 pp
  • Aburi
    ..................................... from £288 pp

Top Airlines From UK to Ghana

  • British Airways
  • Royal Air Maroc
  • KLM
  • Lufthansa
  • Emirates
  • Kenya Airways
  • Brussels Airlines

Top Airlines From UK to Ghana

  • Accra
  • Kumasi
  • Takoradi
  • Tema
  • Cape Coast
  • Obuasi

Cheap flights to Ghana

If you are in a mood to dance on a real wild beat than what other place will work better than Ghana? This signature beauty of Africa makes you to love it at the very first sight. The country has been overcoming the crisis of the past and is reaping the benefits of a stable democracy in the form of a paced development; assuring calm and protected spree to its visitors. So, grab the cheapest flight to Ghana and enjoy a ride of amuse with some incredible energy.

Ghana attractions

Ghana is a spellbinding destination full of culture, history, affection, scenery, wildlife and delicious foods. Here are few of the must- see in Ghana.

  • The capital of the country Accra is a true attraction and due to amazing facilities for the tourists, the place is a hotspot in Ghana. If you are in Ghana and have not tour Accra, your spree can neither be completed nor amusing.
  • Similar to the other continent, Ghana is gifted with natural beauty. The country faces the Atlantic Ocean and is blissed with some mesmeric beaches, pristine clarity and white seashores that look like a fairy tale. You can visit plenty of remarkable beaches in the all four regions of Ghana.
  • Situated at the north of Cape Coast, Kakum National Park is a must in your bucket list. The reason is its undisturbed coastal forest that is a home to an amazing rainforest canopy walkway. We recommend visiting the park in early morning before the arrival of crowd and queues.
  • Natural beauty and Africa; the two words always sounds so similar. Ghana is blessed with scenic beauty so tourists can see the spell of nature that they never had seen before. Walking tracks inside forests, exceptional hiking at the Umbrella rocks, the Tanoboase Scared Grove or the tallest peak of Ghana Mount Afadjato; every object will make you to praise the wonder of nature.
  • To enhance the beauty of nature’s charm, wildlife aids a lot to Ghana. The country is endless in terms of providing safari destinations coveting a vast and varied habitat having rare flora and fauna that many of the tourists have never seen before.
  • If you are touring Ghana, then don't forget to take a look upon Volta region as well because it will never going to disappoint you. Volta region is a territory with extraordinary remarkable scenery with finest details. Rolling valleys, beautiful hills, rocky outcrops and various waterfalls make this region one of the most attractive present for the people.

Best time to explore Ghana

Ghana is a well-known tourism attraction in Africa so it will be difficult to find cheap flight to Ghana specifically in the peak season. Like the rest of the continent, the weather is all around the year hot, bright and sunny. However the months of extreme cold like December and January are not that cold in Ghana but bestow a best time to visit the country. Therefore it will be most difficult to find a cheap flight to Ghana in December where the flights are most expensive.

Best time to book flight to Ghana

Despite of the month you are planning to book your flight to Ghana, aim to secure your flight as prior as you can. It is better to book 4 months earlier if you can. Although, the fares do not remain same and are always in competition but still booking in advance can aid you a lot in enjoying some discount. Being flexible with your dates will help you to secure the cheapest flights to Ghana. April to July is the wettest and the hottest time in the country so if you can deal with that, you can find cheaper flights as compared to other months.

Time duration to fly from London to Ghana

On average, it will take 6 hours and 30 minutes to fly from London to Ghana. As most of the flights are landed on Accra airport therefore the average time is from London to Accra. The time is only for light and if we include the time at the airport and custom etc. then it will time even longer.

Airports serving flights from London to Ghana

London has five main airports that regulate hundreds of flights to hundreds of city. Among London Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, London City Airport, Luton Airport and Stansted Airport you can choose any of them; try to search and choose the one that is good in keeping time. As Ghana is not really well- developed country and has been arise from the ashes of the crisis therefore it has a few International airport; Accra being the modest. If you are initiating your flight from any airport of London then your landing destination will be Accra Kotoka Airport.

Airlines operating flights from London to Ghana

A good number of airlines operate from London to Ghana (Accra) including KLM, British Airways, Egypt Airs, Iberia, American Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada and Lufthansa. Almost all of the airlines are similar in their amenity's deliverance so you can opt any of them along with you have a good experience before or is recommended by some peer. Some of the airlines however bequeath additional and seasonal on- board offers so if you will search thoroughly before booking your flight, it will help you to grab some discount. You will probably don’t get a hand on discount but can enjoy some services inside the flight.