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Iraq:God is the Greatest



Cheap Flights to Iraq
  • Al Najaf
    ..................................... from £401 pp
  • Baghdad
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  • Basrah
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  • Erbil
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  • Sulaimaniyah
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Top Airlines From UK To Iraq
  • Emirates Airline
  • Turkish Airlines
  • Pegasus Airlines
  • Lufthansa Airways
  • Atlasjet
  • Austrian Airline
  • Etihad Airways

Iraq Top Destinations
  • Baghdad
  • Mosul
  • Basrah
  • Erbil
  • Najaf
  • Karbala
  • Kirkuk

Flights To Iraq

If you are living in UK then the first idea after hearing Iraq's name would be a territory with smoky battlefields, cruise missiles and charging tanks. That’s not your fault to think like that because the country has been presented in a way so. It is true that Iraq has been struggling with political strife and conflicts since many years but it is not like that this Middle East country does not have anything to offer to its visitors at all. When you visit Ira, you will find that it has a lot to bestow especially the ancient buildings and historic architecture is worth mentioning here.

Iraq has been through many eras; from its glorious days to the days of blooding wars but now the country finally is succeeded to find its way on the world's map. The surge turned in favor of the Iraqi government with the recapture of Mosul and other cities in the recent year. So if you are interested to tour Iraq or have to go for business purposes, we advise you to stay in the safest cities and to avoid restricted one.

What to see in Iraq?

  • Erbil: The city of Erbil is 7,000 years old and has an illustrious history that can be compared to other great cities like Cadiz and Byblos. The massive castle in the center of the city is the great highlight that is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Kurdish Textile Center and Erbil Civilization Museum are worthy to visit here.
  • Baghdad: Once a hub to Islamic education and literature, Baghdad still bestow a lot to its visitors. Copper bazaars, Assyrian treasures in the National Museum and monuments are still there to give a warm welcome to the visitors.
  • Basra: The city of Basra is as old as Islamic Civilization and did exists when not much civilizations where existed. The city of Basra is covered in palm forests and lined with sunny paths that are admired by sun worshippers.
  • Karbala: Though Iraq is an underrated tourists’ destination but thanks to the city of Karbala, it receives more than 30 million pilgrims every year. By pilgrims mean that it is an extremely sacred site to visit by Muslims especially for the Islamic sect ‘Shiite’ because of the Imam Husain Shrine that is the resting place of Imam Husain AD who died in a battle known as the famous battle of Karbala.
  • Sulmaniyah: One of the most welcoming and relaxing destination in Iraq; Sulmaniyah is deemed safe to visit. The city is located on the rugged mountains in northern Iraq and has a relatively cool climate from the rest of the country so making your way to Sulmaniyah will be a pleasant decision.

Airlines operating flights to Iraq

British Airways, Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Pakistan International Airlines, Emirates, Egypt Air and Royal Jordanian are some prominent airlines that bestow flights from UK to Iraq. All these airlines are similar in their services and on-board amenities. It is recommended to check thoroughly an airline you are travelling with so that you can enjoy discounts and offers.

Flight duration from UK to Iraq

The average time to visit Iraq from UK is 5 hours and 35 minutes. The time may vary from city to city and from airline to airline. It should be noted that the time mentioned above is for a direct flight that will be more in case of an indirect/ connecting flight.

Airports serving flights in UK and Iraq

Major airports in UK include London Heathrow, London City Airport, London Luton, London Stansted, London Gatwick, Manchester International and Birmingham International Airport. Najaf International, Basra International, Baghdad International and Erbil International are the airports receiving flights from UK and other major destinations all across the world.

Best time to visit Iraq

March and November are the two most favorite months by tourists to visit Iraq. March is a spring month with lots of flowers, greenery and fragrance everywhere whereas November is good to visit Iraq if you are a winter person.

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