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Flights To Malta

Malta is a place full of outwardly landscapes and sceneries that are hard to find anywhere else in Europe. The country is known for its affluent history and architectural elegancy that makes a perfect combo to be witness as a tourist. A glory packed in minor archipelago is what makes this place an extraordinary visitation among the people. Beside of the beautified views of the country, its prehistoric temples, fossil- studded cliffs, latent coves, thrilling scuba diving and an intense remarkable history act as attractive sites for the visitors.


The base of life: the stoned stretches of coast that end up in dizzying limestone cliffs with sheltered bays hiding golden beaches and clear water are jewels of the Malta’s mesmeric scenery. The view of beaches looks amazing and you cannot only confined to enjoy it from far away but can make yourself in the water in blue traditional craft, yachts and speedboats. The waters are said to have their own lives for none, snorkelers and scuba divers have to explore a lot even underneath; in the water. A whole world of caves, crags and wrecks is ready to be explored. If you are already planned to visit the water- sides of Malta then don’t miss the chance of taking a ferry journey across Grand Harbor in Valletta that is a complete adventurous experience in itself.

Smooth amalgamation of cultures

roman culture is prominent in the Malta’s customs but with the passage of time, the culture of it gets beguiling mixed with other cultures that have stewed together from one generation to the next. Traditional food mixes Sicilian and Middle Eastern flavors and ended up endeavoring a new flavor with native ingredients like honey and rabbit. The reason behind this smooth yet meaningful amalgamation of different cultures cannot be possible without the natives; thanks to their hospitality and warmth, the country is living in peace and harmony. Not only the natives are happy with this Mediterranean mixing but also the tourists can relax in this easy environment. Prominent marks of 21st century sophistication and advancement can be seen however there are also places where you will find the traces of the primeval like Gozo where mammoth churches existed over non- noisy towns.

History's mystery

The prehistoric sites of the country were built by elegant and well- informed temple constructors who also left sculptures of fat ladies and miniature figurines. These statues were the survivals of the millennia and are now the guests of Malta’s many of the fascinating museums. The temples and towers standing at the seashores give the true depiction of the glory of Malta's history. The most eminent among them is Hal Saflieni Hypogeum that is a 5000 years old necropolis carved from a living rock. Other than this, there are various sites standing proudly to elicit the legacy of the ancients and visitation of them has to be your visit-list priority.

Face of Contemporary architecture

The geographical location of Malta makes it advantageous for the country to become the most alluring and captivating site for the tourist for visitation. The islands of Malta look liked Heaven on earth and the capital Valletta that was built by the Knights of St John is a harmonious grid. Mdina and Victoria are two other eminent figures, dot the coast bestowing the best scenes that you never had experienced before. Fishing boats are random but in Malta they also resonate with the past similar to the boats of their Phoenician ancestors. Despite of being a small country, Malta has gained so much popularity among the tourist and has become a prominent tourism destination; thanks to its enthralling sights and mesmeric sceneries.

Best time to visit Malta

If you want to lay down at the seashore enjoying the view of sonorous waves in the sunshine then summer months are best however unlike other tourist destinations that are at their peak season only for few months or season, Malta is also perfect to be visited in winter. If you desire to take a walk or make an activity holiday then cooler months are right on choice. Making a tour in September or October will be best because November and December are months of the most rain. Grab a flight to Malta this season and visit the beauty of nature that you always wanted to.

Best time to book your flight to Malta

As there is no particular off season for Malta you can make your trip throughout the year. Booking your flight too early is not a necessary but booking it 2 to 4 weeks prior will be enough to gain the best facilities and congenial journey in Malta. You can book your flight to the last moment but cheap flight in this case cannot be assured. Being flexible with your dates can benefit you while dealing with your pocket. If you are running low at budget then try not to book your flight in the peak times when school break up holidays are going on as this will drive up the fare of your ticket.

Time to fly from UK to Malta

The flight is not too hauled and it will take only 3 to 4 hours to reach Malta if you have initiated your jaunt from UK. It will take 3 hours and 20 minutes to reach Malta form London, 3 hours and 25 minutes from Manchester, 3 hours and 20 minutes from Birmingham and from Glasgow you will reach Malta in 4 hour and 10 minutes.

Airlines to fly with

Airlines like Ryanair, British airways, Easy let and Air Malta are few of the airlines that bestow cheap and direct flights to Malta. All of these airlines endeavor the best however have slight changes in Schedule, policies, schemes and facilities offers. Ryanair or Esy let increase the checked baggage amount in summers so try to avoid these if you are visiting Malta in hot months.

From airport to the city

Bus or shuttle services are two best options that will make you to reach the city without any problem. Shuttle can be reserved online beforehand to avoid any inconvenience. Taxi is another appropriate mean to travel but will be expensive especially when you accommodation will be in Paradise Bay to somewhere far from the airport.