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Flights To Portugal

Portugal is not all about Crazy and die-hard fans of football and Portuguese team but there is a lot more what you will see while being in Portugal. The country has a range of doings that may not finish till your last hour in Portugal. Magnificent buildings, royal castles, vibrant streets, cobblestoned towns, shimmering cities, gusto meals, blistering beaches; there is not a single thing that you cannot be able to find being in Portugal. Grab the very first chance to fly Portugal and make a whole new experience that will when retrieved will be a source of great joy and pleasure.

Past has ever remained along with Portugal

Even today the deep marks left by the primeval people are clearly depicted in this Iberian nation\s customs and culture. Celts, Romans, Christians and Visigoths all have left traces of them and those traces were so affluent that they cannot be erased from Portugal’s history or even from present. There are a good number of historic places that can turn into your visitation sight this season while in Portugal. You can take a glance of almost 20,000 year old stone carvings in the Vila Nova de Foz Coa, experience a whole new world in the corridors of Tomar, Balem and Alcobaca or sit in front of the sunset over mysterious megaliths outside Evora; all serving breathless historic beauties.

Portugal is packed with fun events

If you are thinking that only some buildings will be there for you to visit and have some pictures then cut the idea off because the fun activities Portugal gives you will make your trip the most amusing one. Festivals are always on- air and no date in calendar will be found free to be in your room getting bored. Drink, dance, party and sing as much as you want like in Lisbon’s Festa de Santo Antonio or Porto’s Festa de Sao Joao. Kick your heels hard while parting in Alfama, join the endless nights in Bairro Alto or drink the way- full in the bars of Porto.

Breathless landscapes

The view Portugal bestows unfolds the beauty of this historic country with its startling variety. You can hike amid the granite hills of Parque Nacional da Peneda- Geres or take in the pristine view and ancient towns of the little- explored Beiras. Soak up the mesmeric splendor over the coast and make yourself real cool while at a beach side. What will be more soothing than watching a dolphin dancing in the lush Sado Estuary? Boat, dive, kayak, surf and swim in the turquoise waters that Portugal has for you.

Off season

Cold months are normally considered as off season. Also the spring time witness a very little crowd which means you can easily find cheapest flights from Portugal to Alicante around this time of the year. One more advantage of booking your flight in these seasons is the reduced hotels’ fares. The demerit is a lot of attraction places, restaurants and bars will find to be closed. If you are still visiting Alicante in winter or in spring then don’t forget to pay a visit to the castle on Santa Barbara Hill to get the mesmeric view of the city.

Food like nowhere else

Beside of all the enthralling landscapes, history and architecture; the thing that attracts most of the travelers is food. Food depicts the true color of a nation and the way of serving it depicts the level of sophistication that a nation has. Portugal never disappoints in both sectors to its visitors. Fresh bakery products, fresh farm fruits, dairy products, smoked meats, sea food or cataplana (young wine); Portuguese have the most decency in arts of cooking delicious meals. Sit, stand, walk or run you can find all type of foods that can be eaten in any way and every way you want to eat them. Either sit at a royal chair to enjoy the tastiest steak here or stand up at an 1837 patisserie in Balem having your pastel de nata (custard tart). Grab the very little street items you can because you cannot have that taste after your return.

Best time to fly Portugal

Portugal is a hot spot so all around the year receives visitation however July and August are the two months that serves most of the tourists. To find cheap flights during Easter, Christmas and school holidays is stiffed but by booking in advance you can dodge the high rates and enjoy the tour in low rates. Spring time and early autumn have slightly moderate temperature and of course change of season has its own unique charm, if you want to enjoy the perks of these time and able to afford than no need to wait any further. In case you are bit tighter in budget but want to visit this beautiful country it is recommended to plan it in off seasons like January and February. This time there are just few tourists because of the chill these months offer. Although you would not able to see the festivals and events but you can still visit the historical places, visit famous places or parks and can enjoy the local food in cool and sometimes rainy weather, overall you will definitely enjoy your trip!

Best time to book flight

The best time to book flights to Portugal is around spring and autumn because of charming weather at this time. Booking early will help you to secure cheap flight tickets however if you want to avoid overly hot season or don’t want to pay more, off season will be the best time when you can get cheapest flight tickets at very affordable rates.

Time to fly

If you are commencing your flight from any city of UK to any city of Portugal, the average flight duration will be from 4 to 6 hours. For example, if you are flying from London to Lisbon it will take 2 hours 40 minutes, Flight from Manchester to Porto will take 2 hours 30 minutes, Birmingham to Lisbon will spend 6 hours 10 minutes and from Glasgow to Faro it will take 3 hours 10 minutes.

Airlines to Portugal

Number of airlines provides cheap flights to Portugal but the most commonly used and front runners include Easyjet, Ryanair and British Airways. Ryanair is budget airline so if you want to secure cheapest possible flight go with it. while the British Airways charge considerately higher amount but also give higher level of comfort and services.

Around the country

If you have made Lisbon Airport your arrival place then the most convenient way is to grab a seat of metro directly from the airport. Same goes with Porto airport. And if you are at the Faro airport you will find a bus which goes directly to the center. Taxis are of course always a good but expensive option.