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Destinations across UK & Ireland.

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Flights To Spain

Spain is renowned for having the second largest number of UNESCO World Heritage sites and is ranked to be the country with the largest number of World Heritage cities. Iberian Peninsula is shared with Andorra, Portugal and Gibraltar. Friendly occupants, tranquil lifestyle, vibrant nightlife, divine cuisine, world-famous folklore, festivities and its history makes it one among the top-notching visiting sites.

Attraction places

Catedral de Toledo is ranked among the top 10 cathedrals in Spain. Enormous interior with classic characteristics of the style, flying buttresses, rosw windows, ribbed vaults and pointed arches among them. The cathedral is an impressive example of medieval Gothic architecture. Real Alcazar, a breathtaking spectacle is Seville’s Unesco-listed palace complex. Radically it was a fort but has revamped many times. Due to its immense historical signification or popularity, the beautiful Alcazar recently featured as a location for the worldwide famous TV series “Game of Thrones”. Are calming sites the part of your plan? Then do visit Casa Museu Dali, the magnificent seaside complex overlooking a serene cove in Port Lligat. This impressive whitewashed structure encompasses cottages, sunny terraces, linked by narrow labyrinthine corridors and a hotchpotch of offbeat furnishings.

Mezquita, Cordoba's great mosque is one of its own kind. Its remarkable architecture with large space makes it to be considered as the world’s greatest works of Islamic architecture. Do you ever think of an art gallery full of admirable paintings surrounding you? If you really desire to visit such a place then choose Museo del Prado that is one of the world's premier art galleries. More than 7000 paintings! The outward looking has rather sophisticated work of art from all across Europe. One of the modern architecture’s most iconic buildings is Museo Guggenheim Bilbao. Intrinsically its popularity is because of its architecture instead of its content. Enjoy natural glory with the splendid architecture wonder created by man that seems more perfect than the reality at Park Guell. Extremely popular because of its large number of visitors. Four million visitors a year!

Things to do

Add some amusement to your trip by indulging in different activities. Here you have a lot to do. A beautiful voyage with history and some wine can be accessible by joining Montserrat and Cava-Tasting Small-Group Tour from Barcelona. Barcelona Half Day Bike Tour provides you a chance to explore the glory of nature. Get to have socialized. It’s fascinating for all age groups. By having this, you can view the stunning sight so deeply and you can observe and feel more what you desire to, according to your preferences and choice. Enjoy food and drinks in a lovely atmosphere.

Stunning views of the exquisite Catalan city encompassing a visit to La Sagrada Familia! City’s most iconic sights where you can discover some of Barcelona’s best-kept secrets. It’s a popular attraction. Also visit the hill of Montjuic and the Gothic Quarter. Reach hill of Montjuic, a little stay at the Catalunya National Art Museum, continue down to Placa Espanya and on past the modernist structures of the Eixample area. Straight past the long lines into the enchanting interior of this beautiful building after having a comprehensive tour of the exterior. You have many more while being there and it does certainly be your best tour. Performance of Flamenco greatest names on Flamenco Night at Tablao Cordobes. Enjoy traditional dance of Spain and add some yum with the option of dining on a traditional buffet meal or while watching the show, you have an option of drink. Walking is a healthy and enjoyable activity and you can do evening walk that introduces the laid back Madrileno lifestyle. Discovery of local insights with traditional food and drink! It makes your trip memorable.

Best time to fly

All the regions have peak season throughout the Spain. Do save your budget by booking your flight to Spain as early as possible during the peak of Summer. Off-season offers you the cheapest flights. You can save your budget if you fly from around October to March. The sun is almost year round so winter is best time to fly. Summers is also a good season to visit Spain because you’ll also find beaches a lot less crowd. Winter has both advantages that are the cheap flights and the fewer crowds. You can enjoy your trip more in a fewer crowds as you have the clear views and deep observation.

Best time to book a flight

The earlier you book your flight, the friendly it is for you regarding the rates. Book your flight as soon as you can when you finally planned your tour. Book your flight according to the city where you desire to move. Try to sit on the right side in the plane while travelling to Barcelona so you can have stunning views of the country and in spite of this, you can have something in your sight that make your voyage enjoyable. But if you are flying to Madrid then you don’t have to bother about the seat. You have enchanting views from both sides.

Time to fly

Less than 3 hours is the time period for arriving at different cities of Spain. Not a long duration. It takes 2 hours 30 minutes to fly from London to Madrid. To travel from Manchester to Barcelona, the time requirement is 2 hours 20 minutes. 2 hours and 20 minutes is required to reach Valencia from Birmingham. Flight from Glasgow to Madrid takes 2 hours and 40 minutes. The time required for flight is short so doesn’t keep extra items in your carry bag. Just fill your bag with necessary items so you don’t have to hold a heavy bag.

Around the country

It's better if the city you chose to visit in your package have a short distance between the airport and the booked hotel. The most common way is to catch a RENFE train from Barcelona airport to Estacio De Sants. You have another cost savable option of metro to reach your destination without extra cost but for this you have to purchase a T10 ticket first at the airport s you can change here and jump on to the metro. TMB airport bus is also available that normally takes a little longer as it makes a few stops. Same is the procedure and choice if you are at the Madrid airport. Jump on the metro from the Valencia airport as it’s the quickest and most convenient way to reach your destination. It’s better to choose because it’s quicker than other alternatives. Aero bus is another option but the journey takes close to an hour so it’s somewhat hectic as you have to travel one hour more after the flight. The best option is taxi disregarding the rates. If you can afford the budget then do prefer the most comfortable, convenient and quickest way to travel. Firstly be sure to agree a price beforehand.

Make your plan altogether to have an easy voyage without any misery. Do enjoy the whole trip and must capture the moments to make it memorable.