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Cheap Flights To UAE

  • Heathrow
    ..................................... from £274 pp
  • Gatwick
    ..................................... from £276 pp
  • Birmingham
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  • Stansted
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  • Luton
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Top Airlines From UK To UAE

  • Emirates Airline
  • Etihad Airways
  • British Airways
  • Lufthansa Airways
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Kuwait Airways
  • KLM

UAE Top Destinations

  • Dubai
  • Abu Dubai
  • Sharjah
  • Al Ain
  • Fujairah

Flights To UAE

A country with full of breathtaking heights and magnificent glory. The worldwide illustrious architecture known as Burj Khalifa has a status to be the world's tallest building. It's a tremendous style feat architecture with breathtaking enchanting views. Being welcomed with date, coffee and soft drinks by a Guest Ambassador at the Top Sky definitely make you to feel to be respected. An iconic landmark, Burj Al Arab is built on a mock island. The gorgeous lobby with its gold leaf affluence and a fountain grabs your attention. Emirates Palace is the site that certainly makes its visitors jolt but fascinate them with its bewilderment as well. A building being played a fundamental role in cultural expansion features 114 domes, 1.3 km private beach, flying inclines to the foyer and impudent domed gatehouses

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is stood on a beautiful location that can be in sight from the bridges and clipped gardens. It's rather capacious and can accommodate 50,000 worshippers at a single time. Another stimulating fact about this elegant mosque is that it's open to non-Muslims. Breathtaking interior with a comfy environment! Etihad Antiques Gallery is a well-kept gallery with magnificent Middle Eastern and Arabian antiques and sculptures. Each room is occupied with symbolic sculptures and you can't estimate your spent time while being there because of the minor details that you attain through the presented art. The world's largest indoor theme park, IMG Worlds of Adventure is a worth mentioning site. Four themed zones; IMG Boulevard, Lost Valley Dinosaur Adventure, Cartoon Network and Marvel, offer more than 20 rides , 28 dining outlets and several attractions with a wide range of divine and high quality food that is prepared on the site for your satisfaction. Dubai’s main historical museum known as Dubai Museum has an abysmal history with lovely sights and each part of the museum has its own specific worth.

Things to do

Make your tour extraordinary by opting the best excursion choices while being in UAE. Here you can able to experience camel ride in Desert campsite with getting a henna and sandboarding down Dubai’s desert dunes. Watch traditional tanoura dance performance and some spice by having a barbecue dinner or Shawarma; all in a single cruise. Another tour offering camel ride through the desert with a lovely sight of sunset and dinner can be made by you by reaching Desert Safari. After sunset, indulge in traditional Arabic activities comprising the view of cookery displays and falconry demonstrations, getting a henna tattoo and enjoy tradition dancing at night. Enjoy evening dining at Bedouin-inspired camp after passing through the desert, experience safari, hospitality, traditional food, amusing local music and ball, and celestial dinner in a tour of Dubai Desert Land Rover Safari.

Add Dubai Desert Safari Tour in your list of visiting spots because by having only this one tour, you can experience a lot and make your day. Bike ride, BBQ dinner, Arabic coffee and dates, quad ride, then lookout henna artists while they are working, camel ride, gorgeous sand art, belly dance performance made by belly dancers and tanoura dance. It's rather ample to give you a continual entertainment one by one in a few couple of hours. Dubai Hop-On Hop-Off Big Bus Tour offers enchanting views of Dubai's dramatic skyline, tradition Arabic charms, sandy beaches and one of the most famous buildings known as Burj Khalifa. Don't miss this great chance to explore the whole glory of Dubai’s Historical souks, palaces, fortresses, art, culture, dining and beautiful nightlife by joining this voyage while being on a tour to UAE.

Best time to fly

UAE has peak weather and even the winter’s daytime is hot. It doesn't have much rain. Warm evenings with the temperature more than 35 degree Celsius. October till May is the peak season of UAE whereas November to February is a good time though with warm days but evenings are relatively cooler. June till September is also the hot time with extreme humidity. Though the weather all-round the year is not so pleasant so you can find the cheap flights easily almost every time of the year. But during the extremely hot months of the year, you may experience the cheapest flights.

Best time to book a flight

Cheap flights can be qualified by booking a flight in advance, it’s actually the time of booking a flight that matters a lot. The early you book a flight, the more you can save your budget. You can book your flight four to six weeks before valediction. During the peak months of UAE, you have the best option to enjoy a cheap flight. Though the weather is hot but the mesmeric beaches of UAE make your cruise calming so try to fly in the hot months to adore low rates.

Time duration of flight

6 hours 45 minutes is the time duration the flight takes to lead you towards Dubai from London. It takes 8 hours 10 minutes to reach your destination, Dubai from Glasgow. The time required to arrive at Dubai from Birmingham is 10 hours. 8 hours 20 minutes is the time of flight from Liverpool to Abu Dhabi. If you are flying from Manchester to Abu Dhabi then it takes 8 hours 20 minutes. It's a long voyage so keep your all the required stuff in a carry bag and enjoy the comfy cruise.

Airlines to fly with

Several airlines offer flights to UAE from Europe. JetBlue, Emirates, Etihad Airways, Korean Air, Turkish Airlines, American Airlines, ANA, SWISS, Egypt Air are the airlines that leads you towards your desired destination. Do search at your own to find the best one though the services offered by all the airlines are almost the same. But some offers snacks, drinks and other eateries throughout the flight so search more to experience the best you can find.

Around the country

After accessing your destination, the next step is to reach your hotel. For this, you can use the shuttle bus service, taxi service or you can also take domestic flights. Taxi is a better option regarding comfort. After travelling for more than 8 hours, one definitely needs the next ride so comfy. You can save your budget by choosing bus service but it’s time taking as it make many stops. Elect the one, whatever your needs are.