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Flights from London to Vietnam

The country with lush green terraces, blossoming flowers and sunset of the tropical Islands; Vietnam is the exotic and compelling face of Asia. The country is not only affluent in its culture but also the Vietnamese culture is complex, making it more interesting to be known by the tourists. Huge feasts with gusto powers will lead you to take loads of bites to quench your thirst for delighting food and the cheap thrills will make your adrenaline to work harder than ever. When you are done with your exploring and wandering, Vietnam spas are there to fade your tiredness.

Vietnam attractions

Vietnam is an astonishing country with an amazing amalgamation of natural highlights and cultural diversity. There is a lot to admire in Vietnam so let us take a look at the most visited destinations in this mesmeric country;

  • Vietnam's capital Hanoi is the frenetic heartbeat of the nation and a sight that spellbind the travelers with its charm. Make Hanoi a must- see in your attraction bucket list while being in Vietnam.
  • Though Hanoi is the capital city of the country but enchant of Ho Chi Minh City is admirable of all. No visit to Vietnam really completes without a visit to this buzzing city, often referred as the crazy commercial of the country. This city can be said as mini Vietnam because the true colors of Vietnam are found in Ho Chi Minh everywhere. Streets flocked with motorbikes and cars, incredible cosmopolitan restaurants and best shopping malls are what make Ho Chi Minh City attractive.
  • Hue: another town in Vietnam is the most historic place to visit. Packed to the brim with relics from the span of 19th century Nguyen emperors, this town has tales to tell.
  • If you are craving for some place sandier, then no place would work best than Nha Trang. Blues and browns meet at a point, making it endlessly bewitching.
  • Ever have a desire to walk through a tunnel but never get a chance before? No worries at all as Cu Chi Tunnels will give you an opportunity to fulfill your desire.
  • Tranquil Ba Be National Park is absolutely stunning with Lakes, jagged karst peaks, thickly forested slopes and lush greenery everywhere.
  • Halong Bay is a place in Vietnam that will give you some perfect beauty goals. Turquoise water, blue sky and surrounding hills make this place more than a regular sight. Halong Bay is UNESCO World Heritage Site because of the mesmeric views it bestow to the visitors.

Best time to visit Vietnam:

Usually there is no off-season in Vietnam so unless you are not really happy with humid weather, you can usually find flight tickets all around the year. North side of the country is dry and cool from November to April so you can escape the harsh winter of UK and find refuge in Vietnam with plenty of pleasure- throwing activities. Summers are from May to October and although sun is all bright, there are also heavy rains sweeping the country. Similar conditions are in south but the wet season lasts until November.

Best time to book flight to Vietnam:

Like everyone, if you do not want to overpay then book your flight as in advance as you can because booking on the spot not only make you to pay extra but it will also be difficult to grab a flight of your choice. The best time to book your flight is during summers when you can find cheap flights to Vietnam. The problem of humidity though remains same so if you are okay with that then your spree at cheap rates would not be a problem. Pre- planning and booking tickets 2, 3 or even 4 months in advance will give you a higher chance to save your pocket. Being flexible with your flight dates is also a way to fly at lowest fares.

Airports serving flights from London to Vietnam

Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi and Tan Son Nhat Airport in Ho Chi Minh City are the two main airports in Vietnam, receiving almost all of the international flights especially from UK. However, a third airport, Da Nang Airport, in Da Nang city, accepts a far smaller number of international flights. London has five main airports and you can choose any of them for your depart; London Heathrow airport, Gatwick Airport, London City airport, Stansted airport and Luton airport. All of these airports are known world widely for their customer care and lenient amenities.

From airport to the city

If you are arriving at the Hanoi city airport then bus is the best option to travel from airport to the city. Bus 7 and 17 can be found on exiting the airport and take not more than hour. Taxi can also be used as it is convenient not to wait but is expensive than bus. Make sure to agree on fare before riding taxi so that you may not get ripped off.

If you are making Ho Chi Minh City your arrival destination then again bus is the right as well as cheapest option. Either bus 152 or bus 109 can be chosen for the cheapest rides. We do not recommend to take taxi in Ho Chi Minh as taxis are super expensive. Taxis are convenient however too, so if you are in agreement with your pocket then go for it!

Airlines operating flights from London to Vietnam

Generally flights to Vietnam are through Emirates, American airlines, United airlines, Lufthansa, Air Canada, Vietnam Air and Qatar Airways. Most of the flights are through Emirates, Vietnam Airs and Qatar Airways and other airlines are occasionally used by tourists. Choosing the airlines is totally up to you, so make sure to choose the one with extra services and fewer charges. Emirates and Qatar Airways both are outstanding airlines, winning many of the awards so find the best between them to make your spree congenial.

Flight duration from London to Vietnam

Flights from London to Vietnam are long and on average it will take 11 hours and 20 minutes to reach Vietnam from London. Therefore, pack every necessity well in your carry bag so that you will not have to worry during your hauled flight.