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  • Brithish Airways
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  • Lufthansa
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  • LOT Polish Airlines

Hongkong Top Destinations

  • Victoria Peak
  • Hongkong Disneyland
  • Ocean Park
  • Tsim Sha Tsui
  • Lantau Island
  • The Peak Tram

Flights To Hongkong

Hongkong is situated in the southeastern China. It is an anterior British colony and a self-governing territory. It is the hub of entertainment, shopping, economy, politics and a lot more. There are several startling sites in Hong Kong and while being here as a tourist, you will find the time slighter for getting a view of all the sites. Due to its well-developed urban transport system, it is a crowded place and the visitors find it quite beneficial to be free from facing any adversity because of transportation.

Attraction places

Man Mo Temple is one of the oldest temples of Hong Kong and it has declared to be a shrine. Beside a place of worship, it was a court of intercession for local conflicts. Four gold plates on poles that are carried around at procession (like oath-taking ceremonies) are symbolic regarding religious aspects. One of these plates is to request hush and depict respect for gods. The other two stands for the gods being revered, and the last one warns the women to keep out of the temple when they are menstruating as it is considered to show esteem. It is a calming place and being a spot of worship, is immensely visited by the visitors. The Peak Tram is another conspicuous site that can be called as the mightiest destination in Hong Kong and once you get into it, it’s quite mesmerizing so you want to spend as much time here as you can.

Do you want to see something belonging to ancestors even in this modern era? If yes, then the perfect place for you to visit is the Lai Chi Wo which is the well-kept Hakka walled village. This is 400-year old parish. It is the homespun of 200 houses, two cathedrals, three ancestral halls and a breezy square fringed.

Activities to indulge in

Temple Street Night Market is the prevalent and full of activity night market in Hong Kong. It is the center of entertainment, sports, food, clothing, footwear, cooking ware and household stuffs. You will find all these items not as reasonable because of the popularity as a tourist attraction but you shouldn’t going to be miss the spot while being here. Ladies contemplate shopping as an act of charm. Ladies’ Market is among the most popular markets in Hong Kong and the reason behind its attractiveness is the cheap priced clothes and several other accessories. Though its name signifies that it is a meager place for ladies but you will also find a collection of men wears here. Kids’ stuffs, electronic gadgets and ménage objects are also available over here.

Now if you want something to do in a natural environment then Ocean Park is the flawless site. Basically it is a marine-life themed park and its features encompass animals, adventurous rides and displays. Divine food is offered to you to make your trip more gratifying as food is one of the major parts of your trip. The Chinese culture is best depicted in the Hong Kong Disneyland. It is must-see place. After actually making you a part of the mass present here, you find yourself in a utopia. Here you are able to have a look on scenic sites and hotels. When you will have spent some of your precious time while being here, you will certainly get into another world that is a world of fairyland.

Best time to fly Hong Kong

October to early December is the best time to travel towards Hong Kong because of its awesome weather. Minimal rain and pleasant temperatures are what make this season best time to explore this heavy beauty. Rainy season and hot weather will make a tourist to sit and wait for the time and he cannot move in accordance to his will. Being in Hong Kong in this season will endow you to make your schedule the way you want.

You will find yourself in a hustle-bustle while being visited the Time Squares. It's a crowded place where the celebrations of New York's New Year's Eve and the ball drop are held. The best time to visit this appealing spot is the evening though it is thrilled throughout the day time. These are the sites that must be a part of your planning before reaching New York so you can relish your trip and make it memorable.

Best time to book your flight

If we talk about the best time to book your air flight then May and June are the best times as you will find the cheapest flights, hotels and deals during this season. There are though not really special festivals and events going on at Hong Kong so the flights will be cheaper because of low tourist visitation. However there will be still a lot to see in there like historical places, temples, beaches, monuments, museums and stuff. So grab the cheapest flight and be at Hong Kong in the cheapest flight possible.

Landing at Hong Kong

Hong Kong International airport is used by the tourists to land at the mesmerizing territory of Hong Kong which is not only a cultural hub to many events but is a great place to wander and discover.

Airlines flying to Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific, British airways, Swiss airline, Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic are the airlines that bestow air flights Asia via direct as well as indirect routes. All of the airlines are known for their great serving and top notched amenities. A traveler can choose any of these airlines because they are almost similar in their services. However it will be gainful for a traveler to do some search before choosing an airline to travel with. Policies regarding free baggage allowance, weightage of luggage, on- board luggage, regarding minors and pets, meals, snacks and beverages will make you to decide your airline. Opt the one that will refrain your pocket and budget in such categories..

Time taken to fly Hong Kong

If you are commencing your flight from United Kingdom then it will be a pretty hauled flight even in direct routes. Non- stop flight from London to Hong Kong will long about 13 hours and 15 minutes via direct route whereas the indirect route may take about 41 hours base on the stopover destination and waiting duration.

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