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Cheap Flights to Banjul

  • London
    ..................................... from £312 pp
  • Manchester
    ..................................... from £396 pp
  • Birmingham
    ..................................... from £540 pp
  • Bristol
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  • Newcastle
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  • Cardiff
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Top Airlines From UK to Banjul

  • Royal Air Maroc
  • Brussels Airline
  • AirBaltic Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • British Airways

Banjul Top Destinations

  • Albert Market
  • Arch 22
  • Gambia Nation Museum
  • Abuko Nature Reserve
  • Bijilo Forest Park

Cheap flights to Banjul

Banjul, formerly referred as Bathurst is the capital city of Gambia sharing its border with Senegal. The city though not has been widely admired or is a notorious tourist destination receiving huge tourism but has been growing as a worthy sight of Africa. Sitting on an island and sulks, the city has been crossed by sand- blown streets and fading colonial structures. The tempting history of Banjul is quite a story to hear and is hub to a busy harbor that shows the modest Africa at its best.

Cheap flights to Banjul

If you are planning to visit Africa this year, then why not try Banjul as your tour destination? The city has been receiving tourism in the recent years and has been developing day after day that is alluring the visitors towards itself. So grab the chance to explore Banjul by taking the cheapest flights from London to Banjul that "Elite Travels" has to offer you. Elite Travels has been working to bestow the best as well choosing the best to serve you in the very manner you should be served.

What to see in Banjul? The most populous city of Gambia, Banjul is the place where the Gambia River comes across the Atlantic Ocean. From bustling markets to mesmeric coastal regions and calm river cruises, Banjul has a lot to bestow to its visitors. Either have a look at the wildness of Bijilo Forest Park or spellbind in the attractiveness of magical Gambia River National Park because both of these attractions are too close to nature, presenting perfect scenery to enjoy. If you are craving for some family time then Abuko Nature Reserve would work best because here so many birds and colorful animals are waiting for you. Saying Arch 22, the landmark of Banjul would not be wrong because the superb view of the city from its roof is the best part of being in Banjul. If you are already in Banjul then don’t miss the chance to go- through Banjul market which is ideal if you want to bring home some authentic souvenirs.

Best time to visit Banjul

Like the rest of the continent, Banjul weather is no different. Hot and harsh sun always blisters above so sometimes it’s very hard to wander outside. Therefore the best time to visit Banjul is in the winters especially in the month of November and February when the weather is dry and the temperature is cool enough to enjoy the outside attractions, shopping, food and much more.

Best time to book flight to Banjul

The best time to book flight to Banjul in in the off- season that is summer. As the city is not that much prominent in the tourist industry yet therefore almost all of the year cheap flights can be grabbed and it will hardly happen that the flights go expensive. Booking even 3 or 4 weeks prior will be enough to have a hand on affordable flights.

Flight duration from London to Banjul

It will take 8 hours and 20 minutes to reach Banjul from London with one or more layovers. No direct flights operate between the 2 cities except one operated by Thomas Cook. The time varies however from airline to airline and also due to stop over location and distance. For example, it will take 10 hours and 40 minutes to reach Banjul from London via Barcelona, 10 hours and 40 minutes via Paris and Casablanca and almost 12 hours thru the cities of Brussels and Dakar.

Airports serving flight from London to Banjul

If you are initiating your flight from London then you have got plenty of airports to choose from, in accordance to your convenience. London Heathrow Airport, Gatwick Airport, Luton Airport, Stansted Airport and London City Airport are the five major airports of London. However in Banjul there is Yundum International airport, the only airport in the city, receiving all flights from London to Banjul.

From airport to the main city

The best way to reach the main city from airport is to hire a car from car rental or take a local taxi but it will cost you more. For the most affordable travelling, shuttle bus is better that takes you from airport to your hotel. If you are choosing taxi as your transportation carrier, then fix the rent of travelling beforehand with the driver so you will not get ripped off at the end of your ride.

Airlines operating flights between London and Banjul

Royal Air Maroc, British Airways, Lufthansa, Iberia, Brussels Airlines, Air France, Turkish Airlines and Vueling are the airlines that bestow flights from London to Banjul. All of these airlines offer flights via connecting routes except Thomas Cook that offers the cheapest fares with non- stop flights. However, a bit of your convenience may be sacrificed.