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  • British Airways
  • Ethiopian Airways
  • Fly Emirates
  • KLM
  • Lufthansa Airline

Top Airlines From UK to Accra

  • Osu Castle
  • Nation Museum
  • Independence Arch
  • Labadi Beach
  • Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum

Cheap flights To Accra

Ghana's pounding heart, Accra has a colorful coastlines enhancing heavenly in its beauty. The prominent city of Africa and Ghana; Accra may not have heavy attraction sites like Elmina and Cape Coast but it does have lot of choices for shopping, food, sparling nightlife and much more. So grabbing a cheap flight right away to Accra will not be a regretful option!

Accra proffers a lot to see

Though a small city but Accra proffers a lot to see, do, try and admire with fun and diversity. The hustle and bustle you will experience in this tiny town is something very rare even in the big cities. You will receive all the crowd things here and if you are not getting much sleep due to native’s gorgeousness then do pardon me!

  • Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum is the park that will tell you about the history of Ghana’s independence. The park is devoted to the Ghanian founder and has been an attraction sight because of the presence of unique architecture and stoned monuments.
  • Another monument to commemorate the independence of the country is Independence Arch that refreshes the memories of the sacrifice the ancestors had made to take the country.
  • If you are interested to see something pertaining to history then Osu Castle would work best because the castle is a political museum in a historic fortress.
  • Culture makes a country distinguishable and Ghana's capital has no issues in attaining the title. National Museum of Ghana situated in Accra exhibits the best cultural heritage and fine art workings.
  • Tired up by visitations of the histories and customs and want to relax on somewhere cool? Then why not choose Labadi Beach as your next visitation? Bojo Beach is anther go in Accra to cool yourself. These beaches are a perfect spot to eat, relax, dive, surf and do fun activities with your friends.
  • Ussher Fort and Fort James are the two forts giving us the vibes of the past. Ussher Fort is Dutch- built Fort housing a museum whereas Fort James is a 1673 trading post and had served as a former prison.
  • Cape Coast Castle and Elmina Castle are the two most prominent palaces in the whole Ghana. Both are the landmark of slave trading post endeavoring a painful past to the visitors.

Accra proffers a lot to do

  • Accra mall is known for its vast shopping and numerous shopping brands so if you are planning to shop to take back home for your loved ones then we have just spotted a perfect place for you.
  • If you want to see the true colors of Accra then what would be better than visiting Makola market? The market is a giant storage for hundreds of shops and street vendor eliciting the true Accra.
  • Lighthouses are always beautiful and when this beauty gets mixed up with the natural views of Accra then the situation get s more beautified. James Town Lighthouse is one such place where you can do a lot while enjoying a perfect mesmeric view.
  • Accra's natives are truly religious and it is the reason you can hear them early morning praying and supplicating loudly. If you get curious about the religions’ possession more, then the Cathedral Church of the most holy Trinity while answer your questions.

Best time to visit Accra

Like the rest of Africa, Accra's weather is always on fire. Hot temperature with much of humidity never gives a chance to the winter to let in. Rains are often though. Tourists usually prefer a time to visit a destination when the weather is clear and bright and they do not have to bind inside their accommodation but rather can wander wherever they desire. From this perspective, the best time to visit Accra is from middle of the July to September. The season is not too hot and most importantly there is less rain so you can go wherever you want with no worries about your umbrellas.

Best time to book your flight to Accra

Peak season is the best time to visit a destination because of the gorgeousness around you and a lot of doable. But if you are running low on budget then booking and going in the peak season would not be a good idea as the prices are sky-high. To enjoy both the peak season time and a low fare, you have to book your flight as prior as you can. The best time to book your flight is August as the tourism is low and therefore you can grab a cheapest flight to Accra from London.

Food Smorgasbord

Yes, the country has been known for its plenty of delicious food and variety of cuisine. From Italian to Turkish; there is not a single cuisine that you will not find in Canada. Lobster, sea food, wild salmon, velvety scallops, poutine (fries topped with gravy and cheese curds), seasonal fruits, piquant cheeses and much more is waiting for you to come, eat and admire.

Time duration to fly from London to Accra

If you are making London: the heart of UK as your departing destination then it would take around 6 hours and 30 minutes to reach Accra via non-stop flight. If you are planning to travel via connecting flight then your flight will take an hour and 30 minutes more thereby your flight duration will become 8 hours in total. It must be mentioned here that time of London is 1 hour ahead that of Accra in summers and 2 hours in winters. Your flight duration also depends upon the location of layover and its distance from Accra.

Airports serving flights to Accra from London

The cheapest flights to Accra from UK are served by the cities’ native airports in both of the cities. In London you have plenty of airports to choose in accordance to your preference, ease and convenience. So your departing airport in London can be Heathrow airport, Gatwick airport, Stansted airport, Luton airport or City Airport. As far as the Accra city is concerned, it has got only one airport that is Accra Kotoka International airport that would be your landing destination.

Airlines to travel with from London to Accra

A number of flights are connected between the two cities by various airlines bestowing different discount offers and extra amenities with fewer fares. The most prominent of them are British Airways, KLM, Tap Air Portugal, Royal Air Maroc, Brussels and Air France. Though besides of British Airways, some of the airlines are not good at endeavoring direct flights while some of them lack in delivering persistent flights. British Airways is the only airline that provides 100% of the direct flights between Accra and London and per week 7 non-stop flights are directed from London to Accra.