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Sunshine State


Cheap Flights To Florida

  • Siesta Key
    ..................................... from £609 pp
  • Sanibel
    ..................................... from £301 pp
  • Fernandina Beach
    ..................................... from £323 pp
  • Marco Island
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  • Palm Beach
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  • Kissimmee
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Top Airlines From UK To Florida

  • Delta Air
  • Air France
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • American Airlines
  • Taban Air
  • United Airlines

Florida Top Destinations

  • Walt Disney World Resort
  • Magic Kingdom Park
  • Universal Orlando Resort
  • Epcot
  • South Beach

Flights To Florida


Florida; a state of southeastern United States is situated in the mid of Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic. It is known as” The Sunshine State” because this state always glows. It is famous for its well-kept tradition, worthwhile education, amusing entertainment, admirable lifestyles and in spite of all this; it also covers other areas of conspicuous aspects. It has several attractions that make it a site of tourist attraction.

Attractions that must be a part of your tour

Attractions that must be a part of your tour: Visiting Florida along with your family is dream of many and in fulfillment of such beautiful dream, being considerate of kids choice is necessary too . As your children are always the most significant persons so you definitely bother children’s choice. To have an encounter with some of the most beautiful animals of the world, must visit ZooWorld. Several special animals are kept herewith which the children can play and make their time memorable. Is experiencing the different tastes of nature at a single place a part of your plan? Then the best recommended site to visit for you is none other than Rick Seltzer Park. The park comprises a cupola, comfort areas, picnic areas, park benches to sit on, water fountains that develop the feeling of calm in you, restrooms to eradicate your tiredness, swimming area and a water access.

Russell-Fields Pier is the site that endeavors you the chance to have a sight on and capture the astounding views of the Gulf of Mexico while being stood here. Fishers and onlookers are found here the year around. Fishing instruments encompassing bait, fishing rod rental and tackle are available over here for you to purchase if you love fishing and wanted to experience this. You can enjoy walking and watching others who are here for fishing and camping too.

Activities making your trip memorable

Activities making your trip memorable: Having visits to beautiful places is not so quite enough but certainly you need something more to do while spending time on your dream spot. St. Andrews State Park should be in your bucket list where you can experience scuba diving, swimming, observing marine life and snorkeling through the wharves. Not only these aqua activities but visitors are provided with other stuff as well like fishing, biking around the park or visiting Shell Island to make their trips more memorable and beautified.

Want to add up more adventure than before in your voyage? visiting Cobra Adventure Park will do the job. Only adventurous people should visit this because when you are on flight simulant, accelerator or go-karts you are out of breath and it’s hard to catch it. Kids are also entertained by an offer ‘kids only’ roller coaster to fulfill their charm. You can have some more adventure and for this, you have to visit Slingshot and Indy Speedway. It is a swing designed to mimic rocket spurt where it shoots the sitters up in the air.

Do you desire to capture the moments from around the sky to retrieve your memories later? Panhandle Helicopter Tours is the perfect site that enables you to seizure the stunning views of Florida. Their pilots are professional and make you at ease to accomplish your task. The highly experienced pilots position the helicopter in such a better way that you can capture the sites that are in your sight.

Best time to fly Florida

Best time to fly Florida: no season is a no- season to tour Florida but there are certain times in the year when you will get tired to do things but the list will not rest. A heavy tourism is experienced by Florida in the month of October to April. Orlando and Miami being the hot spots in Florida make the air flight tickets expensive than regular when the events are organized here. Also the UK school holiday time a half- term period is the time when finding cheap flights is near to impossible. A god number of tourists come to Florida to visit its spellbinding theme parks so this season will also be expensive for the one desiring Florida jaunt.

Florida is not an introvert city who likes to remain quiet all around the year but a city whose walls are always oscillating with waves of music and buffers. However, a relatively low season for tourism is June to September. Even at such time, finding cheap flights will be hard enough for the tourists but the time is comparatively cheaper than the rest of the year.

Best time to book for Florida

Best time to book for Florida: search for cheapest flights from UK to Florida is kind of mission impossible so planning before going will benefit you in many ways. The best policy to work on is to be very flexible with your trip dates. Booking your flights as prior as you can is a way to fly cheapish because it will give you a margin to compare ticket fares and accommodation prices. 2 or 3 months prior booking is the key to save your money. This makes you to enjoy and remember your jaunt even in more detail. If you sit on the right side of the plane, it will give a chance to visit Orlando’s enthralling landscapes and mesmeric coastal views.

Flights to Florida

The flights commenced from United Kingdom are hauled even in direct routes. So pack your bag in a proper manner especially the one that you will carry inside your flight along with you so that you will not have to face any difficulty during your flight and your flight would be an inferior troublesome excursion. Flights from London to Orlando (Florida) will take 9 hours and 35 minutes, flights from Manchester to Fort Myers (Florida) takes 12 hours and 45 minutes, flights from Birmingham to Fort Myers will take 12 hours and 50 minutes and it will take 14 hours and 40 minutes from Glasgow to Orlando.

Airlines to fly with

Airlines to fly with: Delta, Virgin, Atlantic, American and British airways all bestow flights to Florida via direct as well as indirect routes. Similarity in services can be found but comparing before flying can endeavor you a chance to opt the cheapest among all. A thorough search will tell the pros and cons of the services and you can choose your travelling airline which suits you the most both in means of budget and facilities.

From airport to the city:

you can take either bus or taxi to reach your accommodation from the airport.

Airports in Florida:

the two main airports in Florida are in Miami and Orlando; two top notch tourist US destinations not only in Florida but in United States of America.